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The Adventures of Sinderion and Taris, Book 1

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Author - Taylor Caforio


The Adventures of Sinderion and Taris, Book 1
By Taris Rendil

6th of First Seed, 3E 346

As we prep for this expedition, I find myself reminiscing of that trip to the Jerall Mountains a few years back, as the air here at the base of these mountains seems similar. I yearn to return some day to those peaks in Cyrodiil.

We came ashore to Hammerfell late last night around Taneth and have been trekking ever since up to meet our guides in Skaven. As we were sailing from Skywatch, in the Isles, I pondered the difference in geography that Hammerfell had with other provinces, but never imagined this. The expedition itself was a hurried one and I wish Sinderion had planned a bit more, but here we are. When he heard the news, he did not hesitate.

We are chasing rumors of the actual location of the enchanted cauldron that the ancient which Naenra Waeer crafted. This extraordinary artifact was created by Naenra to not only make some of the most potent and concentrated potions ever devised, but to actually enchant weapons in a unique way by mixing them in the cauldron with certain elements. Naenra was extremely powerful and treacherous through the magic she practiced which was almost exclusively daedric and conjuration-based enchanting. Apparently one of the most powerful weapons she ever made is still out there. The said rumors lead us to Hammerfell, more specifically a deep cave system within the mountains north of Skaven.

We’re here with Sinderion’s acquaintance Nurelion who is quit adept in both magic as well as the alchemic practices. He’s pretty handy with ruins as well and seems to have interest in the same cave system we do because it houses a certain bit of information on something he’s been chasing, some type of Phial. Seems interesting.

Before my old master Neloth left for one of his journeys searching for the famed Oghma Infinium, he told me “if you aren’t prepared to cross the continent and back to seek something you desire, you’re worthless.” Let’s hope it’s here.

7th of First Seed, 3E 346

We’ve made it from the base of the mountain half way up to the cave’s entrance. All the guides have parted ways, save our four hired swords. I insisted that we did not need any protection considering the three of us and what we’re capable of, but Sinderion insisted on some mercenaries for some extra eyes and to cover our flank. This cavern has a bad reputation.

As we enter, the cave is pitch black and even our mage light is having a hard time piercing though the darkness. Nurelion found a pathway that was covered by a large strange red banner with an emblazoned sun in the center. I’ve never seen this symbol.

As we go down this narrow pathway, I see at the corner of my eye a dark mass and before I knew it our lights were interrupted by some magical presence, and it was pitch black. I quickly created my next light orb and we saw that only two of the mercenaries remained with us. Further down the path, we found them expired on the ground. Further inspection of their necks revealed that there were vampires in our midst. We quickly moved down the path to a larger cavern in the cave system where Nurelion then created an extremely large source of magical light, depleting the whole area of any shadows. He hates vampires. This revealed three of the vampires that were probably waiting in an ambush in the corner which we put down right away. One of them had a book that was pretty worn and had a weathered down title. I could read the first of the title which stated “Mythic”. It contained a bunch of nonsense, so I threw it away. Camping out for the night in this large area.

8th of First Seed, 3E 346

We ate and moved on and were able to finish off all of the retched beasts left in this lair. Now that we knew what we were up against, it was easy to kill them off. Lost a mercenary in the process. It appears to be the end of the road as there are no other pathways. There is now only one thing left to do, scour the cave for secret entrances. It likely that the rest of the cavern has been hidden. I know there is something of value here, we just need to uncover the area’s secrets. Only an unpracticed dungeon diver would quit now.

Sinderion found a moveable boulder with a lever and a contraption to make it move. We went on for some time and came to a large stone door with glowing green markings covering its face. Almost certainly the main chamber that houses what we’re looking for. It’s a strong magical spell to block anyone and everyone from going in. The others don’t recognize the markings, but I do. They are of the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile. I’ve dealt with a similar door before and it takes a certain understanding of the Daedric prince to open it. The spell is broken through vampire blood. After reading the Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum I realized long ago Vile’s connection to vampires.

We were able to simply acquire blood from the slain vampires that dwelled here on the door. WE applied the creature’s blood and the spell disappeared into a crimson mist and we were able to pass through. This led us to the main chamber where we then encountered a large open room with hundreds of bones covering the extent of the floor. The cauldron was in visible sight and so were the runes on the walls and

pile of scrolls at the end containing valuable information. We knew this wasn’t as easy as it seemed, so I conjured a familiar from a vampire and set him loose into the room. Sure enough the bones rattled and up came scores of skeletons. The familiar was tackled and they immediately saw us. Nurelion stood at the room entrance and began casting a firestorm spell. Me and Sinderion jumped to join him and we conjoined our powers and let out what had to be one of the most powerful joint flame spells I’ve seen. It sent energy in all directs pushing the skeletons against the walls leaving nothing in our path. Quit the moment. Our mercenary was baffled.

We made our way to the cauldron and find its indeed the one of legend we had been searching for. It has faint green symbols all over the base with the initials of Naenra Waerr etched on the bottom. Nurelion spent a few hours by going though everything and getting information on the phial and other things that interested him. Sinderion was eager to spend more time studying the room and symbols etched on the sides but me and Nurelion were just eager to get back to the inn at this point. We’re off!

9th of First Seed, 3E 346

We’re cozy here at the inn with a warm hearth, great wine and the cauldron and I couldn’t think of a better ending to this journey. Very strange that this item was even here. Must be more to this story then meets the eye. We’ll be staying here a few days to study the artifact and hopefully gain some more knowledge. We’re heading to Cyrodiil next to do some investigation on a strange case involving a town called Hackdirt. Possible Daedra activity.

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