Antiquities Codexes: Other

This page has all of the Antiquities that do not fit into the other, bigger categories. They are emotes, mounts, adornments, and siege weapons.

Alinor Allemande

An ancient dance, eh? Judging by the spacing and the painstaking notation, it’s definitely a High Elf creation. Ugh. We’re so stuffy! Remind me to show you some real dancing once I grease the rear axle of my chair! —Amalien

Location: Summerset

Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount

Location: Alik’r, Bankorai, Stormhaven, Stros M’Kai, Deshaan, Eastmarch, Stonefalls, The Rift, Western Skyrim, Coldharbour, Craglorn

Aetherquartz Tonal Resonator

This translucent stone makes a sound when properly placed in its setting. I can feel a bit of a zing when I touch it, so it has residual charge left. Extraordinary! I wonder what this relic empowers! —Amalien

Aligned Dwarven Plates

A series of connected ebony plates and Dwarf-metal accents? It almost resembles the structure of a snake. I’ve heard tales of similar creatures in the Clockwork City. By Auri-El, if I ever make it to that place, I’ll faint on the spot! —Amalien

Cracked Dwarven Gear Shafts

These shafts connect to a frame. Is the Dwemeris inscription supposed to be instructions? They clearly socket into another segment of a larger machine. Something with multiple limbs by the looks of it. —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Articulated Paws

These are vamidium dog or wolf paws, which makes me wonder if Dwarves saw these creatures the same way Solitude’s Nords see their silver wolves. Probably not. Of all the races of Tamriel, the Dwarves were the least sentimental. —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Breastguard

This plate clearly connects to a spinal and neck structure that holds inner workings of a vamidium’s shoulder-machinery. It lacks some sort of stone, though. Perhaps a resonator sockets in there somehow. —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Horngrip

This handle clearly belongs to some sort of vamidium, but the ebony styling is unlike any I’ve seen before. I can scarcely imagine watching someone take that grip in hand and swing their leg astride a hissing steed! —Amalien

Dwarven Leather Saddle Seat

Aha! This clearly belongs to a vamidium. I would say a quadruped. Perhaps a horse? The Dwemeris inscription appears much fiercer than the ones I’ve seen on other mechanical mounts. Could this object be a weapon of war? —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Rib-Frame

These metal strips all curve inward from edges that clearly must attach to another component. Resembles a rib cage, I’d say. Probably built to protect vulnerable components while allowing access to talented architects. —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Spine-Coupling

Amazing! The craftsmanship of this metal spine allows it to move almost as well as an animal’s spine. But, which animal? Pretty remarkable that a race that constantly recoiled from messy mortality used natural structures in their designs! —Gabrielle Benele

Dwarven Steam Conduit

Such a small conduit! It makes me think this belongs to an automata of some sort. Perhaps a vamidium? The metal features several reinforcing clamps. The Dwarves clearly designed this to withstand tremendous pressure. —Amalien

Ebon Dwarven Wolf Head

Ah. A wolf’s head shaped in metal. For all their brooding and reclusiveness, it seems even Dwarves weren’t immune to the dog’s inherent charm! Everyone loves a loyal dog, right? Given the scale, this wolf almost certainly wants for a rider. —Gabrielle Benele

Ebony-forged Dwarven Limbs

Four limbs! Four! A quadruped! The shapes indicate a large dog or wolf, perhaps. Oh, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Knowing my luck, they’ll wind up belonging to some ugly, four-legged crab. —Amalien

Inclined Dwarven Paneling

Judging by the minor scrapes I see, these metal plates overlay each other, forming what might be a neck? Odd, considering Dwarves prided themselves on precision. Someone must have attempted to reassemble it, only to fail. —Amalien

Large Aetherium Lenses

Ah, precious aetherium! These gems might provide some form of vision, perhaps serving as lenses in a farseeing device? Certainly not meant for a person of Dwarven scale. These probably belonged to a vamidium or other large animunculus. —Amalien

Sloped Dwarven Guards

Hmm. Amalien can correct me if I’m wrong, but I definitely get the sense that these plates were meant to protect and reinforce a limb or other potential load-bearing element. They look quite sleek by Dwarven standards! —Gabrielle Benele

Weathered Dwarven Cogs

Interesting. Traces of ebony make me think this cog was set within that type of metal. So, black and bronze? Someone was building for drama! You don’t often see that kind of alloying in Dwarven work.—Gabrielle Benele

Worn Dwarven Gears

Given the size, these gears belong to something smaller than a Dwarven Centurion, but bigger than a Dwarven Sphere. How exciting! An as-yet unknown animunculus just waiting for assembly! —Amalien


Companion’s Coronet

When Ysgramor set sail from Atmora to avenge the Night of Tears, he sent out a call for warriors to join him. Those who answered his call won everlasting renown as the Five Hundred Companions. One of those mighty heroes likely wore this very headpiece! —Verita Numida

Location: Western Skyrim

Dwemer Body Marking

I love the Dwarves dearly, but the word narcissistic hardly captures the brazen vanity of their culture. They adorned practically everything with stylized faces that presumably match their own. This vivid tattoo follows that theme brilliantly. —Amalien

Note: This body marking is named “Dwemer Gold” in the Collections menu.

Location: Western Skyrim

Dwemer Crown

An excellent example of Dwemer craftsmanship. The geometic etchings likely symbolize wisdom and authority; the white stones, nobility. This crown would have been worn by a Dwarven architect or other high ranking artisan. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Location: Western Skyrim

Dwemer Face Marking

A simple design, but one imbued with great symbolic importance. We rarely find a Dwarven pillar, forge, or animunculus that lacks a bearded face. I think we can safely infer that such facial ornamentation conveyed a sense of skill, wisdom, or authority. —Verita Numida

Location: Western Skyrim

Ysgramor’s Chosen Body Marking

The skalds say that Ysgramor and his companions were the first to wear the blue war-paint so many Nords still favor today. Supposedly Ysgramor slew so many frost giants that he was covered in their blue blood. The rest of his foes fled the field! —Amalien

Note: This body marking is named “Atmoran Body Marking” in the Collections menu.

Location: Western Skyrim

Ysgramor’s Chosen Face Marking

An important discovery! No one remembered what markings Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions wore on their faces. The spiral designs are symbols of death. The Atmorans wore them to show that they sought a glorious end in battle! —Ugron gro-Thumog

Note: This item is called “Atmoran Face Markings” in the Collections menu.

Location: Western Skyrim

Siege Weapons

Fire Lancer

This looks like some kind of shimmer-thrower–you know, like the ones the Baandari use during festivals? We haven’t seen much in the way of Dwemer frivolity but if this was a kind of firelight show, that could prove everyone wrong! How exciting! —Amalien

Amalien gives the Dwarves too much credit. As usual. This looks more like a weapon to me. Some kind of complex ballista that could fling projectiles at a distance. This could change the war in Cyrodiil if someone managed to rebuild it. —Ugron gro-Thumog

I’m no metallurgist, but this metal could likely endure tremendous heat; so I agree with Amalien on that. To Ugron’s point, yes, I strongly suspect this is a weapon of war. Something used to rain fire down upon one’s enemies. —Reginus Buca

Location: Stonefalls

Frost Lancer

This is fascinating. You don’t see a lot of frost weaponry with the Dwemer. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they hated the cold? They lived underground and relied on thermal heat from the earth to power their society. Naturally averse? —Amalien

It’s possible, I suppose. They did spend quite a lot of time around volcanos and heated geysers. Even so, if anyone could learn to harness the power of the cold during wartime, it would be the Dwarves. —Verita Numida

Frost magic can do a lot of good during a siege. Freeze the enemy, glaze the gates and parapets, etc. Even so, I’d hate to see one of these deployed in the field. The last thing Cyrodiil needs right now is an arms race. —Ugron gro-Thumog

Location: Bankorai

Shock Lancer

Even after all this time, this still carries traces of magical energy. You can feel the hairs on your arm rising whenever you touch it. Can you imagine harnessing this sort of power during a siege? —Verita Numida

Yes, quintessentially Dwemer in its design and application. They were so much more technologically advanced than other races, their mastery over the arcane allowed them to fire shokcing projectiles. —Reginus Buca

If it’s shock value we’re going for here (and no, I won’t apologize for that) I’d like to throw in the possibility of this being a component of a security system. The Dwarves were extremely talented at keeping people out of places. —Gabrielle Benele

Location: Reaper’s March

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