Arch Necromancer’s First Clue

Author: Arch Necromancer
Released In:

This book was included in Gallows Hall from the Creation Club

A mage travels Skyrim, snuffing out the souls of its people along the way. In each place they collect a torch, to represent the light of the dead.

Their journey starts by traveling west, to Morthal. From there, they cross the plains south, to Falkreath, and make use of the alchemist’s table.

Next they travel northeast, past the river, and stopped at the Nightgate Inn, where they cooked themselves a meal before snuffing the light there.

Finally, they head north to Fort Dunstad, where their journey ends.

Only when they had gathered the light of four souls did they receive the blessing from the King of Worms.

Trace their path and let the way forward fall.

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