Antonius’ Note

Author: Antonius
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Orcish Scaled from the Creation Club

Yakhtu once told me I’d wager off my own mother if the odds were right. So it’s probably no surprise to her that I lost her armor on a bet.

What I would explain to the blacksmith, after she was done yelling at me, was that my plan was foolproof.

I had in my coin purse a total of three hundred and twenty septims. My strategy was to wager ten pieces at a time. If I lost, my next bet would be ten pieces, to cover the last wager. If I lost again, I would wager twenty, and once again attempt to break even. If I lost a fourth time, I would wager forty, and so on.

So unless I lost six straight times, I’d always break even in the end. Well, ten straight losses later, I not only have no gold, but no armor and bed to sleep on. I must have slept with Zenithar’s mother or something, not sure why he hates me so.

Anyways, I sold the armor to some High Elf collector at the Bee and Barb. I should probably just kill her. I would kill the bandits running the pits, but then where would I get my fix.

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