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Arrival In Stros M'Kai, Part 1

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Attacked By The Restless League> <Brennan> <Siona> <Trithik> <Kotaro> <Prnell> <Gerrick> <Orsone>

Redguard Manual

When you play Redguard for the first time, the Introduction begins. Pay attention, even if you hate history lessons as much as Cyrus does. Stros M'Kai is brimming with political intrigue and warring factions, and it pays to know who the players are.

So, you want to find out what the storyline of Redguard is. Or, in case you've played Redguard, you want to refresh your memory about the storyline. I have absolutely nothing against you refreshing your memory, and I have absolutely nothing against you finding out what the storyline of Redguard is either, but in case of the latter I must warn you that here you will stumble upon many spoilers. It's always nicer to discover the story all by yourself, but if you absolutely certainly positively must read on, be my guest.

For a better understanding of what follows I'm going to ask you to please read the Redguard comic book, which describes the events leading up to Redguard, found here. It would also be best to watch the introductory movie of the game, found here, or to read the introduction, found here.

Anyway, the game takes place at the end of the Second Era. Tiber Septim had just become the Emperor of Tamriel and was conquering province after province. Septim was opposed fiercely by Hammerfell, but, unfortunately, Thassad II, the high king of Hammerfell, died, and Hammerfell plunged into a civil war between the Crowns, fighting for the continued sovereignty of Hammerfell, and the Forebears, who had accepted the Emperor's rule. The Crowns, led by Prince A'Tor, were continuously victorious, but, the Forebears, sensing their impending defeat, became allies with Septim and allowed the Emperor to bring his armies into Hammerfell to crush the Crowns. Septim's army was a bit too tough for the weakened Crowns, so A'Tor retreated to Stros M'Kai, the Crown capital, for one last stand. The Crowns fought bravely, but, knowing about A'Tor's victories at sea, Richton, one Septim's best commanders, sent a Dragon, Nafaalilargus, to attack the Crowns. The Prince commanded his archers to attack the Dragon, but was shot himself by Dram, Richton's assassin, with a poisoned arrow. A'Tor's wizards attempted to save the Prince, but the Dragon ended the Crowns' hope for victory with a single, fiery breath. Having defeated the Crowns, Richton was named the Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai.


Some time later, in Wayrest, a Redguard mercenary named Cyrus, who had long ago left Hammerfell, received a letter from a good friend of his, Tobias, who told him that no one had seen his sister for three months. Although Cyrus had vowed that he would never return to Hammerfell, because he had murdered his sister's husband, he decided to go to Stros M'Kai to look for his sister. S'Rathra, Cyrus' boss, arranged for a ship to take Cyrus to Stros M'Kai.

Cyrus' Logbook

From S'rathra, my fixer in Wayrest, I received a letter from Tobias concerning the disappearance of my sister, Iszara. Set sail for the island of Stros M'Kai in Hammerfell.

Cyrus' Logbook

With Thassad dead, and Prince A'Tor defeated by Imperial Admiral Richton at the final battle of Stros M'Kai, Imperial garrisons are stationed in every Hammerfell city, and Lord Richton reigns as Provisional Governor in Stros M'Kai.

On the way to Stros M'Kai, the ship taking Cyrus there was attacked by two Redguard Pirates from a group calling itself the "Restless League".

Pirate 1: "Get below" is what the Pirate said to the wet-earred knave before him.

Pirate 2: The Restless League is claiming this cargo.

Pirate 1: Said the other with cruel, cruel clarity.

Cyrus: It probably wouldn't make any difference if I told you I had no time for this.

Pirate 2: This is about Redguard honor, boy. Stand aside.

Pirate 1: Yes, a doubtful notion it is, piracy and politics, but there you have it.

Cyrus: Never been much for politics. In my days, piracy was honest work.

The Pirates approached Cyrus.

Pirate 2: Don't be a hero, boy.

Cyrus: Where's the money in that?

Cyrus took out his sword.

Pirate 1: And verily they were impressed by his bravery, for a scant few seconds.

This is where the player gets control. I, as the player, defeated the two Pirates onboard the ship, after which a cutscene began, in which Brennan, the Redguard Captain, came back on deck.

Brennan: Cyrus!

Cyrus: Captain, good to see you back in command.

Brennan: Ah... Please call me Brennan. You disposed of those ruffians so quickly I had no time to retrieve my sword from my cabin.

Cyrus: That so, hm?

Cyrus' Logbook

Defeated Pirates of the Restless League attack on Brennan's ship. Arrived Harbor of Stros M'Kai. Tobias says to meet him at Draggin' Tale.

tsorg_part01image02.jpg tsorg_part01image05.jpg

Brennan: Look! Over there!

The camera approached the Pirate ship, showing four Pirates. One of them, whose name I would later find out was Vander, was clearly annoyed. The Pirate ship eventually left.

Tobias' Letter

Cyrus -

I hope this letter finds your hands, friend. My latest travels have brought me to Stros M'Kai and no one here has seen your sister for three months. I fear the worst. I feel obligated to stay for a few weeks. I will be at the Draggin Tale Inn, should you return.


Brennan: Let us move on, before more show up.

A short cutscene showed how Brennan's ship entered the Harbor of Stros M'Kai. Once I regained control, I went and talked to Brennan.

Brennan: Ah, Cyrus. And how do you do?

Cyrus: Brennan, can I have a minute?

Brennan: Anything for your like, Cyrus.

Cyrus: I am looking for my sister, Iszara. Perhaps you have heard of her?

Brennan: I'm afraid not. Before the Empire cleaned things up, Stros M'Kai was a Pirate haven, avoided by honest merchants like myself.

Cyrus: It seems the Empire has not eliminated all the Pirates from Stros M'Kai.

Brennan: Apparently so. They've become bold, attacking a ship so far into Hunding Bay. But give it time, the Empire has only been here for a few months.

Cyrus: The Pirates who attacked us spoke of a "Restless League". Have you heard of them?

Brennan: Other Captains tell me that the remaining banditti have organized themselves against the Empire's crackdown on smuggling and piracy.

Cyrus: How has Stros M'Kai fared under its new Imperial masters?

Brennan: The locals are still chafing at the bit, but in time, they will come to appreciate the benefits of membership in the Empire.

Cyrus: That so, hm? I am meeting a friend at the Draggin Tale. Can you direct me?

Cyrus' Logbook

When asked for directions to the Draggin Tale, Captain Brennan said to go up the bridge on the right, through the gate to the town square, and look for the sign.

Redguard Manual

After you step onto the docks, the rest of the game is pretty much up to you. Resist the temptation to run out of the city gates and explore the island. Or not. Exploration is a good thing, and you'll do a lot of it before you find Iszara. Let us suggest that you find Tobias first, since he may be able to give you the lay of the land.

Brennan: I can't recommend it, but it's the only drink-hole in this godsforsaken town. Up the bridge you see to the right, through the gate to the town square. You'll see the sign.

Cyrus: The Empire has done well in its conquest of Hammerfell, you think?

Brennan: Absolutely. No offense, but Hammerfell is in need of some law and order.

Cyrus: Thanks. We'll talk later.

As I walked off Brennan's ship, I noticed the statue of Frandar Hunding towering above me, its base in the water.

tsorg_part01image03.jpg tsorg_part01image06.jpg

I saw a Redguard woman walking around the Harbor, so I went and talked to her.

Siona: Hey, sailor.

Cyrus: May I trouble you for a moment, my lady?

Siona: Lady, you say? You must be new in town! Besides, Siona would have remembered you.

Cyrus' Description of His Gold

Gold doesn't go very far on this island.

Cyrus: Cyrus, at your service. Do you know a young lady named Iszara? My sister, last seen over three months ago.

Siona: Iszara, yes, I see the family resemblance. Can't say I know her, though. She was all caught up in them troubles we had when the young Prince was killed.

Cyrus: What is news around Stros M'Kai these days?

Siona: That it's best to keep your mouth shut, or end up in the catacombs. Or worse.

Cyrus: Have you heard anything about a group called the Restless League?

Siona: They claim to fight the Empire, but seem more interested in plunder, from what I can tell. They make a point to forebears, though, so I guess they aren't all bad.

Cyrus: A friend is meeting me at the Draggin Tale. Do you know it?

Siona: Sure, Siona knows it all right. Used to be a favorite of mine till that damn lizard barkeep got all high an' mighty on me... Does this friend have a name?

Cyrus: Tobias. Do you know him?

Siona: Did Hunding hate Goblins? Course I know him! One of my best customers, and I'm no lie. Any friend of Tobias is a friend of Siona. I'll be happy to help you out any way I can.

Cyrus' Logbook

Siona says she is a friend of Tobias, and that she is happy to help me.

Cyrus: This lizard barkeep... An Argonian?

Siona: Don't know his politics, but that Dreekius is a damn nuisance to us working girls. Pretentions of grandeur, he has. Nobody but Forebears in there now, anyway, and I wouldn't catch their get for any cart o' coin.

Cyrus: You don't care for Dreekius, then?

Siona: Well, he's not a bad sort for a lizard, him and me just don't see eye-to-eye on the friendship of the thighs, so to speak. But he knows anyone who's anyone on this island, no mistake.

Cyrus: These catacombs -- Some kind of a dungeon?

Siona: That's where fatboy tosses any Crowns he can catch. Under the Palace -- Where the Dragon lives.

Cyrus: A Dragon lives in the catacombs?

Cyrus' Logbook

The Dragon used by the Imperials to defeat the Crowns is still in the catacombs under the Palace, according to Siona.

Siona: That's how fatboy beat the Crowns. The Imperials, at least, think the Dragon's still down there, layin' about on the royal sea o' coin.

Cyrus: Maybe you can help me. Tell me more about the recent "troubles" in Stros M'Kai.

Siona: You know, the civil war between the Crowns and the Forebears. You really aren't from around here, are you?

Cyrus: Tell me more about the Crowns.

Siona: They supported Prince A'Tor after his father died. True Redguard patriots, more's the pity.

Cyrus: What of these Forebears. Who are they?

Siona: Forebears! Pah! And they call me a whore! Sold out the Prince and left us with the streets full-a foreign Soldiers and not an honest ring to any heel.

Cyrus: Was my sister involved in the civil war in some way?

Siona: Well, I don't want to spread gossip, especially not to her brother, but they say she was friends with the Prince. Good friends, ya know? So it's no wonder she disappeared when fatboy came to town.

Cyrus' Logbook

Siona implies that Iszara was a friend -- A GOOD friend -- Of the Prince, and that that might be why she disappeared when Richton came to town.

Cyrus: Fatboy?

Siona: Sorry. I mean, his Imperial highness, Provisional Governor Lord Richton.

Cyrus: The Prince -- What happened to him?

Siona: A'Tor was murdered by the Imperials, that's what. Nice young man, too, not too proud to tip his hat to Siona, either. Ah, what a shame, what a shame.

Cyrus: Tell me about this Richton.

Siona: He's a bad one, he is. Siona can tell. Invited me up to the Palace once, but I won't be back. Maybe Siona is not a fine lady, be she is an honest working girl, and doesn't like being treated like dirt. And she definitely doesn't like being watched by that sneaking, prick-eared shadow.

Cyrus: Who is this shadow you speak of?

Siona: Fatboy's pet assassin, Dram. A ghoul from furthest Morrowind, they say. Those red eyes of his, watching me... No, Siona won't be back to the Palace, not for all the coin in Hammerfell.

Cyrus' Logbook

Siona says Richton is accompanied by a red-eyed, Dark Elf assassin, Dram, from Morrowind.

Cyrus: Where is the governor's Palace?

Siona: The poor dead Prince's Palace, you mean. Just keep climbing up the hall, you can't miss it. But don't expect to sneak your way in.

Cyrus' Logbook

Siona says that the governor's Palace is just up the hill -- Can't miss it -- But not to expect to sneak in.

Cyrus: We'll talk later. Be careful.

After talking to Siona, I went and talked to an old Redguard man who was also walking around the Harbor.

tsorg_part01image08.jpg tsorg_part01image04.jpg

Trithik: Well...?

Cyrus: Hello, my name is Cyrus.

Trithik: And mine is Trithik, lad.

Cyrus: I'm looking for my sister, Iszara. Perhaps you've seen her?

Trithik: I do not know the name. But so many have been lost since the Dragon arrived.

Cyrus: She went missing about three months ago.

Trithik: If she was with the Crowns, I would count her among the casualties. Richton's slaughter was elegant only in its thoroughness.

Cyrus: Perhaps I should speak to this Richton, then.

Trithik: Spoken true, my boy, but I'd advise against it. The Imperials suffer no Redguards in the Palace, unless you're Forebear, and you walk on too few legs to be that.

Cyrus' Logbook

When I suggested speaking with Richton, Trithik said that no Redguards are admitted to the Palace.

Cyrus: So I can't get into the Palace, then?

Trithik: Not unless you can produce something that Richton will desire.

Cyrus: This Dragon -- An Imperial metaphor, perhaps...?

Trithik: Banner and bone, young Redguard. Seek the Old Quarter if you want to see the handiwork of both.

Cyrus: What happened to the Old Quarter?

Trithik: It was the last stand of the loyalist Corwns, and governor Richton had it destroyed. It smolders still, all ash and dragonfire. Few escaped the incident.

Cyrus' Logbook

Trithik says that Governor Richton ordered the destruction of the Old Quarter, a refuge of the Crowns, with dragonfire.

Cyrus: What do the Imperials plan to do here?

Trithik: Confusion often follows conquering, but if Septim does have a plan for Hammerfell it hasn't been made clear. I suspect a greater plan than constant terror, for Richton has men all about the island, not just here in Stros M'Kai.

Pocket Guide To The Empire

Formerly the principality of Thassad II's heir, A'Tor, Stros M'Kai's small island serves as the office of Provisional Governor Amiel Richton, who is charged with the protection and patrol of Hammerfell's barbarous southern coast. Lord-Admiral Richton was the officer who defeated Prince A'Tor in the Battle of Hunding Bay, and is the latest of a long line of heroes to serve in the Colovian West Navy. Stros M'Kai itself would be an unassuming little port, famous only for its Dwemer Ruins, were it not for its presently strategic location near the Cape of the Blue Divide, the waters of the dread Aldmeri Dominion.

Cyrus: Has Tiber Septim made the Crowns suffer much for their resistance?

Trithik: Through his agents, yes, but I fear that the Provisional Governor is an especially wicked feast to swallow. The blood has slowed to a trickle, if only for lack of targets, and the Crowns who survive still remain silent.

Cyrus: Can a Redguard not even admit his allegiance to the Crowns openly?

Trithik: I can't speak for the rest of Hammerfell but such an admission here is martyrdom at best. A persecution of silence reigns in Stros M'Kai.

Cyrus: Tell me of the Forebears.

Trithik: Throne-defilers, all. Hosts to the invader, and Hunding's shame.

Cyrus: The ship that brought me here was beset upon by some rascals called the Restless League. What do you know of them?

Trithik: They were the necessary cancer of a nation divided and at war. Grown at the borders where the kingdom's skin is most contested by the foreign sword-- Fearless men, whose names are all too often breathed in hate.

Cyrus: Hmmm.

Trithik: Don't believe them too wrong, for even the Prince had their ear.

Cyrus: What did the Imperials do to the Prince?

Trithik: A'Tor was slain at sea, and there his body was lost, thankfully. Already the obligatory prophecy of his return has begun, spoken in hush, an ill surrogate for true hope this season. The Redguard should know better, be blind to desperate omen. Thassad's son has left us, wind-swift and sadly, never to return.

Cyrus' Logbook

According to Trithik, though Prince A'Tor's body was lost at sea, there are already prophecies of his return.

Cyrus: So A'Tor had dealings with the Restless League, then?

Trithik: Never openly, for then even the Crowns thought the League untrustworthy. Now they are Hammerfell's last hope. A'Tor's death sent them into hiding, and dragonfire keeps them there.

Cyrus' Logbook

From Trithik I learned that Prince A'Tor had dealings with the Restless League, though the Crowns considered the League untrustworthy.

Cyrus: How can you be thankful that Prince A'Tor's body was lost at sea?

Trithik: Insofar that the seabed may claim him before the necromancer does, that is all. That his soul may rest easy from the snare surround.

Cyrus: Tell me about the necromancer.

Trithik: A westward evil, aseat in the ash-gray shoals. On parade now that the Empire's here, lad, so don't die.

Cyrus: What is the "snare surround"?

Trithik: The necromancer's curse, writhing in the near-here, only a death away. Its magic snatches at your soul should you perish, to fuel some darker deed still.

Cyrus' Logbook

A necromancer's curse affects Stros M'Kai. According to Trithik, the shoals when the necromancer is found lie to the west along a path over a bridge.

Cyrus: Should I fear death more than normal, then?

Trithik: The snare waits for those who don't.

Pocket Guide To The Empire

Thassad II was the last of these "High Kings," for upon his death in CE862, the honorable Forebears retook Sentinel by force. Crown Prince A'Tor then sailed from Stros M'Kai to avenge his father, resulting in one of the bloodiest massacres of Tamrielic history. Tiber Septim, in his rightful duty as Heir to the Reman Dynasty, answered the Forebears' plea for help, sending his men to end the mad Prince's butchery. A'Tor found it impossible to stand against the superiority of the Imperial legions; many of the Crowns had deserted him after seeing the glory of the reborn Empire. He and a few loyalists fled back to Stros M'Kai, doggedly pursued by the West Navy, where they were soundly defeated at the Battle of Hunding Bay. The Emperor, in his wisdom, deemed it best to assume responsibility for Hammerfell's lawful restoration as a republic and provincial territory, where presently the Redguards spend their days as proud subjects of the new Cyrodilic Empire.

Cyrus: How far west are the shoals?

Trithik: Not a day's journey. Just follow the path over the bridge.

Cyrus: It seems quiet here, especially for a port-city. How fares Stros M'Kai under Imperial rule?

Trithik: Defeat is read in every native face, my boy. The war cost the city much, including its voice. The Crowns are no more, as kingless as Yokuda, lost now to song which no one will sing, lest Richton hear. Overmuch, the governor is the reason Stros M'Kai is so quiet.

Cyrus: I have not heard mention of Yokuda since my childhood.

Trithik: The first land, where the Redguards came from, in blessed Hunding's day.

Cyrus: I saw the statue of Hunding on my way into port. I'm surprised Richton hasn't levelled it yet.

Trithik: He cannot, or will not, for it keeps the Goblins out of Stros M'Kai, out and under it. Such is Frandar Hunding's grace that he blinds them still.

Cyrus: There are Goblins under Stros M'Kai?

Trithik: And worse, but you needn't worry about them. They are doomed to the dirt and bother the Redguard no more.

Cyrus' Logbook

Trithik says any goblins in Stros M'Kai are banished beneath the earth of Stros M'Kai, thanks to Frandar Hunding.

Cyrus: I fear that my sister's disappearance had something to do with the civil war...

Trithik: I read more than fear in your face, Redguard, either retribution or redemption. Alas, sometimes they are the same. Neither can come without wounds.

Cyrus: I said nothing about redemption or --

Trithik: Why else would you be here, in this narrative? In you--

Cyrus: How can the two be the same?

Trithik: In their concern for blood, in blood as closure. I assure you, it will be spilt before you find your sister. A prayer may do you well.

Cyrus: Where should I pray?

Trithik: At the temple of blessed Arkay. Brother Nidal presides there, and he knew most of the people in town. He may know something about your sister.

Cyrus: Where is the temple?

Trithik: In the town square, shoreside from the pool.

Cyrus: Thanks. Trithik. I've got to go.

After I spoke with Trithik, I saw a sign with a hammer hanging from a building in the Harbor. A Redguard man sat on the chair under the sign, his hands on a table.

Kotaro: Ahoy there, sailor! Can I have a word with you?

I decided to talk to him.


Kotaro: Greetings, stranger!

Cyrus: What can I do for you, friend?

Kotaro: The question is, what can I do for you! The young stranger in town, fearless, footloose and fancy-free, a little light of purse, perhaps. I have a proposition that may appeal. But first, allow me to introduce myself: Kotaro, Contractor of Stros M'Kai, at your service!

Cyrus: Cyrus. Charmed. I wonder if you know my sister, Iszara? I've come to Stros M'Kai to find out what's happened to her.

Kotaro: I'm afraid I don't know her. I'm just a simple working man! You might try Dreekius up at the Draggin' Tale. Pretty much everyone in Stros M'Kai passes through his door eventually.

Cyrus: Dreekius?

Kotaro: Our friendly local lizard, not that I have anything against him. Or her -- Whatever. Can't ever tell with those Argonians. Runs the Draggin Tale, the tavern on the town square.

Cyrus: What do you know about a group of ruffians calling themselves the Restless League?

Pocket Guide To The Empire

Under the provincial organization of the Second Empire, two Redguard "parties" formed to aid Cyrodiil's administration of Hammerfell. The ancient Na-Totambu ruling class retained the rights of noble council as the Crowns, and the much-admired warriors of the Ra Gada were finally granted rights of ownership within their tribal districts. This empowerment fundamentally changed the Ra Gada, who began to call themselves the Forebears, firmly announcing their status as the first Redguards on Tamriel. This republic, however, lasted only so long as the Cyrodiils were strong enough to support it. During the Imperial Interregnum, control reverted back to the hereditary monarchy of the Na-Totambu. The new "High King" was even so bold as to move his throne from Old Hegathe to the more prosperous Forebear city of Sentinel, which had, by this time, mastered a third of the trade of the Iliac Bay.

Kotaro: Damn them and their bloody-minded ways! They've done more to ruin Stros M'Kai than the Forebears and Empire combined. If it weren't for them, this city would have been at peace months ago.

Cyrus: How is the Restless League responsible for ruining Stros M'Kai?

Kotaro: Burning or plundering half the cargoes headed for this port! Stirring up the Imperials to ever-more ruthless repression! The League don't seem to realize that the war is over, and they lost.

Cyrus: You're saying the League was allied with the Crowns?

Kotaro: Depends on who you ask. I don't know. I'm not one of your political gentlemen, always in someone else's business -- I'm just a poor working stiff. A bird in the hand is better, you know what they say, ha ha!

Cyrus: I haven't been in Hammerfell since before the war. How do you like being a citizen of the Empire?

Kotaro: Surely beats war, my young friend. I won't lie to you, though. Hard to find honest labor these days -- Forebears would rather smirk than lift, and the Crowns don't have the back for it anymore.

Cyrus: Sounds like the Crowns are taking their defeat pretty hard.

Kotaro: I've always stayed out of politics. Bad for business. Crown, Forebear, I don't care, as long as their coin is true! My philosophy is, what's done is done, live and let live, the grass is always greener, you know?

Cyrus: I guess the Forebears are still savoring victory in the civil war, eh?

Kotaro: You could say that. Although you might not want to say it in their faces. They're a touchy lot these days.

Cyrus: I've been up north for years, but I was pretty sure the Forebears won the war.


Cyrus' Description of His Sabre

It's my trusty sabre.

Kotaro: Of course they did! And the Forebears like to bust up the Draggin' Tale just in case anyone doubts it. Some ungenerous Crowns like to point out the Imperial flags flying over the Palace, and the Imperial Soldiers patrolling the streets. None of my concern, though, ha ha!

Cyrus: I'm supposed to meet a friend at the Draggin' Tale. Can you direct me?

Kotaro: The only watering hole in town! Follow the ramps uphill to the town square. A bit of friendly advice -- Watch your step. The Forebears are a touchy lot these days.

Cyrus' Logbook

Kotaro says Draggin' Tale on town square; follow ramps uphill.

Cyrus: You call yourself a Contractor. What does that mean?

Kotaro: Over here, we have someone who needs something done. Over there, we have someone who is looking for work. How do they find each other? That's where I come in!

I knew that Kotaro had a quest for me, but I decided to do it later on.

Cyrus: We'll talk later.

tsorg_part01image10.jpg tsorg_part01image11.jpg

While looking around the Harbor, I found a crate behind the building to the right of Kotaro. Climing on the crate allowed me to climb onto the building, from where I jumped onto a ledge on the building behind Kotaro. I climbed onto the building, and there I was able to reach the roof of the next building by walking on the ropes leading to it. Once I was on it, I was able to jump on the city wall and to follow it up to the back of Frandar Hunding's statue. There I found a hole leading into the statue, and in the statue I found the Talisman of Hunding.

Cyrus' Description of The Talisman of Hunding

The talisman of sacred Hunding, who drove the Goblins out of Hammerfell and into the earth.

I jumped into the water, after which I swam back to Stros M'Kai. Once I was back in the city's Harbor, I went into one of the Harbor towers, where I found stairs leading up and down. I initially went down the stairs and found a chest containing some gold, after which I went up the stairs and opened a door that led to the walkway connecting the two Harbor towers, a place with a great view of the Harbor and Marketplace.

I went to the other tower, where I found an old Redguard man sitting on a very tall chair with a telescope attached to it. I decided to speak with him.

Cyrus: Hello, sir. Sir? Sir, could I speak to you for a moment?

Prnell: Who's there? What do you want?

tsorg_part01image19.jpg tsorg_part01image20.jpg

Cyrus: My name is Cyrus. I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

Prnell: Mind? Why would I mind? I'm Prnell, by the way. Ask away, my boy!

Cyrus: Do you know my sister, Iszara?


Prnell: Iszara? And you're Cyrus, her brother! Of course. Probably look just like her, too, would've seen the family resemblance, but without my eyepiece, I'm afraid I can't get too good a look at you. You know, I haven't seen Iszara around in quite some time.

Cyrus: So you can't see without your eyepiece --

Prnell: I can see the galleons and spice-traders just fine with this spyglass! But other than that -- I mean, I can't very well walk around town holding a telescope up to my eye.

Cyrus: It might be kind of funny, though.

Prnell: I'm laughing even as we speak. Could you maybe find it for me, lad? It's a strange kind of loneliness when the beginnings of yet vision's at half a hundred yards.

Cyrus' Logbook

Prnell says he has lost an eyepiece. His eyesight is very bad, and he really wants the eyepiece.

Cyrus: I'll find it for you, Prnell. Don't worry. Have you heard of a group called the Restless League? My ship was attacked by a couple of them on the way here.

Prnell: That was you? I saw the whole thing, through my telescope you know. Not much of a battle, though. Ha, you really gave those ruffians what for! Wait a minute! Maybe the Restless League is after you, too. I wonder what Iszara could have done to get them so riled up?

Cyrus: Too? Do you mean the Restless League is after my sister? Why didn't you say so before?

Prnell: You never said she was missing, Cyrus. This was months ago, anyway, and my memory ain't what it used to be. As I was saying, couple-a them boys came around, asking about her, but not respectful, like you. Gave me the hairy eyeball, trying to scare an old man. Don't believe anyone has the right to talk to me like that! No wonder they have such a bad reputation.

Cyrus: What did these Restless League fellows want to know?

Prnell: Just if I'd seen Iszara, let them know if I ever did. Ha! Like I'd tell them anything, after they come in here all threatening-like. Seemed to think she'd stolen something from them. If that's true, no wonder she's disappeared. Either they found her, or she's makin' sure they don't.

Cyrus: I thought the Restless League was outlawed. How would you contact them?

Prnell: You'll find out soon enough, the Smuggler's Den is hooked up with the League somehow. Not directly, or it'd be out of business by now, with Fatboy on a rampage. But I'm sure they could still get in touch with the League.

Cyrus: Where is this Smuggler's Den?

Prnell: Under Maiko's shop. But it ain't that simple. No one gets in without a password.

Cyrus: Do you know the password?

Prnell: Afraid not, Cyrus.

Cyrus' Logbook

Prnell says to contact the Restless League through the Smuggler's Den beneath Maiko's shop, but that I need a password to get in.

Cyrus: What kind of reputation does the League have?

Prnell: Terrorists, Pirates, all that. No doubt about it, they ain't to be trifled with. Fatboy found that out himself. But then, the Empire don't like to be messed with either.

Cyrus: The League is fighting against the Imperial occupation?

Prnell: They were. Not openly, like the Crowns, but that's never been the League way. Blowing up Richton's flagship, more in their line. Watched it burn from right here, an amazing sight. But what did it accomplish? The Empire's still here, and I haven't heard hide nor hair of the League until today.

Cyrus: How does the city fare with the Imperials in charge?

Prnell: I got nothing to tell that you can't hear from anyone in town. This was the heart of Crown resistance, but look at it now. When you lock up or murder every Crown or League supporter, it don't leave much.

Cyrus: What are you watching for up there?

Prnell: Ships, sonny. I let the town know when a merchant ship is coming into port. Reminds me of my seafaring days, a bit, watching out from the crow's nest. But now I'm stuck with this job!

Cyrus: How come?

Prnell: Cause ships are about the only thing I can see! I lost my eyepiece around here somewhere, and the spyglass here's no right alternative.

Cyrus: Thanks, Prnell.

After speaking with Prnell, I went back to the ground, after which I left the Harbor by going up the ramp to the Marketplace. I decided to go into Gerrick's shop.

tsorg_part01image13.jpg tsorg_part01image14.jpg

Inside, I could see shovels, torches, aloe leaves, feathers, candlesticks and compasses for sale. There was a High Elf behind the counter and he had a Parrot. I decided to approach and talk to the High Elf.

Gerrick: Good day.

Cyrus: Hello, shopkeeper. My name is Cyrus.

Gerrick: Pleased to meet you, my good fellow. Gerrick, your humble servant.

Cyrus: I wonder if you know my sister, Iszara.

Gerrick: Iszara...?

Orsone: Is>>squawk<<zara!

Gerrick: ... A lovely name, by the way... I believe she may have been mixed up with those League Pirates, am I right?

Cyrus: That's what I'm trying to find out. She's been missing for three months. What do you know about them?

Gerrick: That bloodthirsty gang of villains! If your poor sister--

Orsone: Squawwwk!

Gerrick: --Was connected with them, I'm afraid to speculate on what might have happened.

Orsone: Poor pretty! >>Squawk!<<!

Gerrick: They've been a plague on Stros M'Kai for years, although the cowards haven't dared show their faces since the Imperials arrived.

Orsone: >>Ssssquawkkk! Platepate Parrot knowsmore >>squakw<<! Knowsmore!

Cyrus: Please, if you know anything more about Iszara...

Gerrick: Well, she came into my shop some time ago. Looking for malachite - don't stock it, of course, unusual request -- But she was very insistent.

Orsone: >>Squakka-kat!<< Sister plentymoney frightface!

Gerrick: Iszara offered me a tidy sum for the malachite -- Much more than it was worth. I said I could have some for her in three weeks, but she needed it right away. I'm afraid she may have tried the Smuggler's Den, dear me. Not a place to walk into with a purse full of gold.

Cyrus: Smugglers Den?

Gerrick: Yes, under the Cartographer's shop. An open secret around town. I'm sure those smugglers are connected with The Restless League -- Selling Valenwood wine stolen from my own ships, at double the price since they have no competition!

Cyrus' Logbook

Gerrick worries that Iszara might have sought to find malachite through the Smuggler's Den.

Cyrus' Logbook

Gerrick thinks that the Restless League is connected with the smugglers operating out of the Smuggler's Den beneath the Cartographer's shop.

Cyrus: Hmm.

Gerrick: I can't prove any of it, of course.

Orsone: I'm a pretty bird!

Cyrus: Did Iszara say why she needed malachite?

Gerrick: I'm sorry, no. Not much call for it anymore, now that the Alchemist's Shop is closed.

Orsone: >>Squawk<<! Old Vromish crustfinger! >>Squawk<<!

Cyrus: Malachite is used in alchemy?

Gerrick: I believe so. Old Vromish --

Orsone: Squawwwk!

Gerrick: The alchemist, used to order a pound or two from time to time. But he's been dead now these seven years, and the Mage's Guild gets their potions wholesale, so I haven't carried malachite since.

Cyrus: The Mage's Guild sells potions?

Gerrick: Yes, they now have an official monopoly on magic of any kind. Archmage Voa's doing, took advantage of his access to the Prince, at the expense of us small businessmen! Remains to be seen what the new Imperial policty will be. Governor Richton's too busy with his archeological hobby to bother with a small matter like economic policy!

Cyrus: The governor is an archaeology buff?

Gerrick: He's crazy over anything Dwarven. The Dwarven ruins are full of Soldiers, looking for who knows what. Richton better hope the Emperor never finds out how he's wasting his valuable troops!

Cyrus: Where are these Dwarven ruins?

Gerrick: Down on the south end of the island. You won't get in, though. Richton's men have sealed the gates.

Cyrus: What do you know about The Restless League?

Gerrick: A collection of the worst scum from the sewers of Stros M'Kai! Pirates who'd cut your throat as soon as look at you!

Orsone: I know your sister's name.

Cyrus: What'd he say?

Gerrick: Ignore Orsone, good Cyrus, he's a half-wit. What were we talking about?

Cyrus: ... The League -- The Empire crushed The Restless League?

Gerrick: I assume so. They haven't been seen around Stros M'Kai for months. The League pretended to be patriotic rebels after the Crowns' defeat, but a few encounters with Imperial warships quieted them down right quick.

Cyrus: How's business these days?

Gerrick: If it's not Pirates stealing your cargo, it's Imperial taxes. I get by, though. All the ships heading for the Iliac Bay pass through here, so I get first crack at their wares. As long as I can get that lazy Rollo to bring it up from the Harbor.

Orsone: >>Squawk<<! Lazy Rollo fat fu--

Gerrick: Orsone!

Cyrus: Thanks for the time, Gerrick.

After talking to Gerrick, I decided to speak with Orsone, Gerrick's Parrot. I knew that I had to rhyme for him to say anything useful.


Orsone: Squawwwk!

Cyrus: And what's your name?

Orsone: And what's your name?

Cyrus: I'm searching for a young lady.

Orsone: I know your sister's name.

Cyrus: Her dealings, I fear, were shady--

Orsone: And rumors of her game.

Cyrus: My time is short.

Orsone: I only rhyme.

Cyrus: Come, be a sport.

Orsone: 'Bout half the time.

Cyrus: Give us a break there, matey.

Orsone: Unless you do the same! Whee whoooo. I know your sister's name and rumors of her game. I only rhyme 'bout half the time unless you do the same!

Cyrus: I'm searching for a young lady. Her dealings, I fear, were shady-- My time is short. Come, be a sport. Give us a break there, matey.

Orsone: Pretty sister had her schemes, needed gold this time, it seems, twenty-one paces, as the head faces, buried there the gold still gleams!

Cyrus' Logbook

From the Parrot pieced together the following: "Pretty sister had her schemes. Needed gold this time, it seems. Twenty-one paces. As the head faces. Buried there the gold still gleams!"

Cyrus: Bye bye, then.

Orsone: Bye bye, then.

Orsone had given me clues to a hidden treasure, but I didn't want to start looking for it yet, so I decided to wait until I would. I left Gerrick's shop, ready to return to it in the future to buy wares from him, after which I went to the Silversmith's shop. I could easily tell which building was the Silversmith's shop because it had a special sign.