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Bard Songs from Oblivions Blaze

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Author - Lynea Flynn

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Bard Songs from Oblivions Blaze
A book by Ignatius Travellus, 4E160

Man has often shown a weakness for the over dramatic. This sense for making the saddest story even more tragic, the happiest occasion a blissful fest of joy, or to convert the long awaited defeat of a foe into a hero ballad connects all people of Tamriel. The rather uninspiring events of the so-called Oblivion Crisis make no difference in how they were used by illiterate peasants in literature, music, and even pottery.

On my extended journeys through Cyrodiil, I came across several crude writings of long-dead poets, that, though they surely did not reach the awe-inspiring craftsmanship of our contemporary authors,  managed to capture the despair that almost all people of that time seemed to hoard. At least we can learn about their ways, even if we might not enjoy their writings.

The following poems were intended as bard songs, which means there is a melody to all of them. Just be glad you don’t have to hear that, too.

The Hero of Kvatch

In times as desperate as are these
Man shows all his strenghts.
But does he fight or does he flee?
-I'd argue in his defence.

When gates came from the inferno that is
Meruhne's Aurbian lair
One warrior stood up and fought the beasts
As red the skies all were.

No one did think that he'd return
But when he came on forth
The moment he set foot back on earth
A hero he was born.

He showed us all what courage does
And how it serves us all.
||: So if the world's in danger, then
Follow the hero's call. :||

Prayer for Our Lives

Oh Nine, we seek your guidance now.
You’ve shown to us before.
That Man can live
and Mer can fight.
With you, we will survive!
Oh Nine, we seek your knowledge now.
You’ve lent to us before.
How to wield a spell,
how swords are swung.
With you we are to war!
Oh Nine, we seek your wisdom now.
You’ve strenghened us before.
When to strike,
and when to fight.
With you, we will stand tall.
Oh Nine, we seek redemption now,
you’ve shown us all you ways.
If we do die
then help our souls.
We give them for your cause.

Ode to Orks
(To be performed by a duo, one MUST be an Orc.)
Never make fun of an Orc. I said: never make fun of an Orc!
For they know no fun, oh, they know no fun,
and they’ll smash your head with a board.
Never talk bad of an Orc. I pray: never talk bad of an Orc!
For they‘ll hate you then, yes, they‘ll hate you then,
and they’ll put your head on a fork.
Never accuse an Orc. Oh Gods, never accuse an Orc!
For they’ll never forgive, oh, they’ll never forgive,
[Orc enters stage]
and they’ll – oh no, what are you up to with that axe? Help, get that monster off me, get him awa-

[Leave stage hastily. Orc then takes the praise for making the awful music stop.]

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