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Athyn Sarethi, Redoran


Appeared in: TES3: Morrowind.

Athyn Sarethi was one of the councilors of House Redoran. He was the rival of the Redoran Archmaster Bolvyn Venim.

Then the Nerevarine came requested the title of Redoran Hortator, but the Archmaster of Redoran, Bolvyn Venim refused to give the title. Athyn Sarethi helped the Nerevarine to gain support from other Redoran Councilors. By gaining the supports from other councilors made Bolvyn Venim to give the title to the Nerevarine or challenge the Nerevarine in an honorable duel. In the duel in Vivec Arena, Bolvyn Venim was killed by the Nerevarine.

Athyn Sarethi