All About Echatere

Released In:
Author (in-game): Glimburr gro-Shatul

In the original version of this book, found in the data files in 2015, Echaterre was spelled with two Rs. It’s since been corrected to just one R.

When it is time to eat, what fills your belly? Echatere. When it is bitter cold, what clothes your body? Echatere. Never forget that echatere is food, echatere is clothes. This is the first rule of the range.

If an Elf comes to your village and says the echaterre is “cute” or “noble” punch him in the face. Echaterre is not cute or noble, but ugly, mean, and pointy. If you fall in love with echaterre, echaterre kill you. This is the second rule of the range.

You cannot herd echatere without whistling. But whistling makes echaterre angry. Still you must do it or you will not eat. We must all do things that could get us killed in order to not die. This is the third rule of the range.

When you slaughter echatere cut open its throat and catch the blood in a basin. Otherwise, it will rot from the inside. This is not a rule. This is just common sense. You do not want to eat rotten meat.

If you give a baby echatere a name, then your children will fall in love with it and they will cry when you kill it. So even though it is hard to tell all echatere apart and you want to give them names so that you can tell which is which, name them things like “Dumb-Hamster-Crab” and “Possibly-Poisonous” and “Very-Stabby” but do not give them Orc names or else your children will become soft and hate you for the rest of your life.

These are all the rules of the range. Follow them and your herd will prosper and your bellies will be full and your children will not hate you.

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