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Barenziah, Hlaalu, Queen


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall, TES3: Morrowind Exp: Tribunal.

Barenziah is truly a remarkable person. She was born in 2E 893 as the daughter of Lord and Lady of Mournhold. She grew up in Skyrim, banished to the land of the Nords, after Tiber Septim conquered Morrowind. During her adventurous escape back to Morrowind, she joined the Thieves Guild in Whiterun, taught of thieving skills by a Khajiit named Therris.

Symmachus, a general in the Imperial Army, said to have the friendship and the ear of Tiber Septim himself, captured her. Barenziah was sent to the Imperial City to spend some time as a part of the Emperor's household as the Queen of Mournhold.

Eventually, she met Tiber Septim. Tiber Septim was fascinated with Barenziah's beauty. She made an affair with the Emperor, and got pregnant. Hearing her pregnancy, Tiber Septim was furious. In order to avoid any scandal, he ordered the pregnancy to be aborted. He sent Barenziah back to Mournhold. Symmachus took her as his wife. From their union, Helseth and Morgiah were born.

In the 3E 376, Barenziah was attracted to the talented Bard named Nightingale. Under Nightingale's manipulation, Barenziah opened the way to the Old Mournhold. Right after the way opened, Nightingale snatched the hidden Staff of Chaos, and magically disappeared. Learning this treachery, Symmachus sent a message to the Emperor Uriel Septim VII, but his report was neglected by the Empire.

The Arnessian War started in Morrowind, and also the increasing tax by the Emperor caused a rebellion in Mournhold. Barenziah and her two children were sent to Imperial City to negotiate the tax and especially to seek refuge from the riot.

In the audience with the Emperor, Barenziah realized that the Emperor was not the real one, for he was Nightingale or Jagar Tharn. The audience resulted nothing. The news of the death of Symmachus made her stay in Imperial City, and struggled to bring down Jagar Tharn.

Barenziah recovered the information that Tharn split the Staff of Chaos into eight parts and hid them in some obscure places. One by one she worked to uncover the places. She communicated with the ghost of Ria Silmane through dreams, and then the ghost of Ria Silmane relayed the information to her champion.

After the last location deciphered, she with her two children and King Eadwyre of Wayrest escaped the Imperial City. Afraid of political issue and scandal, Tharn had done nothing to prevent them. Then Barenziah became the Queen of Wayrest, and King Eadwyre adopted her children Helseth and Mogiah.

All her story is recorded in a series of biography titled "The Real Barenziah". The author Plitinius Mero put a great detail in the biography. This created a scandal in the Imperial City. The biography was banned and Mero himself was almost executed, until Barenziah intervened. Plitinius Mero is now still working as Barenziah's Scribe and follows her whenever she goes. He plans to continue the biography.

During her time in Wayrest, the biography was still banned. King Gortworg of Orsinium wanted all the dirt he can get on all royal families of High Rock. He managed to get a copy of the biography. Unfortunately, not only Gortworg who wants to play in the rough water, King of Worms, the leader of the Necromancers was also interested in the book. One of the Necromancer's minions stole the book.

Afraid of creating a major issue in the Wayrest Court, Barenziah asked the Uriel Septim VII's agent to retrieve the book, in exchange for the information of the Uriel's letter and also the Totem of Tiber Septim that the agent sought so far. The scandalous book was finally saved, and the agent got the information for his assignment from the Emperor.

Some years after the Warp of the West, where all the party of Iliac Bay retrieved and wielded Numidium, the old King Eadwyre died. The Throne of Wayrest was wrestled by Helseth and Elysana (Eadwyre's daughter from his previous wife). In the political battle, Helseth was defeated, and Barenziah’s family was banished from Wayrest. Barenziah and Helseth went back to Mournhold, accepted by the King of Morrowind, King Llethan.

Prior to the issue of Wayrest succession, Morgiah had left Wayrest. She married to the King of Firsthold in Summerset Isle.

The old King Llethan passed away sometime after the arriving of Barenziah and Helseth. As the only Royal Family of the late King, Helseth took the reign and became the new King of Morrowind. Some loyalists accused Helseth poisoned King Llethan to death.

Until now, Barenziah lives in the city of Mournhold. At the time of the Nerevarine, at 3E 433, Barenziah has already 436 years old, a very long lived and remarkable woman with lots of skills.

Her fate after the destruction of Morrowind (crashing of Ministry of Truth, eruption of Red Mountain and the invasion of the Argonian) is unknown.