Arowende’s Diary Page 23

Author: Arowende

Finally, Archmagister Otheri has let me accompany him to Mzanchend—the great Dwemer ruin that rests under the mine. I would love to discover something really unique. Or discover what happened to the Dwarves! I need to make some sketches of some of the architecture here. The light fixtures … unbelievable. So many still working. How did they do it? That might be a good subject for some scholarly research.

I know his machine is important, He's droned on about it and then told me to be careful with these greasy bits of it, acting as if it was an honor for me to toddle after him with them. Well, perhaps it is. I did, after all, manage to get the position as his assistant. I wonder what happened to the last assistant.

This grease better come out of my robe.

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