Arowende’s Diary Page 26

Author: Arowende

I suppose I should be understanding that the Archmagister is too preoccupied with his experiments and such a important a personage within House Telvanni, but he just dumps tasks on me and wanders off.

It's not that I can't immobilize these dwemer constructs but would it be nice if he waited for me. Why didn't he turn his talents to coming up with a way to make them turn off? Be non-aggressive? I'm not quite sure how you'd go about it, but that too may be a fruitful avenue of study.

I just need to take in as much knowledge as I can from the Archmagister. I do long to go home to Summerset, but I promised myself I wouldn't until I was more knowledgeable than—well, I should not go down that route again. I'll just sit here and let my magic restore itself.

I will need to find an alchemist though. These machine parts have definitely stained this robe.

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