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Amulet of Kings


The Amulet of Kings is a soulgem of immense power. The legend says that in 1E266, Shezarr (also known as Lorkhan), the missing sibling god of the Eight Divines, transformed the dying Empress Alessia into the first of the Cyrodiilic saints, and bound her soul into the Amulet of Kings, after which the amulet became a heirloom of the Cyrodiilic Empire. It was Reman I, the founder of the second Empire, who instituted the rites of becoming a Cyrodiilic Emperor, which included the ritual geas to the Amulet of Kings. With this ritual, every Emperor is soul-linked to the amulet. In the unfortunate event of an Emperor's demise, the Elder Council is instantly made aware of what has come to pass.

Oblivion Amulet of Kings