AFFresh: Bitter Smugglers

Released In:

After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Orders: You want me to give you some orders? Well, it's hard tracking all the smugglers all by myself. Perhaps you could investigate an underwater ruin for me.

Underwater Ruin: Yes, it's Old Abernanit. There's a cave on a little peninsula due west of here called Bernanit and that used to connect to the ruins, but the original is underwater now, between the peninsula and the Bitter Coast. If you can levitate or climb, you can go over the hill behind my house and just keep going southwest right into the water.

-Continue: Otherwise, follow the hill southeast until you get to the pass, then follow the road back up to teh northwest. The ruins are underwater to your left. Or you can go to Gnaar Mok and head southeast across the water and the little island with the Abernanit cave and then southeast out into the water.

-Continue: Oh, and you'll need the key ring. Put the ring on when you're under the lake and it should take you inside the old ruin. To get back out, try taking the ring off and putting it on again a couple times. Should work. And the ring lets you breathe underwater, but just for a couple breaths.

Asking again: You find anything in the Abernanit ruins? Did the ring not work? Have you tried taking it off and putting it back on again?


The player heads out to the old ruins and puts the ring on teleporting him inside the ruins. Inside is a bunch of scamps and what seems to be signs of recent bandit activity with Geidar's Journal.


The player heads back to Sjorvar and reports this journal which details plans to attack Caldera.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Underwater Ruin: You found a journal from one of the smugglers? Let me see it. Hm, so they gave up on the tunnel and are going overland. That gives me an idea. Hold on, just give me a few moments to plan this out.

Asking again: Fun trip, eh? I wish I knew how to make those key rings. Plenty of daedric ruins around here that aren't accessible anymore.


Sjovar plans out how to deal with the smugglers and asks you to participate in The Netch Lure Quest.


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