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Attrebus, Guard


Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

This is the information about Attrebus from the official Redguard website:

Name: Attrebus
Age: 23 (born 2E 841)
Race: Cyrodilic
Province of Birth: Cyrodiil (Colovian West)
Occupation: Imperial Guard

Although only 23, Attrebus is considered a grizzled veteran by his fellows. The sixth son of a peasant family from the backwoods of the Colovian West, he ran away from home at 16 to join the Third Legion mustering in nearby Anvil, hoping, like the other peasant boys who flocked to the Imperial standards in that fateful year, to find in the soldier's life an escape from the changeless toil of farm and herd. The Third was immediately posted to the capital to help put down the Moth Rebellion, where its green recruits earned it the sobriquet "The Faithful" while besieged in the Hesod Barracks by the Cultists. The proudest moment of his life was when the Third marched with Tiber Septim's honor guard during his triumphal reentry into the capital.

Attrebus saw action with the Third in every corner of the expanding Empire over the next few years, and has scars to prove it. He was wounded during the storming of Tarak Shan, and nearly lost a leg to an Argonian feather-serpent during the grueling pursuit of Reekee's kidnappers into the depths of Black Marsh in 861. Fiercely loyal to his Emperor, he has little patience with people who refuse to acknowledge the obvious benefits of the Empire. For a glass of the strongest local brew, he will gladly retell his part in the sack of Senchal (an event which has no part in the official history of the Empire), claiming to have put thirty catmen to the sword himself, "man, woman and cubling, made no difference to us - General Pottreid had given 'em their chance to surrender."

He was among the few who escaped the Aldmeri trap at Black Rocks-later, the remnants of the Third made up the core of the new Ruby Legion, and Attrebus spent an uneventful year on garrison duty in the Nibenay Valley. Just when he was getting used to the jungle heat, his company was posted to Hammerfell as the personal guard of Lord Richton on this "godsforsaken island". Attrebus doesn't understand why Richton has let Stros M'kai off so easy - "it's the bleedin' rebel capital, ain't it?" - but veterans of the Faithful Third pride themselves on doing their duty without complaint. He'll follow orders and keep a suspicious eye on the locals until his Emperor needs him somewhere else.

Attrebus was one of the guards that Cyrus defeated. There is no more information about this character.