Gathering Force: Arms and Armor of the Breton Champion, Vignac Antieve of Evermore

Vignac's prowess matches that of his guard sergeant brother, and he was swift to indicate that the vampires of Rivenspire, while they don the same leathers and plate, are a blight upon High Rock to be cleansed with a swift dispatch.

Many of the men of High Rock feel a wistful dalliance with the supernatural or a bend with the mercantile life, but this caused a loss of loan on the might of steel or the savagery of the blade. Our cousins to the northwest are canny to have brokered the Daggerfall Covenant and remain united behind High King Emeric. For his grip across northern Tamriel to remain strong, a standing army, from the lowliest man-at-arms to the Lion Guard captain, must be ready to defend their quaint and picturesque province. While they are not regimented and trained to the same quality as an Imperial force, we share more similarities and less divides us, especially compared to the filthy Nord or the beastling clad in scales or fur. I intend no disrespect with my words.

Breton armor is wonderfully dependable, in terms of both strength and comfort. From the comb sitting atop the heavier helms to the overlapped steel lames that harness you in tight, construction from the very finest blacksmiths offers protection without the constant need for rubbing ointments. Tanning is almost seen as a fine art, and many quality pieces use softer, more pliable leathers (from guar or cattle) at the joints of the gorget collar, and thicker pieces (from the wolf) at the vambrace. For those of a foppish disposition with an overabundance of wealth, additional minerals can be added in the forging process to vary the color of the plates, from a deep red to a marbled white.

In the main, Breton arms are of a standard fare. When one conjures the picture of a sword in the mind's eye, a Breton blade usually appears. But do not think these weapons are in any way unvaried or tedious. From the finial carving atop a staff to the quillon block of a dagger, expect an element of curved carving most pleasing to view, and the use of enchanted gemstones, and an overabundance of lion heads when shields are raised or when Wayrest is your journey's end. But it is the inclusion of orichalcum, conjoined to the base metal of the very best weaponry a Breton has to hand, that proves the might of the master merchants.

Fine, sturdy, and of quality craftsmanship, a Breton's blade, bow, or shield has a pleasing weight, if perhaps an overabundance of heraldry and pattern work. 

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