AFFresh: All the little things

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While in Balmora the player can run across Clagius Clanler the outfitter who will ask for the player's help.


Clagius Clanler:

Welcome to my shop, (race). Here you'll find the best selection of oddments in Vvardenfell. And if you need clothing or potions, we have some of htose a well.

Selection of oddments: Bowls, silverware, cleaning supplies, storage solutions, all the little things that people need. How often are you getting ready to scramble a kwama egg and you realize all your bowls and forks are dirty or in use?

-uh, never?: Well maybe you're not the sort of person who needs an outfitter. Have you tried The Razor Hole down the street? On the other hand, you may be just the sort of person to help me restock my shop. I will need a collection of all sorts of oddments, which may be hard to find in such quantities.

-All the time!: I know! You can never have enough bowls. Or brooms! How often do you go up to sweep your roof and a cliff racer comes and steals your broom! People are always coming in buying brooms. Which reminds me… I have to restock the shop. Someone who appreciates all the little things might be just the person to find all the items on my shopping list.

–Nevermind: Of course, of course, (race)

–Tell me about the shopping list: Here's the list. It's divided into sections so it will be easier for both to keep count of the items. Just bring all those batches in and I'll pay you, say, 350 drakes. And no funny stuff, no stolen goods. I mean, I can hardly check every item that comes through my shop, can I?


The player looks at Clagius' Shopping List and after a harrowing ordeal finds all the items on the list and returns to Clagius.


Clagius Clanler:

Selection of oddments(cleaning): You found all the cleaning and crafting items. And the tankards! Excellent!

Selection of oddments(Bowls & Pots): You found all the bowls and pots! You must really have an eye for this stuff.

Selection of oddments(Silverware): The silverware! Perfect. I already have a buyer for some of these.

Selection of oddments(complete): Let's see. You turned in the silverware, pots and bowls, and all the other stuff! Here are the 350 drakes I promised. And! Since I did well on the slaughterfish races last week, I'll throw in a limeware flask!

Asking after completion: You've been a big help, Player.


After finally completing the list the player takes a long break and a drink with his 350 gold.


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