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imperial legion

Arx Corinium - First Seed Report

Centurion Pontius

Building a fort in a swamp is no trivial task, but my men and I have accomplished it with Arx Corinium. It was a battle the entire duration—with insect-borne disease, with the wildlife of the marshlands, but the Empire wanted a foothold in this region and we provided one.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, we've packed our arms and armor on orders from Colonel Marianus, and prepare to leave our work behind. The Colonel cites the continued loss of a half-dozen soldiers every month in maintaining Arx Corinium as "detrimental to the war effort." I agree, and would note that I predicted this outcome when we arrived over a year and a half ago. I said as much to the Colonel, who ordered that the project proceed. This isn't a statement of complaint, but of fact.

Construction suffered numerous complications: the bog impeded our progress at every turn, and it became clear the initial foundation we built would sink after the first month. When we moved our location farther to the north, we met a fierce wamasu that cost me ten men to chase off the premises. After repeated encounters, our war wizard, Belisaro, named it Ganakton the Tempest, after the bolts of lightning that the beast emits from every orifice ("Ganakton" was the moniker of a hated aunt, rumored to possess Orcish blood).

The dense humidity was another foe, turning our plate armor to steek barrels full of sweat during the early months of construction. It goes against regulation, but I allowed my soldiers the luxury of cloth armor during the summer. It was that or death from heatstroke. We would have been at a disadvantage had we come under attack, but any enemy marching towards Arx Corinium would be half-dead by the time they reached us. In any event, it never happened.

Battle found us just the same: every beast in this swamp, large or small, is a walking death trap, and some days, we fought sword to stinger with insects the size of a grown man's head. Other days, our mages contended with the likes of Ganakton the Tempest, who continued to terrorize the fort. He razed the eastern wall a dozen times, and I regret that I will never be allowed the luxury of mounting his skull on my mantle. But if it means we finally get to leave, I'll gladly allow Ganakton his life.

As I look back on this last year and a half, at the resources and manpower it took to construct Arx Corinium, I can't say it's been worth it. Again, this isn't a statement of grievance. I bear my superiors no ill will for my orders. However, I would note that I made several warnings in advance of this project, and have compiled copies of my letters to my immediate superior, Colonel Marianus, detailing the reasons why I believed the construction of Arx Corinium could prove a disastrous venture for the Empire.

I want to clarify that this is not a declaration of failure on anyone's part, either for myself, my men, or Colonel Marianus. I am fully aware that that decision falls to Tribune Hilario, whom I encourage to read the letters I mention above. I've already sent word and made them available for any officer to peruse at the Imperial City military archives.

The Fall and Rise of Reman's Bluff

Praetor Aemilianus Lector


Though much has been written of the Imperial Legion's conquest of Valenwood, this treatise is intended to focus upon the mundane effects of Imperial soldiers in an occupied land. It includes collected missives, journals, manifests, and second-hand accounts of a cohort assigned to guard the Imperial fort built atop Reman's Bluff.

1. Quartermaster's Manifest (1E 2719)
Flour — 100 sacks, Salt — 10 sacks, Dried fruit — 5 sacks, Salted meat — 50 sacks

2. Commander's Journal (1E 2720)
I am down to a scant twenty men under my command due to illness and desertion. All requests for reinforcement and supplies have gone unanswered. As of today, I am rationing our remaining supplies.
We have avoided sending hunting parties out due to the persistent presence of Orcish forces to the northwest, but now we have little choice.

3. Quartermaster's Manifest (estimated 1E 2720)
Flour — 0 sacks, Salt — 5 sacks, Salted meat — 150 sacks
Recent hunting has bolstered our meat supply but some form of insect has compromised and tainted the remaining flour.

4. Commander's Journal (estimated 1E 2720)
That fool Zantonius shot down an Orc shaman who was approaching us with an offer of treaty. If he wasn't some important land-owner's son, I'd have marched him to the Imperial prison myself. Instead I sent him south with the worst of the shirkers and told him to make camp. Now he's somebody else's problem.
I can't

5. Quartermaster's Manifest (estimated 1E 2721)
Flour — 0 sacks, Salt — 5 sacks, Salted meat — 0 sacks
Some type of creature burrowed into our store room and consumed every scrap of meat. All that remains are gnawed bones and the creature's collapsed burrows. Commander thinks it was Orcs. I'm inclined to agree.

6. Commander's Journal (estimated 1E 2722)
The raids won't end. The heads of any runners sent to request reinforcements show up on Orc spears the next day. We're down to five. Five soldiers to hold a single fort! Once they realize, it will be our end.
There is one small victory I can keep from these savages. I shall not allow them the pleasure of killing me themselves.

The clan of Wood Orcs now residing at Reman's Bluff, known to its inhabitants as Barkbite Stronghold, have no direct connection to the Orc clans who overran the Legion fort in the First Era.

Ordo Legionis


The most disciplined and effective military force in history, the Imperial Legions preserve the peace and rule of law in the Empire. At need, the legion garrisons can be swiftly mobilized to protect against invasions or internal disorders, but in Vvardenfell District of Morrowind, the local forts help to insure law and order, providing guards to supplement the local guard units of the Temple and Great Houses Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni.

There are five legion garrisons in Vvardenfell District. The three town garrisons -- Moonmoth Legion Fort in Balmora, Buckmoth Legion Fort in Ald'ruhn, and Fort Pelagiad in Pelagiad -- are at full complement. The Hawkmoth Legion garrisoned at Castle Ebonheart is an elite honor guard unit, and also at full complement. The frontier installation, Fort Darius in Gnisis village, is currently the only under-strength garrison on Vvardenfell. Qualified citizens seeking enlistment in the Imperial Legion should apply to the commander of that garrison, General Darius.

The Legion selects candidates on the basis of superior endurance, the soldierly virtue, and trustworthy personality, the citizen's virtue, for service in the Legion is the model for the duties of Imperial citizenship. Troopers are expected to demonstrate mastery of the long blade, the spear, and blunt weapons. Legion troops train with shield and heavy armor, and so must be skilled at blocking and moving in heavy armor.

As a trooper or knight, you must master the long blade, spear, and blunt weapons. You must block whatever blows you can, and take unblocked blows upon your heavy armor. Recruit must also be proficient at athletics, both to march long distances with heavy packs, and to advance and maneuver, charge and retreat on the field of battle.