Ancestor’s Rest

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Wickwheat flour, water
Dough starter
2 handfuls fresh comberries
1 wedge of hypha facia
1 stalk marshmerrow
1 pinch ash salts
1 pinch grave dust
1 pinch bonemeal

Mix enough wickwheat flour for four loaves and add water until the dough is just slightly sticky. Mix in the dough starter well and divide into four loaves. Bake the loaves and set aside.

Dice the hypha facia and marshmerrow. Add the comberries and crush all together into a paste.

Add the pinches of ash salts, grave dust, and bonemeal and stir.

Cut open each loaf lengthwise and scoop the berry paste into the loaves.

This family recipe is guaranteed to put you to sleep, and you will wake feeling refreshed.

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