Assassin’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was included in Bow of Shadows from the Creation Club

The bow has long been a player in the game. It’s toppled many a piece, from Jarls to kings. It does so without sight or sound, save for a rattling crown on a blood-stained floor.

And yet, it’s been far too long since it’s had a chance to tilt the board. Raerlas Ghile failed to topple a piece. Dram took the flesh, but not the soul, and the game went on without incident.

Now the pieces sit idly by, refusing to move in their comfort. Even now, as I take aim at this target, I hear their indolent yawns through the draw of my bowstring.

Yet the board cannot remain level forever. With the bow in my hand, it will tilt once more.

However, the timing must be right. The toppling of a piece rings hollow in a thunderstorm.

I must wait for a quiet moment, one that’s intimate, when the Jarl is not engaged in talks of war and dragons. If the battle for Skyrim comes to Whiterun, I will be forced to redraw.

But there will come a time when he sits idly by in his grand hall, unbothered by the world.

In that moment, when the Jarl has a chance to finally breathe, I will sneak my way to the upper floors and make sure that breath is his last. And when I take my leave cloaked in her shadow, all anyone will hear is a rattle

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