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Anecdotes of Normal Tamrielics (well sorta)

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Rules: Post an anecdote in first person from the PoV of a citizen of Tamriel. That's all.


Story One: The Pit.

(The following was found in the transcription of an Indoril Guard after an altercation in a bar known as “the Pit,” located in an unnamed public alley, dated 4E02, shortly before Red Year when Narsis was made Capital of Morrowind. Obviously, conditions in the city have improved since that time.)


“Give me all your sujamma, s'wit,” shouted this drunk as fuck Orc when I was bouncing at the Pit.


If you don't know Narsis, lucky you. But the Pit is the bar I work at, some shithole in some alley. Alley doesn't even got a name. You go there to bet blasted because fuck the world, everything's gone to shit in your life.


Anyways, this cunt pulls a knife. So I'm stood behind this crab-bone counter, all I got is an empty sujamma bottle and some saltrice. So of course I throw the saltrice in the motherfucker's eyes. Asshole stumbles back and I throw the bottle at him. That knocks the dickhead clean out. Then I stab him in the throat. Hey, why are you grabb- hey, leggo you- oi!”

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I knelt by the pool, and splashed some of the uncomfortably warm water on my dusty face.  I rubbed my cheek noticing that some facial hair had grown out, since I had been out with the crew for nearly a week straight now.  Siluth called out to me, but I stayed by the pool of water for a second, before I took a quick drink before picking my sword back up and heading back towards the group.

We were surely a force to be reckoned with, back then.  The majority of our crew was Khajiit, since we were based in Elsweyr, but we were fairly diverse, which was easily noticeable since our leader was the aforementioned Siluth, who is a dark elf.

Anyways, I digress.  I'm sure you don't want me to linger to much on the small details of my younger days.  You want to hear about how my crew almost broke the Thalmor's hold on Elsweyr, in a single act of what they labeled terrorism, but we referred to as civil disobedience...  

(The rest of this manuscript has been lost, and any copies made that our department is aware of were lost as a result of Order 46-B from the Office of the High Censor)