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The Friend of All Mortals

The Resolute Templar of Ska'vyn

"Come to me, Stendarr, for without you, I might be deaf to the manswarm
murmurings of thy people, and forgetting their need for comfort and wisdom, I
might indulge myself in vain scribblings."

Call him Stendarr, call him Stuhn, call him what you will, but the God of Mercy and Justice is the friend to all the mortals of the Mundus, whether they acknowledge him or not. Yea, even the heretic Dark Elves of Morrowind may use his magic of defense and healing, even so the scaled folk of Argonia, for Stendarr in his benevolence draws no distinction between those who rightfully worship him and those who, in their ignorance and error, do not.

Join with me, then, in a prayer to Stendarr for guidance, that we may look with mercy upon our fellow mortals, that we may show the compassion to help them at need, and find the strength to eradicate abominations that threaten us all.

The Four Abominations

Vinicius Imbrex

By Vinicius Imbrex, Archbishop of Chorrol, 1E 1051—1087

Thus Stendarr looked upon the world of mortals, and he found it afflicted by Abominations. And he made it known unto his priests, resolutes, and templars, that these unnatural profanities are abhorrent in his sight, and are to exterminated by the Righteous without halt or mercy. For these Abominations are each and every the eternal enemies of the mortals of the Mundus, and shall not be suffered to abide among us.

And these Abominations are four in kind, and may be known thusly:

—The DAEDRA, those unworldly horrors that are not of the Mundus, but come from Oblivion to inflict cruelty and death upon the mortals of Tamriel.

—The MANBEASTS, those mortals who through traffic with the bestial Hircine do change their skins for those of animals, preying thence upon the innocent.

—The RISEN CORPSES, those restless undead whose rotting bodies persist with loathsome and unnatural vigor, sowing fear and agony among the living.

—The DEATHLESS VAMPYRES, who feed horrifically upon honest citizens, regarding righteous mortals as mere cattle to sate their unholy hungers.

Know these Four Abominations, O ye righteous, and gather to slay them where're they appear.

Precepts of Stendarr

Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr

All are welcome within Stendarr's gracious embrace. His temple doors are never closed, for all in Tamriel deserve comfort and shelter. He welcomes the afflicted, the hopeless, the forgotten, and yes, even the heretical. Through his priests, he offers them counsel and assistance.

His hallowed radiance heals those who open their hearts and seek his benevolence. His mercy is boundless, and by the clarion call of his horn, he can mend any wound, stay any disease, and soothe any broken soul.

Stendarr's faithful are blessed by great revelations in the healing arts. If you seek his wisdom, wield the gift of restoration magic in his name. Follow his precepts, and make yourself vulnerable to his will.

• Never refuse aid you are capable of providing.
• Go among the infirm and the wounded wherever you find them.
• Offer prayer to Stendarr every day.
• Do not hoard wealth or indulge physically.

Above all, never forget Stendarr's command: Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick, and give to the needy.

Rituals of the Harmonious Masters

Aritanwe of Lillandril

Some Elves disdain to venerate the et'Ada Stendarr on the grounds that he is the Apologist of Men, and thus unworthy of worship by the Children of Aldmeris. But if these narrow folk would open their souls to Stendarr's mercy, they would understand that Stendarr in his love cherishes and protects ALL mortals, even—perhaps particularly—those who are less fortunate in their heritage.

It is for this reason that we of the Sect of Harmonious Masters have dedicated ourselves to adapting the magic of Stendarr's Light into spells of healing that can be employed by all the mortal races, not even excepting the beast peoples. The restorative virtues of our rituals and ceremonies are equally efficacious for every race. They can be cast by individuals of every blood, no matter how degraded, so long as they have the will and the wisdom to learn how to use them.

As Stendarr, in his boundless mercy, has given all mortals the potential ability to employ his magical gifts, we of the Harmonious Masters feel honor-bound to provide knowledge of these spells to all the peoples of Nirn freely and without hindrance. We can think of no higher cause than to improve the general welfare of all folk in every culture.

Aura of the Righteous

Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr

Insomuch as all fell things abhor the light, so has Stendarr gifted all those who invoke His Name with the ability to clothe themselves in a righteous aura of blessed light. Over time, even as evil's many Abominations found new ways to afflict Tamriel's mortals with destruction and death, the Priests and Resolutes of Stendarr have adapted Stendarr's glowing gift to many purposes, whether to smite, to defend, or to heal.

For offensive means, Stendarr's gift most often manifests as a piercing beam of light, resembling a spear of purifying sunlight and oft referred to in those terms.

As a form of armor, Stendarr's gift may take the form of a diffuse aura that surrounds the righteous, mitigating the attacks of the abominable, or it may focus into an almost-palpable shield to ward off a specific threat.

Worshipers who eschew all forms of violence, such as the Harmonious Masters of Lillandril, have turned Stendarr's glowing gift into a tool for healing, and then freely spread their knowledge of cleansing and healing rituals, even to Stendarr's more militant adherents. For even in the hands of a warrior, how can the curing of ills be an ill thing?

Prayer of the Resolute


Blessed be the name of Stendarr, the God of Mercy.
He strengthens and unifies his Resolutes through his wisdom and blessings.
He calls us by day to train with sword and shield to strengthen our might; and by night to pray in his name to strengthen our souls.
He takes pity upon us, his humble servants, and grants unto us mercy.
His holy light of truth will cast out the forces of darkness and rain justice upon Daedric abominations.
Glory shall be his, forever.

Stendarr's Divine Spear

Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr

Smiting all that is unholy,
Transfixing it with point and glow,
Elevates us with its aura,
Nullifies the wicked foe.
Daedra, undead, beasts and manbeasts,
Abominations it strikes down.
Re-anoint us, stalwart Stendarr,
Resolute with spear and crown!



Oblivion Description

Stendarr Window


Stendarr Oblivion Symbol

God of Mercy

Description Wayshrine Locations

Stendarr is the patron of righteous might and merciful forbearance. He is the inspiration of magistrates and rulers, the patron of the Imperial Legions, and the comfort of the law-abiding citizen. Stendarr has evolved from his Nordic origins into a deity of compassion or, sometimes, righteous rule. He is said to have accompanied Tiber Septim in his later years. In early Altmeri legends, Stendarr is the apologist of Men.

  1. Well southwest of Chorrol, near the Hammerfall border, right on top of the "e" in "The Colovian Highlands"
  2. Southeast of Sheogorath's shrine, just west of the Green Road, roughly halfway between Leyawiin and Bravil
  3. On the central peninsula on the east shore of Lake Rumare
Blessing Chapel Location
Endurance Chorrol
Statue of Stendarr

Morrowind Description

Stendarr Morrowind Symbol


God of Mercy

Stendarr is the patron of righteous might and merciful forbearance. He is the inspiration of magistrates and rulers, the patron of the Imperial Legions, and the comfort of the law-abiding citizen. Stendarr has evolved from his Nordic origins into a deity of compassion or, sometimes, righteous rule. He is said to have accompanied Tiber Septim in his later years. In early Altmeri legends, Stendarr is the apologist of Men.

Stendarr Morrowind Symbol

Daggerfall Temple Descriptions

Stendarr Daggerfall Symbol
Temple Description by Outsiders Temple Descripton by Members
The Temple of Stendarr is dedicated to the God Stendarr, the Patron of Mercy. They are among the greatest charitable institutions in the land. Stendarr is the God of Mercy and His temples attempt to carry His message of peace to all Tamriel. You can judge their success for yourself. Our God is the God of Mercy, Stendarr. Some mock our compassion, calling us sentimental fools and tenderhearts. But the truth is that everyone, no matter their strength, crawls to us when Sai, the God of Luck deserts them as he is prone to do. Our gift to the traveller is a simple one -- we heal those who are in pain. For more complicated ailments, diseases and poisonings, we direct you to the Temple of Kynareth. With due respect, for they are the finest apothecaries and we, the finest chirurgeons. If one possesses the desire and aptitude, one may join the Temple. Though we desire to help all Tamrielans, we only possess the means to train and assist a small handful. Sometimes, it is best to begin one's compassion with oneself.
You will find that for the next few days Stendarr has blessed your reputation with the law.
Knightly Order Description by Outsiders Knightly Order Description by Members
The Crusaders are the knights of Stendarr, God of Mercy. They protect the Temples of Stendarr and act as his compassionate blade when the situation demands. We, the Knights of Stendarr the Merciful call ourselves the Crusaders, for it is our sacred duty to protect the Temple and fights its battles. While we firmly espouse the Temple's philosophy of compassion and charity, we recognize that if the Temple is weak, it cannot realistically survive. Only those of great combat ability and proven devotion to the Temple and the God Stendarr are eligible for possible membership in the Crusaders.