AFFresh: The Altmer Mystique

Released In:

When in the Lucky Lockup you can meet an Altmer by the name of Culumaire. Talking to her will reveal that she got into a mess with the Camonna Tong and she needs help.



P-pardon me, I'm afraid to ask this, but even more afraid not to. W-would you help me with a tiny little problem I have? With the Camonna Tong?

Comonna Tong: They're horrible people. But I agree to be an enforcer for them. Yes, I know, I know. I can't believe I'm in the situation, either. Will you help? Will you at least listen to my story?

-Not right now: I expected that. I guess I'll just have to keep doing it.

-Give me the summary: I got in over my head here in Balmora. It was just supposed to be...but you wanted the short version. I agreed intimidate people they were questioning. So far I've just had to walk into the room, do a few minor illusions, and look menacing--oh, I was an actor before I married--but what if they expect some real magic? Go next door to the Council Club and try to get me out of this!

-Listen to her story: I'm a commoner. Nothing more. Not a lost princess, not a wizard, just a former actor and homemake. When my husband died, and since my children are long flown, I thought I'd use my savings to tour the provinces. The further I went from Summerset, the stranger people treated me. Everyone assumed I had great and terrible magical powers or that I was some noble traveling in disguise.

-Continue: I admit, I began to enjoy this attention, and I started cultivating it. A hint dropped here, a gesture there. My acting skills came back. But I was running out of savings. I tried to get a job cleaning or as an assistant to Nalcarya, but they would not hear it. 'Oh, no, it's much too low a position for you'. And then I was in the Council Club next door when someone approached me with an offer.

-Continue: I just had to frighten a poor Khajiit into thinking I was a wizard and would fry his...ah...part of him away if he didn't tell them where the moon sugar was. It worked. I felt awful, especially when they just killed him after. But they paid me. They've come to ask for two more times since then. I can't stand it anymore. I tried to take the silt strider back to Seyda Neen, but was told that they needed permission--permission!--to let me leave the city.

-Continue: I know what I've done is wrong. Wrong compounded on wrong. But I need help. I don't know how to get out of this enchantment I've woven on myself. Will you speak with someone in the Tong? You can find some of them next door at the Council Club.


The Player takes it upon themselves to help this Altmer out and heads nextdoor to the Council Club.


Sovor Trandel:

Culumaire: Why bring up some Altmer?

-Nothing, nevermind: Anything else?

-Say she doesn't want to any more intimidation work: Oh, she does, does she? Well, I assumed she'd be too scared to keep going. And, I'm going to trust she's too scared to tell anyone anything once she's out. But I was just about to ask her to do another job. So if you get Brurid way out in Khuul to tell me where he gets his moon sugar, I won't ask Culumaire to do any more work. I feel this is more than fair. Generous, even. And to be even more generous, here's a little mixture we give to your new enforcers. It makes the job a litte easier.

Asking again: It's a simple deal, even for an outlander. Find Brurid. Get him to tell you his suppliers. Then we won't ask Culumaire another thing.

Moon sugar: You talk to Brurid? No reason to talk to me until you talk to Brurid.


The player determined to help Culumaire heads to Khuul to confront Brurid.



Moon sugar: What? What are you talking about?

Asking again with good disposition: You're a good (race), but I can't tell anyone about that. Don't ask me again, okay?

Intimidate Success: Yeah, okay, you don't ahve to do that, okay? I'll talk. Ships come in here with the moon sugar and skooma. The ships stop in Thorn, I know, sometimes Tear or Necrom, but always Thorn. It's different ships all the time, okay? I just hold it until Sugar-Lips sends someone to pick it up, okay? I don't know any more. I just get a small cut, okay? I'm not a guild member, just a hireling.

Moon sugar: I told you, okay? I told you everything.


The player satisfied with the answer returns to Sovor.


Sovor Trandel:

Moon sugar: Oh, so that's it. We'll take care of the situation. You can tell Culumaire that she's out. No more jobs for her.

Culumaire: That's been settled. Drop it.


Returning to Culumaire the player delivers the good news.



Comonna Tong: Truly? You took my place? I don't know what to say. Thank you, Player. I don't have many coins left, but I do have a few keepsakes from Summerset. Please, take this one. It belonged to my grandmother.

Asking again: Thank you again, Player. I hope that's over.


Culumaire gives the player the Ring of Refreshment which restores many attributes, but even though one person is free the Commona Tong is still out there and the player feels there may have been more they could have done.




The player has another choice they could follow if they had previously done the Bloodbath quest in which Sovor is no longer among the living.



Camonna Tong: I know what I've done is wrong. Wrong compounded on wrong. But I need help. I don't know how to get out of this enchantment I've woven on myself. Will you go speak with someone in the Tong? Something terrible happened to my contact here in Balmora, and I don't know who else is a member. Try to find someone in the Tong and get me out of this!


The player can find another Cammona Tong located in another town that is ranked Thug or above and ask them about Culumaire's departure from the Tong.


Camonna Tong Agent:

Culumaire: Who? Oh, in Balmora? Best to cut ties with all of Balmora. Tell her no one will contact her again.


Returning to Culumaire you can provide the good news that she is officially out.



Camonna Tong: Truly? After what happened to my contact...Oh! I hope they don't think I had anything to do with that! But if they said I was no longer involved...I don't know. I suppose I will stay here and hope. Thank you, Player. I don't have many coins left, but I do have a few keepsakes from Summerset. Please, take this one. It belonged to my grandmother.


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