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Azura's Star


The Hero of Daggerfall summoned Daedra Princess Azura on a certain Hogithum (Azura's summoning date on 21 First Seed is called "Hogithum") and was asked by her to assassinate a priest who had been denigrating her. The hero did as he was asked, and as a reward he received Azura's Star from a priest of Azura. Later on, the Nerevarine summoned Azura in her shrine in Azura's Coast, Vvardenfell, Morrowind, and was asked by her to go to a small island in the Sheogorad Region, Vvardenfell, Morrowind, and eliminate Sheogorath's Daedra, which the Mad Lord had assigned with the task of "disturbing" Rayna Drolan, a priestess of Azura. Also, the Nerevarine had to bring back a proof of Sheogorath's involvement. The Nerevarine did exactly as Azura asked, and in the end, was awarded Azura's Star by her.

Daggerfall Azura's Star - Daggerfall Version Few mortals have the stomach to trade in souls. The Dark Brotherhood does it, as do certain groups within the Mages Guild. For these cruel folk, Azura's Star has a particular fascination. The Star acts as a reusable soul gem. The soul of any creature killed by the bearer of the Star is trapped within it. If the Star already carries a soul, nothing happens. Using Azura s Star empties it, freeing the trapped soul to make its journey to Oblivion. Azura's Star can be used to make magical items over and over and over.
Morrowind Azura's Star - Morrowind Version Librarian's Note: This artifact also exists in Morrowind, but no official description exists for it. Its power, however, has remained the same.
Oblivion Azura's Star - Oblivion Version It's simply stated as "a reuseable Grand Soul Gem".