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Azra Nightwielder


Appeared in: TEST: Shadowkey. 

He is the greatest of Shadowmages, a rare order of mages that studies shadows. He is the first to realize that shadows are not a mere absence of light, but a reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. Manipulating a shadow could, through contagion, manipulate the object or force, which cast it. Azra is eminent master of this nearly imperceptible magic.

Azra tried to do something that never done before, he manipulated his own shadow to such extent that he instantiated and melded all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existences in shadow. Concern of the result of this experiment, the neighboring Redguard kingdoms confronted him. Azra was forced to battle them. Somehow, Azra's control of Shadow magic failed and a devastated explosion destroyed the surrounding area. The blast created a huge crater and Azra Nightwielder dissapeared. The area was now known as Azra's Crossing.

Then, a mysterious hero managed to find Azra Nightwielder in the bowel of Fearfrost Caverns. He was imprisoned in an egg-like crystal. He lose all his memory but not his power. The hero later recovered the identity of Azra, and in turn Azra helped the hero to thwart the plan of Pergan Asuul to create Umbra'Keth. After Umbra'Keth and Pergan Asuul were defeated, he disappeared.