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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

Basil was the leader of Restless League.

He made a deal with the Prince A'Tor, facilitated by Iszara. The Restless League then worked for Prince A'Tor. When the Imperial attacked Stros M'Kai, the Restless League was forced not to interfere. After the war the league gained the soulgem of the Prince. When the time is right, the Redguard resistance would resurrect him and continue the fight against the Empire. However, Basil's indecisive forced Iszara to steal the soulgem, and then she disappeared.

Cyrus came to Restless League hideout and met Basil in a difficult meeting. Basil told Cyrus everything he knew. Cyrus left him, and eventually managed to rescue Iszara and recover the soulgem.

Basil then joined Cyrus and Iszara in the Temple of Arkay to resurrect Prince A'Tor. However something unplanned happened. The soul entered the Prince A'Tor's sword. Disappointed, Basil started to leave. Cyrus managed to convince and encourage him and the rest of the league to attack the harbor of Stros M'Kai and dispose the Imperials.

The uprising succeeded, the Imperials are defeated. Tiber Septim was forced to negotiate with the Hammerfell about the peace between the Empire and Hammerfell, following this defeat.