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Amiel Richton, Admiral Lord


Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

This is the information about Admiral Lord Amiel Richton from the official Redguard website:

Name: Admiral Lord Amiel Richton
Age: 48
Race: Cyrodilic
Province of Birth: Cyrodiil (Colovian West)
Occupation: Admiral of the Imperial New West Navy, Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai

Amiel Richton has been a faithful servant of the Empire for most of his life. Indeed, like Tiber Septim, he began his service under Cuhlecain, the so-called "Emperor Zero", who laid the foundation for the restoration of the Empire by unifying Cyrodiil for the first time since the fall of the old Cyrodilic Empire. The Richtons are a minor noble family from the Colovian West, near the Strid, which supported Cuhlecain when he began his bid for the Dragon Throne. Amiel Richton distinguished himself early on as a captain in the fledgling New West Navy during the campaign against the pirates of the Abecean Sea.

Richton rose quickly through the ranks, commanding a squadron in the Battle of the Bjoulsae where Wayrest's naval power was crushed in a surprise dawn attack. He succeeded Vasi Hadrach as Admiral upon that officer's assassination at the hands of rebel Reachmen in a brothel in Daggerfall. His crowning achievement came during the invasion of Hammerfell, where he led the New West Navy to victory over Prince A'tor's fleet in the Battle of Hunding Bay.

Following the Imperial conquest of Hammerfell, Tiber Septim appointed Lord Richton as Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai, which became one of the chief supply ports of the New West Navy. His orders are to clear the waters of pirates, a job for which he has shown great aptitude in the past, and to guard the strategic Cape of the Blue Divide against the fleets of the hostile Aldmeri Dominion to the south.

Amiel Richton was killed by Cyrus on the top of Dwemeri Dirigible high above Stros M'Kai, during the rebellion by the Restless League. This rebellion forced Tiber Septim to deal with the Redguard of Hammerfell in the terms profitable to Hammerfell.