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Starlover's Log

Samar Starlover

6th moon ....... "Alas, the Battlespire appears to be falling into the hands of evil. Their many attempts in the past have failed, until now. Dagon seems to have new minions at his side this time. These new horrors are not at all too powerful beyond our magicks and weaponry, but their numbers are feverishly great. We grow low on supplies and soldiers for this holdout. I fear the worst."

8th moon ....... "I have presented to the few remaining Battlemages my last hope plan. I will fight my way to the bowels of the Battlespire, where I will mount Dragonne Papre, my Dragon companion. From his lair, we will take flight. Since the Weir Gate has been taken, teleportation is not possible. Only Papre can make such a journey to the Imperial Palace. There, we will report the evil infection and return with a regimental force of rescue. May the Powers be with me."

9th moon........ "It is as I feared. A carcass is all I have come to find. They have sealed the main gate so Papre could not escape. I am not sorrowful though, for I will be eternally reunited with Dragonne Papre. Hope for the living is lost. My name is Samar Starlover. Tell my sister I am dead, and if all the seas were ink, I could not write enough how I shall miss her."

Facing Mehrunes Dagon

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Wraith 1> <Daedric Count 3> <Dark Seducer 2> <Wraith 2> <Mehrunes Dagon> <Ending Movie>

At the end of the sixth part, I went through a teleporter that took me to Dagon's Hunting Lodge.


As soon as I got there, I found a note. Once I read the note, I looked around and saw that the whole realm was made up of islands floating above lava.

Because the Dark Seducers around the island weren't talkative (Actually, the only talkative Dark Seducer was the one in Part 5.), I spoke with a Wraith.


Sinder Velvin: Spare this poor miserable life, in remembrance of the times when your mortal form also lived and walked and breathed fresh, spring air, and listened to the murmurings of the bee-loud glade.


Sinder Velvin: I'm very disappointed. I'd hoped for a touching scene with fond recollections of a past life, followed by a shower of generous gifts and a heart-felt blessing. Silly me. It's what comes of listening to all those bards and their silly romantic ballads.

After I defeated the Wraith, I encountered a Daedric Count.


Daedric Count 3: Come, manling. We hear you are quite the tough little thing. Our Lord says you shall not pass. Would you yield?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, sure. I would yield. Except I don't trust you to honor my surrender. And I doubt my life is worth a parcel of sausages unless I splatter you and all your pals across the landscape. But otherwise, sure, I would be PROUD to yield.

Daedric Count 3: Good. Our orders are to kill you if you won't yield. Admirably simple and straightforward. So. Don't make me chase you about please. Just stand here and die like a good little Rabbit.

Sinder Velvin: By all the Powers, I dedicate each righteous thump and buffet upon your lousy carcass to the departed spirits of those who died defending Battlespire.

This Daedric Count's name was also off by one letter, so you know what happened. Anyway, I eventually encountered Dagon's Dark Seducer bodyguard.


Dark Seducer 2: I believe my lord and lover may have underestimated you, mortal. It is not a mistake I will make. But I must admit to a certain tingling of curiosity in anticipation of your actions, and your fate. And so I propose the following conditions. Do not offend against me, and I will not offend against you. Offend me, and expect no mercy. Do you agree?

Sinder Velvin: And what would constitute an offense against you, my lady?

Dark Seducer 2: An offense against my person, pride, or honor, mortal.

Sinder Velvin: And, if I were to threaten your lord, I suppose that would constitute an offense against your honor, supposing also that you are oathsworn to Lord Dagon?

Dark Seducer 2: Yes. Indeed. You comprehend me completely.

Sinder Velvin: A difficult matter, my lady. You see, I desire something from your lord that he may not wish to grant me. I desire my safety, and the safety of my friend, and our return to Tamriel.

Dark Seducer 2: I know my lord's mind. I believe he might be content to spare your life and the life of your companion, on the condition that you both bind yourselves to him by solemn oaths. The harm you have done him grieves him, but not so greatly as to blind him to your value as a faithful servant. On the other hand, I am sure he would in no way consider your return to Tamriel.

Sinder Velvin: So, if my companion and I were to swear oaths to Dagon's service, our lives would be spared?

Dark Seducer 2: Yes. I am confident that my lord would gladly grant you your lives, and further, if you serve him well, your rewards might be great.

Sinder Velvin: And what guarantee would we have that Lord Dagon would honor his oath, and preserve our lives?

Dark Seducer 2: None whatsoever. Humble creatures like you have no power to bind great lords to their oaths. But consider: great lords become great lords by attracting to themselves retainers of the highest quality. You and your companion have proven yourselves worthy.

Sinder Velvin: So we have no guarantees at all. We must simply trust to the generosity, and wise judgement, of Lord Dagon.

Dark Seducer 2: If you were to deal in good faith, then it would only be in my lord's best interests to preserve you, and even encourage you with gifts and status if such were your just desserts. I have recognized your merits, and I have my lord's ear. My recommendations would carry great weight with him.

Sinder Velvin: You have given me much to consider. Thank you, and goodbye.

I did, of course, fight it anyway. I took the Sword of the Moon Reiver from its remains and went on my way. After a while, I found a note among the remains of one of Dagon's minions. "Lehmekweh" was the password needed to lower a drawbridge.


Shortly afterwards, I encountered a friendly Wraith.

Wraith 2: Do you have the Armor of the Savior's Hide?

Sinder Velvin: Wait. You don't sound right. Are you really a Wraith?

Wraith 2: No. I have taken this form to pass unnoticed in Lord Dagon's domain. And I have brought you something you will be glad of when you stand before Lord Dagon. Farewell, and good luck.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Thank you. Whatever you are. I think.


It gave me the Armor of the Savior's Hide. I went on my way and, after kicking the spotted owls of many very powerful enemies, the area in front of Dagon's citadel became a very safe place.


The spotted owl kicking continued inside. Eventually, they had all gone bye-bye and I was standing right in front of Mehrunes Dagon. Vatasha was hanging from a rope behind him. She was unconscious.


Mehrunes Dagon: At last. I trust I find you in good health? I had wondered at your delay.


Sinder Velvin: I am well, Lord Dagon, thank you, though I can't say the same for your retainers who bid me welcome.


Mehrunes Dagon: Congratulations. Your Armor of the Savior's Hide protects you from the magical forces that paralyze your friend. You are well-prepared – Which is exactly according to plan. Some important and valuable artifacts have long eluded my grasp, and now you thoughtfully bring them to me.


Battlespire Manual

Designers' Notes

Julian is fond of paraphrasing one of our mutual heroes, Sandy Petersen (designer-developer of Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Doom, and other light classics), to the effect that the best computer role-playing game experience is far less fun than the weakest pen-and-paper roleplaying game session. Julian also has stated as his Lofty Aim the creation of a computer role-playing game experience as satisfying as a pen-and-paper roleplaying game session. Julian is, of course, mad as a loon, but it is a fine and admirable madness.

Is Battlespire as much fun as a pen-and-paper roleplaying session?

Well, we've got your basic persistent power-hungry player characters, and your sprawling, exotic campaign setting, and convulted plots and quests, and handsome, amazing, otherworldly architecture and landscapes, and perky dialogue with obnoxious monsters, and cartloads of magic items, and lots of bad creatures and weapons to whack them with, and heroic high fantasy themes, and overconfident, grasping supervillains with sinister deathtraps, and acres and acres of dark, nasty places to poke around in like Rats looking for cheese. All this stimulating, immersive activity takes place in gorgeous environments lovingly crafted by obsessive, sensitive artists in startling THREE-DEE!

Does it get any better than this?

Actually, with the advent of multiplayer gameplay in Battlespire, you also get to accidentally roast those front-line Clowns in the tin suits with a fountain of fireballs. Even better, you get to play as competing gangs of Heroic War Wizards who DELIBERATELY roast the meat off their little pals.

So, maybe we're getting there. Someday soon, when cheap and universally available technology lets us triumphantly shout at our friends as we roast the meat off them, THEN we'll be able to smugly turn to Sandy and say, "Oh, yeah? Sez who?"


In the meantime, we'll see you on the Net. Wear your asbestos skivvies.


Sinder Velvin: I see you are well informed by your spies, the Seducers – Which is exactly according to MY plan. Certainly now you think you know everything, and become careless, complacent, and overconfident.

Mehrunes Dagon: Come now. Surely a Daedra Prince can fear no harm from a humble creature like yourself.

Sinder Velvin: See? Careless, complacent, and overconfident, as I said. Just suppose that this humble creature knows the secret of your PROTONYMIC? As in the sorcerous abjuration: I banish you, Mehrunes Dagon, Lehkelogah, to the Wells of Oblivion? How do you like them apples?

Mehrunes Dagon: WELL! I must say, I am impressed. Bravo! You are a promising student. However, I am afraid I must inform you that without my neonymic, the protonymic will do you no good. Har-har-har.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, dear! What a silly ass I am. Surely now you’ll blast me to powder because I lack your neonymic. Nuts. But. You know? I’m feeling lucky today. So lucky that I bet I can just GUESS your neonymic. Let’s see. How about? Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepe? Just a wild guess, but... Let's give it a whirl! How about: I banish you, Mehrunes Dagon, Lehkelogah, Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepe, to the Wells of Oblivion.

Mehrunes Dagon: WHAT?! Why, you arrogant little bug. You think you can suck the power from me and cast me into Oblivion? Well, it is not so simple as that. So long as my power is anchored to this world, I can resist the outflow of my magica. If not forever, then certainly long enough to blast you and your incantation into component syllables. And consider, fool. No mortal weapon ever forged has the power to sever my anchor to this realm.

Sinder Velvin: Of course. How could I be so silly to have come all this way without a weapon to sever your ties to this realm? Only a weapon forged from your own substance could ever harm you. But. Wait. Look what I have here. The Broadsword of the Moon Reiver, personally forged from your own essence for your bodyguard and paramour, the Dark Seducer, who so lately has fallen in combat. Is it too much to hope that THIS weapon is the VERY WEAPON I NEED?

Mehrunes Dagon: A THOUSAND CURSES! You are right, mortal. I have been a fool. Mistakes have been made. But no more. You will die now. Before more mistakes are made.

Sinder Velvin: I can see I’ve pushed you too far. I just need a few moments of respite from your terrible power. Can no one help me? Will no one protect me for just the few instants necessary to strike the crucial blow? Shucks. If only I knew how to get in touch with my old friend and ally, who owes me a favor... JACIEL MORGEN! JACIEL! BY YOUR GENEROUS OATH, I SUMMON YOU! COME NOW! THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD TIME!

Jaciel appeared in front of Dagon and distracted the Daedric Prince while I struck it with the Broadsword of the Moon Reiver. That's when the ending movie began.



Dagon was shown going bye-bye. The Battlespire Hero was shown approaching Vatasha Trenelle. Had my character been female, I would have seen a female Battlespire Hero approaching Josian Kaid. The Hero was then shown going through a portal. Dagon's Lodge was shown crumbling. The Battlespire, too. The movie ended.


Havok Wellhead

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Herne 2> <Herne 3> <Seducer 5> <Seducer 6> <Daedric Count 1> <Clannfear 1> <Clannfear 2> <Clannfear 3> <Daedric Count 2> <Imago Storm> <Xivilai Moath> <Sirran Angada> <Clannfear 4> <Herne 4> <Herne 5> <Faydra Shardai>


At the end of the fifth part, I went through a teleporter that took me to the Daedric Realm called the Havok Wellhead.


I was greeted by a Herne when I got there.

Herne 2: A manling. As promised. For our sport. Very good.

Sinder Velvin: The last Herne who thought I looked like good sport is steaming in the Abyss, Clown. You know Egahirn?

Herne 2: Yes. Yes. Egahirn is our Oathkin, Playbrother, Lapmate, and Lipfast. What of him?

Sinder Velvin: He fancied himself a Huntsman, but he misjudged the Hare. I just poked him with the Spear of Bitter Mercy, and I think he'll be bouncing around the Cruel, Dark, and Deep for quite a while. So. Anyone else here fancy a wrestle?

I defeated it and, after a very short while, found another one.

Herne 3: Oh. Look. An itsy-bitsy eentsy-weentsy toy. Just for us to play with. Isn't our Lady thoughtful?

Sinder Velvin: Look, but don't touch, gristle-wit. I have an important message for Faydra, and she'll give me hell if I get your fat, greasy juices all over it. So do yourself a favor, and get out of my way, or I'll have to tear a hole in you big enough to poke a barrel through.

Herne 3: Yeah? Well, get about your business, mortal, and stop stinking up my air.

Sinder Velvin: You have the nerve to talk about my smell. Have you sniffed those britches you're wearing lately? Oh. Sorry. Not britches. So maybe you could wash that tail of yours. Or shave it.

After I defeated the Herne, I encountered a Seducer.

Seducer 5: Does my form please you? Would you taste of its delights?

Sinder Velvin: What's your game? What are your interests here? Who do you serve? Make your play. Can we share a side? Or play both ends against the middle?

Seducer 5: My game is deep, mortal, too deep for you. Just stay out of it, and away from me, if you know what's good for you.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks for the tip. But us monkeys have got curiosity disease bad. We just have to poke into things. And, if you won't tell me what you're up to, I'll just have to open you up and find out how what makes you tick.

The Seducer went bye-bye, but I encountered another one.

Seducer 6: By the Dead and the Living Gods! It is the manling. Alive yet. We must tell his Lordship.

Sinder Velvin: Yes! Behold the BOLD MANLING, and TASTE FEAR! I -- Hey. Where are you going?


It vanished. The next Daedroth I encountered was a Daedric Count.

Daedric Count 1: You are good. Yet you are tired, reserves exhausted. And we are fresh. And very good. Those you have defeated? We are their masters, and greater by far than you have seen.

Sinder Velvin: All this may be true. What is your point?

Daedric Count 1: You are flesh, and mortal. Do not, in your pride, perish, and pass away forever. While there is still a chance of your success, no matter how slim, we know you must struggle. But when all hope is gone, and death is upon you, yield to us. We will guard you well, for you are a prize of great value.

Sinder Velvin: I mark your words, but I know not your honor, nor the honor of your Lord, and would not test it by yielding up my life and arms.

Daedric Count 1: Yes. We know of the treachery of Egahirn, and are shamed by his false actions. Yet consider. Though we will be praised as your conqueror, be you quick or dead, still our fame increases if you honor us by becoming our ransom. Even if our honor is stained, reason proves our interest in preserving you whole to our glory.

Sinder Velvin: I will consider your words. But now we must return to our contest of arms, upon which rests both our fortunes.

During the nasty battle that I had with it, I tried talking to it again.

Daedric Count 1: Have you considered our offer? Would you yield to us?

Sinder Velvin: Yes. I will yield, on the condition that my life, and the life of my companion, are spared.

Daedric Count 1: I can speak for your life, upon my own honor, but not for the life of your companion, which is in my Lord's hands.

Sinder Velvin: Then I must be satisfied with my own life. I lay down my arms and armor, and yield to you.

My weapon was now on the ground.

Daedric Count 1: I accept your surrender. And now will execute upon you Middle Justice, as is the right of our station. We condemn you to die for making war upon our sovereign Lord. Heh-heh-heh.

Sinder Velvin: I suspected your treachery, perfidious Dog. Now you face a desperate foe, and greatly will I savor your destruction and humiliation.

I picked up my weapon and defeated it. I then spoke with a Clannfear.


Clannfear 1: We smells FLESH! Flesh is wrong! Escapes, has it? Or steals our treasures? Now we takes and strips it, yes, and seeks for its surprises.

Sinder Velvin: How can you tolerate these Hernes? They mock the Law. They cheat in the Hunt, and brings dishonor on you all. And, by the way, in case you don't know who you're dealing with, I just killed a Huntsman. Yes. Egahirn. A Huntsman protected by the Sacred Ritual. So. Why don't you go do something about those disgusting Hernes?

Clannfear 1: You LIES, person. You can't kill a Daedra. Immortal is your word, yes?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, sure, if you have to be technical about it. But I smacked him with the Huntsman Spear - With Dagon's own power. That should put him out for a LONG time.

Clannfear 1: The SHAME! The Huntsman slain by a mortal. The Hernes bring nothing but shame and shame. The Hernes must learn -- Honor the Law. And Faydra must teach -- Honor on the House. They taunts and tests us. They steals our glory, and raids our treasures. And now, this must stop. Honor at stake. Pride demands! Chasten them with Rods of Law. Hammer them to the Straight Path!

Sinder Velvin: You and me, Lizardboy! Let's go put hurt on Hernes! Hooray!

The Clannfear joined my side. I soon talked to another one.


Clannfear 2: Smell THAT! Warm. Soft. Wet in our teeth. FLESH! Flee, manling, so we bites the BEST parts!

Sinder Velvin: Sober up, and stop spitting on me. Where's your master? Dammit! I'm in a hurry. Stop gawking, and start talking.

Clannfear 2: Hhhsssss! Threatens us, does it? Hhhsssss!

Sinder Velvin: Yessss. Threatens the sissy little lizard. Then splits its sissy little gizzard.

Well... Do I have to tell you what happened to that Clannfear? I'm sure you can figure it out. Anyway, I came upon yet another one shortly afterwards.

Clannfear 3: How dare you, mortal? Fool, or assassin? Spy, or thief? Then here is your reward, sneak-thing - DEATH!

Sinder Velvin: Look. No offense. But I've been shucking skins off your lizard guys like my Mom used to shuck peas. Think a bit. Shouldn't you wait for help?

Clannfear 3: Clannfear not scared of sneaky pinkskin. Clannfear SMART. Clannfear talks and talks and talks with pinkskin. Soon -- Plenty of Clannfear, yes? You waits here? Yes?

Sinder Velvin: Yeah? Well, I'll take you on, and all your little friends, too.

It went on a vacation to the Daedric Void and I continued to explore the realm. I found Imago's castle in the north and spoke with the Daedric Count guarding the front entrance.


Daedric Count 2: I have assured My Lord Imago that you will not be interested in speaking with him. It should not be difficult to persuade you. It is always possible that I am wrong. Do you think that possible? That I could be wrong?

Sinder Velvin: Whether I am interested in speaking with Lord Imago is of little account. What matters is whether Lord Imago wishes to speak with me, and in that, I am his willing servant.

Daedric Count 2: If I cannot persuade you that you are not interested in speaking with him, then, indeed, Lord Imago wishes to speak with you. I carry an amulet. When you have that amulet, then you may know that My Lord will speak with you.

Sinder Velvin: I see. And you will not just give me the amulet.

Daedric Count 2: No. Of course not. Do you jest?

Sinder Velvin: No. I do not jest. I earnestly desire the amulet, and if it were available for the asking, it would be arrogant to neglect to ask. Therefore, I honor you, and your offices. Let us proceed with the weighty matters of persuasion.


After I defeated the Daedric Count, I lowered the castle's drawbridge and went inside. His Guards were a bit stubborn, but I eventually got past them and spoke with Imago Storm.


Imago Storm: Thank you for coming. I regret the disturbance you've caused, though, in your place, I might have thought it excusable.

Sinder Velvin: Disturbance? If that is not simply polite understatement, I shudder to consider the normal state of affairs here.

Imago Storm: I daresay that by mortal standards all this must seem an unsettled existence. Well, you are not here for an extended stay. I have a proposal to make, but before I do, are there any questions you'd like to ask?

Sinder Velvin: I am bewildered by the subtleties of daedric clan politics. Can you sort out for me the players in this little drama?

Imago Storm: Faydra's clan represents the vital, but impulsive and undisciplined element of the destructive principle. Xivilai's clan represents the ambitious, but occasionally overreaching and imprudent side of Destruction. I, and my Vassal Lords, and the Dremora clan, represent the principle of Destruction as Evolution, aspiring to arts and powers of ever-increasing potency and aesthetic refinement. The Seducers are Masterless Daedra, cast adrift by the failed fortunes of their Lords, and recently accepted, much against my counsel, into Lord Dagon's service. Is that clear?

Sinder Velvin: What's your stake in this? Are you angling to supplant your boss?


Imago Storm: You think I am ambitious. My interest is purely in the welfare of the clan. Dagon's tolerance of the antics of Xivilai and Faydra, and his acceptance of the clanless Seducers into the inner counsels of our clan, are an unfortunate divergence from Dagon's otherwise prudent policies. It would be better if my Lord, and his most wayward lieutenants, were to take a short vacation while I restore Clan Dagon to its normal stability. Is that clear?

Sinder Velvin: Lord Dagon and his clan wants to add Battlespire to their dominions, yes? If so, why are you, his Chief Lieutenant, and your followers, working behind the scenes to confound this ambition?


Battlespire Readme

"Wow. Wish I could buy a vowel."

Inevitably every gamer gets Stuck. You have done everything you can think of, and you have no idea how to get past a blocking challenge.

Here's a list of things to try before you break down and buy the Hint Book. [By the way, did we tell you we are selling a Really Cool Hint Book that will instantly solve every one of your problems? Of course, you should Blush with Shame for using a hint book, but we won't Blush with Shame for selling you one.]

A: Review the messages left for you by your companion and by other allies. These usually help define the problems that need to be solved on a level, and hint at the first steps in solving them.

B: Tour the terrain once more looking for things you missed, like secret doors, or little buttons, or doors you forgot to open, or locations you neglected because something distracted you. Review your automap and look for areas you haven't visited or explored thoroughly. Look under and on top of stuff. Click on stuff. Look in dark corners and the bottoms of pools.

C: Talk with everyone one more time. And if you accidentally murdered everything that talks, look around for a little scroll or plaque that gives you the password or hint you need.

D: Search for more resources. Try using those weird and wacky magical items you sensibly refused to fool with on the first pass. Drowning a little bit? Hunt Water Breathing potions or Water Breathing magic items. Getting killed a little bit? Get some armor, or try some Resistance or Shield potions. Not making an impression on daedra with your iron dagger? Find a short sword made of decent metal. Almost dead and out of spell points? Try some open field running to the nearest blue gem restoration station. No idea what that interesting and dangerous looking widget does? Look for scrolls that Reveal the Secrets of Arcane Devices.

E: Try a different approach. Never used the Etherialness spell before? Never used a missile weapon? Not having a lot of luck with that Three Stooges Concept character design (all your points in Endurance and Luck)? Disdaining to learn the Cure Health spell because it isn't Manly? Refusing to use spells at all because you hate that silly Wizard stuff? Loosen up.

F: Check your assumptions. "Oh. They wouldn't put anything down THERE." "Naw. They would NEVER let me wander away and leave something important lying around." "Nah. Already talked to her before. Don't need to talk to her again." "Come on. They would never have a monster that I can't kill." "They wouldn't put a really deep hole here without a way for me to get out of it." "No way I could ever jump across THAT!"


Imago Storm: In taking Battlespire, our clan has overreached its resources and judgements. A time of change is coming -- It is written in the firmament -- And it is time to make fast and conserve our realm, not to extend our grasp. Battlespire is a rich resource, and will be coveted by the other clans. We do not need such distractions, especially as the Storms of Change come upon us. Is that clear?

Sinder Velvin: I can't understand why any of the Daedric clans have anything to do with mortals. Why would even the least of Daedra answer a mortal Sorcerer's summons? And what on Tamriel could possibly interest any of the Immortal Powers?

Imago Storm: Mortals are short-lived, ignorant, and feeble by contrast with the Daedra. But you mortals are also potent engines of change and innovation, of desperate and reckless improvisation and industry. Thus do we so prize the fruits of your mundane and arcane engineering. Thus do we bargain and plunder and steal to gain these treasures. We have lived too long, and grow dull and complacent. You live too short, and so are wonderfully sharp and inventive. Does that make sense?

I then decided to hear his proposal.

Imago Storm: Here's my proposal. I will give you the neonymics of Faydra, Xivilai -- And Lord Dagon. Do you know what a neonymic is, and what it signifies?

Sinder Velvin: Heh, heh. I know a little about such things. The neonymic gives me the power to banish a Daedric creature into Oblivion.

Imago Storm: You are correct in general. Actually, the incantation of the neonymic drains the vital force from an immortal, forcing him to follow that force into Oblivion. There one abides until the vital force is replenished. The experience is somewhat analogous to sleep for mortals. However, sleep is a normal experience for mortals. It is NOT a normal experience for an immortal. Suffice it to say that it is as close to the terror and despair of death as an immortal can come.

Sinder Velvin: So. You will give me the neonymics. And then?

Imago Storm: You will use those neonymics to cast them into Oblivion for the present. For reward, you shall have your life, and the life of your companion. When Dagon is cast into the Void, you may take his Amulet of Entry, pass into the Ward Sigil that hangs in his sanctuary, and thus be teleported back to Battlespire, where you may pass through his Sigil there and return to Tamriel. Does that satisfy you?

Sinder Velvin: Very much. Too much to be true. But I know that I will not get a better offer from anyone else, and I also know I am too ignorant of Daedric politics to be a significant player without your help. So we have an agreement.

Imago Storm: Dagon’s incantory neonymic is Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepeh. Xivilai’s neonymic: Wegerohseh-chehkohieu. Faydra’s Neonymic: Nepehkweh-kodo. I will give a document bearing the appropriate neonymic, the Daedric characters, the transliteration into Tamrielic, and a phonetic transcription to help you pronounce the phrases effectively.

He gave me his notes.

Sinder Velvin: You think of everything. Which is quite terrifying.

Imago Storm: You have to trust me. You have no choice. I appreciate that. It must be very unpleasant. And now here is one of the three keys to the gate. When all three keys are placed in the gate lantern in the center of the chamber, this gate will carry you to Lord Dagon's Hunting Lodge, where your friend is held. And the other two keys are held by Faydra Shardai and Xivilai Moath, so I know your path must cross theirs.

Sinder Velvin: Thank you. An old man told me that I am a tool in the hands of the Gods. I thought it funny, and cruel, at the time, but, as you suggest, the path the Gods have painted is unmistakable.

Imago Storm: They are your Gods, mortal, and none of my affair. There is no reason for us to speak further. It has been a pleasure to meet you. Perhaps we shall meet again some day. Farewell, and good fortune, mortal.

Sinder Velvin: Farewell.

Imago disappeared. I went to the eastern part of the realm, where I eventually found Xivilai Moath.


Xivilai Moath: I will speak to you simply and directly in the manner of your race.

Sinder Velvin: Thank you, your Lordship. I am sensible of the honor you do me.

Xivilai Moath: You’ve gotten this far against considerable opposition. Therefore, you are able to protect yourself. You are talking to us. Therefore you have something to sell. We will hear your plea - Simple and direct. Then we will consider your appeal, or call your bluff.

Sinder Velvin: Bluntly spoken, sir. In short, my Lord, I have your neonymic. I can tell you where I got it. I want to rescue my friend from your Lord Dagon. I need to get to his Hunting Lodge to accomplish this rescue. As you know, I can use the neonymic to banish you, take the key, then fight my way through your troops. Or you can give me the key, tell your troops to display honorable but prudent valor in defending the gate, and I keep the neonymic my little secret pending the unlikely event of a future encounter between us.

Xivilai Moath: Who gave you my neonymic?


Sinder Velvin: Your erstwhile ally, Faydra Shardai. You ought to keep an eye on that one, Lord. She's a sneaky one.

Xivilai Moath: I misjudged Faydra. I wonder how she discovered my neonymic? Very well. I shall require a oath to the Powers that you will never reveal the neonymic to another soul...

Sinder Velvin: Other than yourself, of course...

Xivilai Moath: Ah. Yes. Of course. You will never reveal my neonymic to any soul save myself; in return, you shall have the gatekey to Dagon’s Hunting Lodge, and a secret safe conduct from my clan.

Sinder Velvin: To your proposal, by the Great Powers, I so swear.

Xivilai Moath: Here is the gatekey. I shall issue orders to my clan immediately. I believe I shall comfort myself with the conquest of Battlespire, and be grateful to have you out of my way at so modest a price. And now, if you'll excuse me, my clan and I have some pressing business with the Shardai clan and its honor-stained leader.

Sinder Velvin: If you don't mind, I think I'll make myself scarce before things get too dangerous around here. Good luck, and good hunting.

I found Sirran Angada nearby.


Sirran Angada: Why have I been kept waiting? Lord Dagon will wish to see me immediately. The portents are most propitious, but a crisis is coming, and he will wish to take the tides at their flood.

Sinder Velvin: It is all a mystery to me, sir. In fact, I have no idea who you are or why you are here. I pass this way looking for a pair of Boots of Grotesque Liveliness that seem to have gone missing. You haven't seen them anywhere, have you?

Sirran Angada: This is unacceptable! This is but the calm before the storm. The tides of magic are at the remotest ebb. His Lordship MUST be prepared to ride them at their flood, or all may be lost!

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. Don't know WHAT you're talking about. But if you'll give me your name, your purpose, and a brief message, I'll see that it gets to Lord Dagon, or one of his chief lieutenants, right away.

Sirran Angada: See here. My name is Sirran Angada. I'm a mortal Sorcerer.

Sinder Velvin: Well, anyone can see that.

Sirran Angada: Listen, knave, and cease your prattle. My Lord, Jagar Tharn, the mortal Emperor of Tamriel, and your Lord Dagon are ordering affairs high above your counsel. Tell someone in authority that I MUST speak with his Lordship.

Sinder Velvin: What? I'm not up on current affairs, but isn't the manling Emperor called Septic or Septem or September or something?


Sirran Angada: Gooood. Gooood. You CAN think, after a fashion. Yes, Tamriel BELIEVES that Uriel Septem still rules, but in fact, my master, Jagar Tharn, has taken the form of the Emperor and rules in his stead.

Sinder Velvin: That is VERY interesting. But what has that got to do with you and Lord Dagon?

Sirran Angada: Lord Dagon was instrumental in assisting my master in this imposture, and as partial recompense, my master has temporarily placed my not-inconsiderable skills in reading the vagaries of the magica tides at your master's disposal. And it is this very counsel that your master so earnestly desires THAT YOU ARE KEEPING FROM HIM BY YOUR SILLY QUESTIONS.

Sinder Velvin: Lord Dagon is always VERY busy, and not likely to take interest in the incomprehensible babble of a manling booby.

Sirran Angada: Listen. The fate of the Realms and all that is in them is affected by the ebb and flow of magica. Out there, in the Void, the Waters of Oblivion have receded far from the shores of the mortal and immortal realms.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Say. Is that what all this claptrap lying around is about? Are these those - Whatchamachit - Magiscopes? Can you really see the Beginning and the Ends of the Worlds in those things? Hey. How about my fortune? Tell me my fortune?

Sirran Angada: If, by your feckless inanity and indolence, you fail to carry this message to Lord Dagon, and thereby squander the precious wisdom that might be used to shape the destinies of all the mortal and immortal realms, I believe Lord Dagon may use your mouth, and, indeed, your entire alimentary canal, as a fit and handy receptacle for his Terrible and Swift Sword of Destruction!

Sinder Velvin: Ahem. Look. I'm not a Daedra. I am, in fact, an Imperial Battlemage. Or, at least, I WILL be one. Very soon. And you are apparently the traitor responsible for opening the gates of Battlespire to the servants of Dagon.

Sirran Angada: What? What? Oh. Dear.

Sinder Velvin: The price of treason is death. I would prefer to bring you before the Emperor himself - Wherever he is - If he still lives - For His Justice, but I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a hurry. So. I pronounce upon you the Summary Justice of Emperor Uriel Septem, in his name, and by his Law.

Sirran Angada: But you can't just kill me in cold blood. What about due process? My rights as a noble?

Sinder Velvin: Try begging me for mercy.

Sirran Angada: Hah. I'd rather die than beg mercy from you, stripling.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. Suit yourself. Then prepare to die, traitor!


After I killed him, I went to the western part of the realm, where I found an arena where a Clannfear and a Herne were supposedly fighting. I spoke with one of the Clannfear spectators.


Clannfear 4: Pinkskin! Stand clear. This combat for honor of Xivilai and Clannfear!

Sinder Velvin: You must have confused me with someone else. I'm no pinkskin. I'm a Living God. Fall on your knees right now and worship me, and maybe I'll spare you eons of torment in a loud, nasty black drain hole of Eternity.

Clannfear 4: Foolish manling. Such foolish lies. Such insults! To think we would swallow such toad-droppings? You do us a great wrong.

Sinder Velvin: I apologize most sincerely for impugning your modest wit. Forgive me. I didn't even know you had ANY wit! Hah-hah-hah. I slay me.

I defeated it and talked to Herne spectator.

Herne 4: Well. If it isn't the manling master of war. Far from home, and all alone. Come to dance? Come to play? Come to sing? Come to paint the world red with your heart's blood? Or would you fight in the Arena with us?

Sinder Velvin: Blah, blah, blah. If words could kill, I'd be digging my grave. Come on, goat-britches. Show me some action.

Herne 4: No, manling. Not in the arena. You'll not provoke me into lawless riot here. But outside the Arena, watch your delicate skin.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. I can't provoke you, eh? We'll see about that.

I did manage to provoke it. It ended badly for the Herne. After exploring the realm a bit more, I encounered another Herne with new dialogue.

Herne 5: What have we here? A mortal? Abroad in the great wide world with no one to save him? Oh, how tired he must be of the long days and nights. Come, fall upon your weapon, and end the pain. Else I fear we must feed you your own dainty parts, and spoil that pretty skin with teeth and fire.

Sinder Velvin: I laugh at death. Hah-hah-hah! And at you. Hah-hah-hah. And at your goofy-looking boots.

Herne 5: Hoofs, mortal. Not boots. And all the better to kick in your silly teeth.

Sinder Velvin: And the tail -- Hah-hah-hah! You slay me.


After defeating it, I found a small room with a hole in the middle and a note on one of the walls reading "INTELLIGENCE TRAINING". The hole had some water, but not enough for someone falling inside to be able to get back up. Had I decided to explore the hole, I would have found this note inside. After some more exploration, I found Faydra Shardai.


Faydra Shardai: We are pleased you have come to us. You have proven your worth. We are prepared to grant you what you ask in return for your service. Only be careful... Ask wisely, and receive our blessing.

Sinder Velvin: I wish only the key to the gate to Lord Dagon Hunting Lodge, and safe passage there, where I might parlay with Lord Dagon for the life of my companion Vatasha and our safe return to Tamriel.

Faydra Shardai: So. You ask for much... But I am generous to my servants. Then swear to my service before the Great Powers, and you shall have what you ask.

Sinder Velvin: Actually, if you don't mind, I'd first like to hear the terms and conditions of my service.



Sinder Velvin: Remember. You brought this on yourself by being so mean to me. So. I hereby banish you, Faydra Shardai, Nepehkweh-kodo, to the Wells of Oblivion. Bon voyage, pruneface.

Faydra went bye-bye and I took its gatekey. I now had all the three gatekeys, so I went back to Imago's castle and entered the portal, which took me, as promised, to Dagon's Hunting Lodge.

The Chimera of Desolation

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Dark Seducer 1> <Frost Daedroth 3> <Fire Daedroth 3> <Dark Seducer 1, Again> <Frost Daedroth 4> <Fire Daedroth 4> <Herne 1> <Chimere Graegyn> <Chimere Graegyn, Again> <Egahirn>


At the end of the fourth part, I went through a teleporter which took me to the realm known as the Chimera of Desolation.

I found myself on the southwestern end of a large island, on a small dock with a boat. There were two notes and a Dark Seducer in front of me. One of the notes was a letter from the Dremora and the other one was a letter from the old man living on the island. I spoke with the Dark Seducer.


Dark Seducer 1: Listen, mortal, and listen well. Here are your masters and here is your hell.
The Wild Hunt begins this day. We are the hunters and you are the prey.
But we shall grant a sporting chance to 'scape your death by Huntsman's lance.

Sinder Velvin: That's big of you.

Dark Seducer 1: Six keys we've hid upon this isle. Find them all, and flee this isle.
But find them not or halt with doubt, and Dogs will Drag to flush you out.
Hounds will Chase to feed their fill, then Huntsman calls me to View his kill.
From the Drag to the Chase to the Call to the View, the Victor I see becomes Huntsman anew.

Sinder Velvin: So it's a game we play? And what, pray, are the rules?

Dark Seducer 1: Hark, mortal, the Innocent Hare. The Hunt is up, and the Game is afoot. Flee for your life, you miserable wretch.

Sinder Velvin: I will flee forthwith, but I demand as my right a reading of the rules.

Dark Seducer 1: Seek about the island. In accordance with the Law, the Offices are posted.

Sinder Velvin: And that would be the letter of the Law, I'm sure. Very well. Indeed, the Game is afoot, so catch me if you can. Only be very sure you know what to do with me if you DO catch me.

I started walking around the island, soon entering an abandoned village called Trybador with quarantine warnings on the doors of most of the buildings. I encountered a Frost Daedroth there.

Frost Daedroth 3: We are the Lesser Dogs. We Drag the land to flush out the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. While those jerk Fire Daedra get to be the Greater Dogs. Oh. It makes me so mad I could burst!


Battlespire Readme

"Good grief, man. It's only a game..."

We are Pleased and Gratified to see how seriously some gamers approach the challenge of preserving the skin of their lovingly crafted characters. We LOVE to see how terrified they are of losing them, and how desperately they experience the dramatic tension of our lovingly crafted narrative. But...

We also hope gamers will play around with Battlespire and have all sorts of fun that has nothing to do with the drama of the Imperiled Hero on a Desperate Quest.

For instance, your character is standing at the edge of a high cliff staring down at a pool of molten lava. Now, in real life, you hardly ever want to indulge an impulse to hurl yourself off a high cliff into a pool of molten lava. But in Battlespire, well... sometimes it is a lot of fun to do Totally Stupid and Pointless Things.

Just Save Your Game. Early and Often. With a saved game safe and secure on your hard disk, you can go ahead and do silly, senseless things. Like give a sassy answer to the Lord of Destruction. Or touch something thrumming with Unholy Power. Or dive off a cliff and swim around in the lava looking for cool loot. Or double-click on a magic item named "The Thongs of the Sunken God's Awakening."


Sinder Velvin: Isn't that just the way? Some guys do all the real work, and other guys steal the credit? I makes me so sick I could puke.

Frost Daedroth 3: We would be FAR better Greater Hounds than the Damned Fire Daedra, but THEY have greater status with Mehrunes Dagon now. Harumph! It is not properly LAWFUL! It is not lawful that we Frost Daedra pay the price alone! It is not lawful that our master Xivilai Moath needs must drop in status over the failed siege of the Shade Perilous! Faydra Shardai gave the orders, and WE get punished for carrying them out! Now the Fire Daedra get to become the Chase, and we are nothing but the Drag! Oh, the INJUSTICE!

Sinder Velvin: That's terrible! How unjust! How unlawful! Extra double super unlawful.

Frost Daedroth 3: Yes! Yes! You understand! You know that this is not lawful! The Fire Daedra should have to be the Drag as well as us! They should be punished too, and not just us!

Sinder Velvin: Puh-LEEZE quit the whining. I know you got a raw deal, but do you have to be such babies about it? Why don't you go kick some Fire Daedra butt?

Some sympathy, but not too much!

Frost Daedroth 3: Human FOOL! That would be unlawful. To fall upon one another like animals? In the middle of the Sacred Hunt? Have you no shame?

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. You're right, of course. What COULD I have been thinking? But doesn't it just burn your buns that the Fire Daedra are placed over you in the Hunt, and that you get punished for THEIR faults?

Frost Daedroth 3: Yes! It's all their fault! You know it is their fault! You were there! You saw it!

Sinder Velvin: Yep. I know it and you know it. Too bad Dagon doesn't know it.

Frost Daedroth 3: Mortal! You must tell what you know!

Sinder Velvin: To whom?

Frost Daedroth 3: Say what you know in front of the Dark Seducer. That will send the facts directly to Dagon, for she is the Dagon's spy in the realms of- Aaaargh! You must forget what I said! I must kill you now!

Sinder Velvin: Hold on, buckaroo. I don't care if you ARE evil fiends from the bowels of the Pit. I can't stand by and see such an UNLAWFUL INJUSTICE done. Even to you pitiful whiners. So. Keep your icy blasts to yourself for a bit, and I'll go tell the Dark Seducer what I know. Okay?

Frost Daedroth 3: You can? You will? Thank you, manling. You are a creature of Lawful honor.

Sinder Velvin: But first you'll tell me the rules to this Damned Hunt. I mean, it's only LAWFUL, isn't it?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh. Well. Of course. Most lawful. In accordance with the Law, the Hunt is posted near the ancient stones and before the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. And the Master of the Hunt -- The nasty winged woman with the really big -- You know -- The floppy things -- Wings! -- By the Law, she must tell the Hare the rules.

Sinder Velvin: So. These Huntsmen? Isn't this Wild Hunt stuff dangerous?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh, no, mortal. Only the Dogs may take hurt in the Hunt. The Law of the Hunt protects the Huntsmen and Master of the Hunt from all mortal weapons. That is the Law.

Sinder Velvin: And extra super Lawful it is, I'm sure. Well, couldn't they get accidentally poked with those weird spears they carry?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh. Well. I think. Maybe. Yes. No.

Sinder Velvin: I think that covers all the cases quite nicely. Well, thanks. And one more thing. I'd like to go view the architectural triumphs of the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. You know. Don't get round here every day. Know how to get in?

Frost Daedroth 3: We do not know! The great Sigil blocks the door, and we can't get in. Only the Greater Hounds and the Huntsmen are allowed in the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. It is so unjust that we be locked out of the Chapel! Unlawful!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, yes. As you said, about a billion times, it is unlawful. Well. A lovely chat. Now I suppose we should get back to chasing around and kicking the daylights out of one another. Ready? Let's go.

I defeated it, found a document about the Wild Hunt among its remains and then spoke with a Fire Daedroth.


Fire Daedroth 3: We are the Greater Hounds. We chase the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. And, manling, for what you did to us in Shade Perilous, we will repay you ten times over.

Sinder Velvin: I know all about it. You only got that honor because the Frost Daedra got the blame for the Shade Perilous debacle.

Fire Daedroth 3: How do you know this? What do you know of the counsels of Lord Dagon?

Sinder Velvin: I have my sources. Not all of your clan enjoys the confidence of Lord Dagon. And there are always ambitious, clever Daedra eager to trade words and favors.

Fire Daedroth 3: Foolish mortal! I am not interested in your little tales and tattles.

Sinder Velvin: Perhaps the winged woman, the Dark Seducer, might be a more gracious audience for my account of your faction's embarrassing lapses in judgement and execution at Shade Perilous.

Fire Daedroth 3: Hmm. It would not perhaps be in your best interests to speak to the Dark Seducer about this.

Sinder Velvin: Speak to me more about my best interests.

Fire Daedroth 3: Your price, mortal. What do you want?

Sinder Velvin: An end to the Hunt?

Fire Daedroth 3: We cannot end the Hunt, and would not if we could.

Sinder Velvin: A way to kill the Huntsmen?

Fire Daedroth 3: The Huntsmen cannot be killed, fool. They are protected by the ritual from all mortal weapons. We can and will tell you that only the Huntsman Egahirn will take your life today on these grounds. His kinsmen have chosen to stay their blows, thus assuring that Egahirn shall strike the killing blow. Though all Huntsmen are protected by the ritual, only one, Egahirn, hunts in earnest.

Sinder Velvin: But such a tidbit is hardly worth my silence. Have you anything else to offer? Tell me how to get into the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry?

Fire Daedroth 3: Perhaps. If you will tell the Dark Seducer that the Xivilai Moath and the Frost Daedra were at fault at the Shade Perilous, and not us?

Sinder Velvin: That is another matter. And hardly the truth. But. I agree.

Fire Daedroth 3: Very well. Only we, the Great Hounds, the Fire Daedra, carry the amulet that grants passage beyond the warding sigil. And none of us would give you an amulet, or permit you to take one. So resign yourself, mortal.

Sinder Velvin: So. You have the necessary amulet. What a pity. Goodbye.

I defeated the Fire Daedroth and found a note among its remains. I went to the Dark Seducer.

Dark Seducer 1: Do you savor the sweet pain of the Hunt, mortal?

Sinder Velvin: A little chunk of ice told me to tell you that Faydra Shardai, not Xivilai Moath, was the architect of the plan to invest and plunder Shade Perilous.

Dark Seducer 1: If you think that my master or I care about any such squabbles, you are denser than the Frost Daedra. Such favors and punishments are but means to keep our allies in line.

Sinder Velvin: I told the chunk of ice I'd report to you, and I live by my word.

Note: I live by my word when it suits me...

Dark Seducer 1: I've heard that mortals are a short-lived race, too short-lived to acquire wisdom. Let us put this proposition to the test. Perhaps first a lesson on showing proper respect is in order.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Thank you. How nice of you. I'll be leaving, then.

It seemed like it was going to attack me, but it left (It just... Disappeared.). I started walking around the island again. It didn't take long to find another Frost Daedroth. I decided to be meaner this time around.


Frost Daedroth 4: We are the Lesser Dogs. We Drag the land to flush out the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt.

Sinder Velvin: Are you insinuating that I am a Bunny Rabbit?

Frost Daedroth 4: Grr. We will take special delight in destroying you, mortal! It was YOU who brought down the wrath of the Nocturnals upon our kinsmen! Because of you, all Frost Daedra have been punished for the siege of the Shade Perilous! Because of you, even Frost Daedra who took no part in the siege are lowered in status. We are no longer equals to our kinsmen, the Fire Daedra! The Fire Daedra get to be the GREATER HOUNDS, but we must be the LESSER DOGS.

Sinder Velvin: I'm SO sorry. Does that mean even greater disgrace when I zip through the gates out of here and leave you poor puppies barking in the fog?

Frost Daedroth 4: No way! You. Never. Look. The only way out is through the Temple of Daedric Rites.

Sinder Velvin: Well, I can see where YOU might think that was a big deal, but it's small potatoes to a manling hero like myself.

Frost Daedroth 4: No way! Never. You can't even get INTO Granvellusa with the drawbridge up, and even if you could, you need the six keys.

Sinder Velvin: Come on. I know where the six keys are. That's no big secret.

Frost Daedroth 4: No. WAY! Who told you?

Sinder Velvin: You're not going to trick ME into turning informer! It's not THEIR fault! You know what stupid blabbermouths the Fire Daedra are. No one in their right mind would EVER tell a secret to those Clowns.

Frost Daedroth 4: But. But. But. They told you EVERYTHING?

Sinder Velvin: What do you think?

Frost Daedroth 4: About Huntsman Egahirn taking the sixth key, even though it's against the Law?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, I know it is hard to believe that even the FIRE Daedra could be stupid enough to blab ALL those secrets. But you saw what happened in Shade Perilous. Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to rub it in. And it wasn't YOUR fault, after all. Oh. Gosh. How the time flies. Got to be going. See you later.

Next, I talked to another Fire Daedroth.


Fire Daedroth 4: We are the Greater Hounds. We chase the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. And, manling, for what you did to us in Shade Perilous, we will repay you ten times over.

Sinder Velvin: Look, Smoky. I know you are just doing your job, but you know the Law. It won't matter WHO breaks the Laws of the Wild Hunt. ALL of you bear the stain of dishonor.

Fire Daedroth 4: What? We know the Law. No one has broken the Law.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, dear. I see. You didn't know. But Egahirn holds the sixth key, which is, of course, against the Law.

Fire Daedroth 4: What? Wait! How is it that you, mortal, know the Law?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, come now. Did you think that if I didn't know the Law, that it had not been broken? Did they TELL you that? How can you be so naive?

Fire Daedroth 4: Manling. We care little for the Law. We care for our own glory! We wish to avenge our shame in Shade Perilous. We want YOU dead. We have been TOLD to spare you for Egahirn's Spear, but we care nothing for Egahirn, or for his glory. If Egahirn is forsworn of his oath, then he gains neither power nor glory for his kill - But we don't care. All we care about is the kill. We will see you dead. That is reward enough for us.

Sinder Velvin: Hmm. In short, it's you, or me. No mercy. So be it. Goodbye.

After I kicked its spotted owl, I talked to a Herne.


Herne 1: Hello, little hare. I am a Huntsman. I hunt you in accordance with the laws of the Wild Hunt. How do you like our hunt?

Sinder Velvin: What a complete and total bore. Stop it right now. Lost its entertainment value ages ago. So just stop it.

Herne 1: The Wild Hunt cannot end until the sacred Spear of Bitter Mercy takes the life of the prey, and the victor Calls the Dark Seducer to View the kill. All must be done in accord with the Law. So, you see, we are not quite finished yet.

Sinder Velvin: By the way, why aren't YOU attacking me?

Herne 1: I see no reason to not tell you, since you are mere moments from death. We desire that our younger Oathkinsman Egahirn collect the kill. We left our Spears sealed away, so that we are not tempted to kill you in the excitement of the chase.

Sinder Velvin: So, you won't kill me?

Herne 1: Well, we'll TRY not to kill you. It would be a waste. But you are such fragile vessels, and sometimes we get excited. When provoked. When the chase is hot.

Actually, they're all rather aggresive...

Sinder Velvin: Where'd you leave your Spear?

Herne 1: Wouldn't you like to know?

Sinder Velvin: Why are you doing this?

Herne 1: Why? To gain power from the rich magica currents around this isle. The Hunt is but a means to that end, and your death merely a fortunate byproduct.

Sinder Velvin: Where are the keys that allow me to escape?

Herne 1: Ho, ho! I will never tell you. They are hidden in strict keeping with the Law of the Wild Hunt.

Sinder Velvin: Right. In strict keeping with the Law, eh? Egahirn has the sixth key tucked inside his invulnerable little trousers, and you call that "in strict keeping with the Law"? You should be ashamed.

Herne 1: You amaze me, mortal. How did you find that out?

Sinder Velvin: Now how am I suppose to get a key from an invulnerable Huntsman? That's hardly sporting.

Herne 1: I have followed the Law of the Hunt to the letter, mortal! Else the Hunt would be over before it started.

Sinder Velvin: You may have observed the LETTER of the Law, but perverted its SPIRIT.

Herne 1: You amuse me, mortal. MOST gratifying. To dispute the Law with the Hare. Hah. I shall feast free forever on the charm of this tale. I thank you, Hare, and promise that you shall be immortalized in my glorious account of this Hunt. But, now I fear our chat is over, for the Hunt must continue. Run well, little Hare, and give us good sport.

Sinder Velvin: Always good to be appreciated, milord. And rest assured, Huntsman, that you'll not lack for surprises from your little Hare, though some may be very much less to your liking.





I just avoided it and explored the island.


I found the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry after a while. Inside were a gatekey, an inscription about the Spear of Bitter Mercy, a letter and a Spear case (I didn't take the Spear Case.).


I found other documents on the rest of the island: excerpts from the Posting of the Hunt on trees, notes left by Chimere next to pieces of armor, one of Chimere's journals, which I found in a Crypt, and a "ritual of making for the Grand and Thaumaturgical and Most Puissant Trebuchet of Overarching Peril", which I found in an underground tower.

After a while of fighting Daedra, I found Chimere's house. I went inside and spoke with the old man.



Battlespire Readme

"Gee. A doojigger. Don't see one of THOSE everyday. Wonder what a little doojigger does."

...Now and then in your explorations you'll come across something cool. It looks interesting. And dangerous. And you'll wish you knew what it does, and whether it is safe, or useful.

The technical term for this is "a big mystery." You'll encounter lots of big mysteries in Battlespire. This is because the otherworldly fiends who have ravaged the locations you're traveling through have thoughtlessly forgotten to leave instructions on how to use their plunder.

For instance, you find the Thongs of Baleful Woe. Maybe you are a little nervous about putting them on. You can search and search and search through the documentation, and never find out what the Thongs of Baleful Woe do. So you will just have to fool around with them to figure them out, or just leave them alone.

You may be scandalized to discover that there are cursed and dangerous things scattered throughout Battlespire. Whenever something bad and mysterious happens, you might want to take everything you are carrying, put it in a sack, then amble off a good distance from the sack and examine your character sheet. If the bad and mysterious thing stops happening, you will want to examine everything in your sack very carefully before putting it on again.

And you may get a funny message telling you "You are forbidden from equipping that item." Now, you have never had any trouble the item in question before. This is another good time to take off your stuff, put it in a sack, and amble off a good distance to examine your character sheet. You may find that something you are wearing or using is causing a bad and mysterious thing.

You may also come across an occasional mysterious creature who is AMAZINGLY durable. INCONCEIVABLY durable. It seems to live a charmed life. This will perhaps drive you mad, especially if you are one of those efficiency nuts who want to kill EVERY SINGLE CREATURE in the game. Well. Go ahead. But don't waste any scarce resources on these guys, and don't expect a fountain of treasure when you slaughter them. They DO have a mysterious purpose, but... It's... Well... Mysterious. Sorry.


Chimere Graegyn: Yiiiiii!

Sinder Velvin: Who are you? What are you doing here?

He creaked and groaned like he hadn't talked in two hundred years.

Chimere Graegyn: Er... Uh...

Sinder Velvin: Have a tongue, old man. Speak.

Chimere Graegyn: Errr... Er... Keep ye back!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, so you CAN speak. Come one. I'm in a hurry, old man.

Chimere Graegyn: Keep ye back! I am a powerful Conjuror! I can destroy the most powerful of Godlings with but a word! One more step and I will consign thee to Oblivion!

Sinder Velvin: Easy, old timer.

Chimere Graegyn: I warned ye! With but a gesture I invoke the power of the darkest... Urk... Can't move. Dang arfritis. KEEP YE BACK! Nice creature.

Sinder Velvin: I'm not a creature. Or nice, for that matter.

Chimere Graegyn: Errrrr! You howl so strangely. What manner of fell beast are ye? Some Demonling from the darkest pits? Some savage Animal bristling with claws and fur and fangs?

Sinder Velvin: You sure do go on and on and on and on, old man. I'm a Human! Manling. A Mortal from Tamriel. A stranger in this world.

Chimere Graegyn: Mayhap ye are a delusion of the mind. A bit of undigested pudding.

Sinder Velvin: Pudding? Do have some handy?

Chimere Graegyn: Egad! Ye speak! A trained mockery, parroting the exalted speech of humankind!

Sinder Velvin: As I was saying, for a very long time, it seems, I am a Human. Hyoo-man. Are you deaf, by chance?

Chimere Graegyn: Ye ARE human! I had nearly forgotten… From whence come ye, mortal? From the Northmoor mainland? Your face isn't familiar, and I know everyone on the island.

Sinder Velvin: Why, yes. Good old Wistful Vista. And how are things in YOUR town?

Chimere Graegyn: What a relief ye be human. Perhaps ye can be of assistance to old man Chimere. I have lost something, and I canna find it. With me arthritis, I canna go looking for what I have lost...

Sinder Velvin: I think you'd better answer some questions first, old man.


Chimere Graegyn: No! I must find it first...

Sinder Velvin: OK. What is are you looking for?

Chimere Graegyn: I've lost me... Me... Me THINGY!

Sinder Velvin: You've lost your MARBLES.

Chimere Graegyn: No. Not a thingy. Me spoon! I had a spoon once!

Sinder Velvin: You want me to find a SPOON? A spoon quest?

Chimere Graegyn: Yes. A spoon. I'm sure I have lost a... Spoon.

Sinder Velvin: Was it magic? Did it have special properties?

Chimere Graegyn: I loved that little spoon so... And now I know not what I have done with it.

Sinder Velvin: All right. If I see a spoon I'll bring it to you. Then we'll be GOOD friends and you'll tell me what I want to know. Or I'll strangle you.

Several hours later...


Chimere Graegyn: Yi! Oh. It's ye.

Sinder Velvin: I looked everywhere, and I can't find any spoon.

Chimere Graegyn: Spoon? What are you talking about? What do I want with a spoon?

Sinder Velvin: What? You asked me to find a spoon for you!

Chimere Graegyn: I had a CAT! Where is me Kit?

Sinder Velvin: What kind of cat?

Chimere Graegyn: Once I had a little Cat. No! Many Kits! I had FLOCKS of Kittens! Oh! You should see how they skitter! All over the town! Oh, they were my joy. What squeakings they would make!

Sinder Velvin: Speaking of this town, what is it? What's its name?

Chimere Graegyn: I canna answer such things until me Kits are restored to me!

Sinder Velvin: OK. I'll find your cats.

Several hours later...

Chimere Graegyn: Ye Gods! Oh, it be ye.

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. I can't find your Cats. Anywhere. Looked everywhere. High and low. No Cats. Period. Plenty of other nonsense. But not ONE DAMN CAT!

Chimere Graegyn: Cats? I have no Cats. I had some children. Have ye seen me children? Playful Scamps. Up to some mischief, no doubt, the Imps.

Sinder Velvin: No, I haven't seen any children.

Chimere Graegyn: I had a few children. One? Two? Thousand? I forget. I remember! About two thousand!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, yeah. I found 'em all. They're safe with their families now.

Chimere Graegyn: Ye lie! Sin-hearted blackguard! I should smite ye with but a gesture-- Ouch. Me arthritis.

Sinder Velvin: OK, OK. Sorry. There are thousands of children. Right outside the cottage. But -- THEY'RE NOT YOURS! HAH-HAH-HAH!

Chimere Graegyn: I do! I do!... I did... I did. They're gone now. Have ye seen them?

Sinder Velvin: Ah, sure. They're all outside having a good time -- WITH THE PIXIES AND THE FAIRIES!

Chimere Graegyn: There's no one? No one at all? My town! My people! All gone! Gone! I remember now! Curse me for a fool! I have destroyed them all!

Sinder Velvin: Who are you? And what for Stendarr's sake is going on here?

Chimere Graegyn: I am sorry. I have not been myself. Give me some time. As for your questions, look over there on the table for my journal. The story is there. Take your time. When you've finished, perhaps I'll be in better control.

Sinder Velvin: Good. I shall do as you suggest.

I read his journal.

Chimere Graegyn: Have you reviewed my journal?

Sinder Velvin: Yes.

Chimere Graegyn: Have you any other questions?

Sinder Velvin: Yes. How did you defeat Dagon?

Chimere Graegyn: I banished Dagon by invoking his protonymic.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Good work. His what?

Chimere Graegyn: His protonymic. Like a mortal wizard's true name. The focus of incantory magics. The short hairs.

Sinder Velvin: I see. And what, pray tell, is Dagon's protonymic?

Chimere Graegyn: Oh, I'm sure it will do you no good. Since his reemergence from Oblivion, he has surely added a neonymic. To protect himself against me, and anyone else who gets his protonymic.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. A neonymic is, I suppose, a new protonymic. Right?

Chimere Graegyn: Close enough.

Sinder Velvin: So. Tell me his protonymic anyway. Just for laughs.

Chimere Graegyn: Lehkelogah.

Sinder Velvin: Bless you.

Chimere Graegyn: No. Lehkelogah. His protonymic was Lehkelogah. But surely that's now only half his incantory name. So you see, it does you no good. Even if you were close enough to him to invoke it in his presence.

Sinder Velvin: I need your help. If I can help you change -- Or end -- Your exile here, would you be willing to help me?

Chimere Graegyn: I will help you. All I know or own is yours for the asking. And the one possession I lack in this world is my life, and that is not a gift you can give. Perhaps only Dagon could grant such a gift. I suffer, from age and guilt. But not many mortals have bested Dagon. It's some compensation. I am lonely, yes. Perhaps a companion. Yes. But don't waste thought on it. Concentrate on your plight, and let me aid you.

Sinder Velvin: How do I get out of this place? CAN I get out of this place?

Chimere Graegyn: YOU can leave. I can't. The gate is in the Temple of the Daedric Rites, the great horned travesty in Granvellusa, the walled town. You need six keys to get into the Temple, but once inside, the path to the gate is open. I'm afraid I don't know where the keys are, but I've never looked for them, either. Not much point. For me.

Sinder Velvin: I read here in your journal about the Armor of the Savior's Hide. Can I borrow this armor?

Chimere Graegyn: Of course! You'll be wanting my Armour of the Saviour's Hide. When complete, it might even turn aside the menace of the Huntsman's Spear. Ages ago I scattered and hid the pieces around the island to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. I wish I could remember where I left them --

Sinder Velvin: You don't know where the armor is?

Chimere Graegyn: No. Sorry. I wasn't quite right in the head when I hid them. Things are very hazy from that time. Here. Wait a moment. I'll jot down everything I can remember. Take my notes, and look around the island. It's a small island, and not that many places for an old man to hide large pieces of armor.

He gave me his notes.

Sinder Velvin: Can a Huntsman's Spear wound the Huntsman?

Chimere Graegyn: What an odd question. And interesting. Yes. Certainly. But how would you survive the attacks of the Huntsman Spear? Even if you wear the Armor of the Savior's Hide, it is only REALLY effective against an oathbreaker.

Sinder Velvin: Hang on. Egahirn, the Huntsman. The Frost Daedra tell me he took the sixth key that opens the gate. That is against the Law, right? Doesn't Egahirn have to swear an oath or something to uphold the Law in order to be a Huntsman and use the Spear?

Chimere Graegyn: OF COURSE! My Armour of the Savior's Hide! It protects the wearer from attacks of an oathbreaker! If Egahirn is forsworn, the armor will protect you. Oh, that's too sweet. And better yet -- Think of THIS! Who MADE the Spear? Dagon FORGED the Spear for the Hunt. And it is Dagon's own power which makes the Spear's power so utterly terrible! And GUESS WHO IS A BIG FAT OATHBREAKER?! Hah, hah, hah! It's PERFECT!

Sinder Velvin: So. Wearing the Armour of the Savior's Hide will protect me from the attacks of the Huntsman? I bet I even get DOUBLE protection, since BOTH the Huntsman AND Dagon, the Spear maker, are oathbreakers! Sounds exactly perfect. But -- Are you sure? I mean -- This business about Dagon the oathbreaker? And the Spear using Dagon's power? And the armor? It would be really unpleasant for me if you were wrong.

Chimere Graegyn: OF COURSE I'm sure. Have I ever failed you before? Hah-hah-hah! It's PERFECT. You wear my armor. You can wield the Spear. YOU CAN KILL THE HUNTSMAN! Hah-hah-hah. I see the hands of the Gods in this! JUSTICE! Divine JUSTICE on Dagon! And you, youth, are clearly the GODS' TOOL! You cannot fail.

Sinder Velvin: You're scaring me, old man. But it's just crazy enough to work. Thanks for the tip. And goodbye.

I left his house.















Several dozen defeated tough Daedra later, I found and took four gatekeys (I had already found one earlier.) and the six pieces of the Armor of the Savior's Hide. I returned to Chimere.

Sinder Velvin: I have the Armor of the Savior's Hide -- All of it -- Helmet, pauldrons, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and boots.

Chimere Graegyn: Yes, of course. You have the armor.

Sinder Velvin: So now what?

Chimere Graegyn: So go get the Spear. It's in a case in the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry -- The green crystal monstrosity south of the waterfall. You can't open the case yourself, of course. Magical wards and seals galore. But bring it back to me, and I'll have it open in a jiffy. Then I'll check the Spear for traps, curses, that sort of thing -- Can't be too careful with Daedric sorcery. Then you take the Spear, and you're in business.

Sinder Velvin: Right. Get the case from the green crystal monstrosity and bring it back to you and you'll get the Spear out, make sure it's safe, and give it to me. Swell. Thanks. Goodbye.

I went and took the Spear case. I then returned to the old man.

Chimere Graegyn: GIVE ME THE CASE. Right. Just as I thought. Just like all Dagon's other little protection schemes -- Just a few tweaks -- A pinch -- A deft yank -- And -- Ta da! Open. Just like I told you. Okay. Take the Spear. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Everything is fine. I've checked it completely, you're perfectly safe -- THERE! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! YOU'RE NOT EVEN A LITTLE DEAD. HAH-HAH-HAH! Still have the old touch. Right?! Right!?

Sinder Velvin: Phew. You're amazing, old man -- Ehr -- Your high wizardship. Okay. I have the Armor. I have the Spear. I'm the Man of the Hour. The Hare turns Hunter! Oh. Say. How does the Spear work?


Chimere Graegyn: The Spear? Oh. Yes. You use it. You know. Like. Grab hold and poke. Simple, really. Oh. And don't waste time poking anything but the Huntsman, actually. Cuts right through Huntsmen during a Hunt -- The ritual thing, you know -- But sharp as a butter knife on most Daedra.

Sinder Velvin: Grab hold and poke. Too easy, really.

Chimere Graegyn: Go out there, and make me proud of you. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Now. If you don't mind, I think it's time for my nap. A lot of excitement for an old man. But be sure to come back and tell me how everything works out.

Sinder Velvin: No sooner said than done. Goodbye, and thanks again. Sir.


I equipped the Armor of the Savior's Hide and the Spear of Bitter Mercy. I then went on top of the Granvellusa Barracks, where Egahirn was. I tried talking to him.


Egahirn: I am the Huntsman. I hunt you in accordance with the laws of the Wild Hunt. Tremble before your death!

Sinder Velvin: Look here. See? I have my own pretty Spear of the Bitter Mercy. Now. One last chance. Clear out, or you're smoke.

Egahirn: That thing? That wouldn't even fool a Scamp. Well. Perhaps. It does look remarkably like a real Spear. I salute you. A magnificent bluff. And it will make a good tale at the feast. But now, all good things must end, including you, my pretty little Hare.


Sinder Velvin: Mallethead. I wish you could comprehend your doom. It would make my triumph all the sweeter. But dumb stones do not comprehend. Goodbye, Huntsman.


After the cheating Huntsman went bye-bye, I went back to Chimere, to thank him, but he was asleep. I went and rang the bell in Trybador (No real point in doing it, actually, but I love irony.).



I then went to the Temple of the Daedric Rites in Granvellusa and from there to the Daedric Realm known as the Havok Wellhead.

Shade Perilous

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Frost Daedroth 1> <Fire Daedroth 1> <Frost Daedroth 2> <Seducer 1> <Fire Daedroth 2> <Dremora 7> <Dremora 8> <Deyanira Katrece> <Seducer 2> <Seducer 3> <Seducer 4> <Dremora 9> <Jaciel Morgen> <Deyanira Katrece, Again> <Jaciel Morgen, Again> <Dremora 10>


At the end of the third part, I went through a teleporter which took me to the part of Nocturnal's realm known as the Shade Perilous.

I found a note from Vatasha as soon as I left the teleporter. There was a Frost Daedroth not far away. I approached it.


Frost Daedroth 1: Interloper! This realm is not for your brittle kind!

Sinder Velvin: Who is this realm for, then?

Frost Daedroth 1: For us! With but an infinitesimal measure of our vast power have the Frost Daedra subjugated this land!

Sinder Velvin: Whom do you serve?

Frost Daedroth 1: You are not fit to utter the name of the master of the Frost Daedra, mortal!

Sinder Velvin: Why do you want this land?

Frost Daedroth 1: This land holds rich mysteries and great rewards. But not for mortals. Now I shall end your profane trespass.

Sinder Velvin: Talk tough to me, pretty boy.

I defeated it and started exploring the realm, soon coming across a Fire Daedroth.

Fire Daedroth 1: A party crasher! Wicked little party crasher! Did you think we would not notice your wicked intrusion into our new banquet hall?

Sinder Velvin: I should have known that one as great as you would find me right away.

Fire Daedroth 1: Your obsequious flattery has purchased you another moment of precious life. I shall torment your soul a moment longer before I send it into the darkness forever.

Sinder Velvin: I thank his lordship. Why is his lordship in this realm?

Fire Daedroth 1: This is our party! The Shade Perilous is the sweetest delicacy in Nocturnal realm, and it now belongs to the Fire Daedra! Our master shall feast with us forever within its darkened splendor!

Sinder Velvin: Who's your master?

Fire Daedroth 1: Such notions are beyond your ken, naughty manling. You've been wicked and you must be punished.

Sinder Velvin: What did I do to deserve punishment?

Fire Daedroth 1: You have interrupted my frolic! You thought you could come here to play? Now we will play with you! I shall sear your organs and shrivel your mortal soul with exquisite flame!

Sinder Velvin: Less chatter, and more batter, would suit me fine. Let's fight.

After sending the Fire Daedroth to a very nasty place, I spoke with a nearby Frost Daedroth.



Frost Daedroth 2: The great Xivilai Moath shall bring order and control to this dark land! Xivilai alone deserves to rule here!

Sinder Velvin: Yeah? Well, maybe Xivilai isn't the only one planning to harvest the power and glory for this triumph.

Frost Daedroth 2: Hah! Xivilai alone will possess this rich, darkling land! He is the true heir to the great Mehrunes Dagon! Faydra Shardai is too consumed with fripperies and foolishness to do the hard work of conquest. Her Fire Daedra are too frivolous to harvest the mana riches of this realm, just as they were too frivolous to help imprison the Nocturnal Lieutenant.

Sinder Velvin: So what are we going to do about those pesky Fire Daedra?

Frost Daedroth 2: Our accursed pact forbids us from fighting them directly. But we deserve the mana, and they deserve Oblivion.

Sinder Velvin: Tell you what. If you help me kill them, I'll do your dirty work for you.

Frost Daedroth 2: Yes! That is a most orderly arrangement! We agree, and to seal the pact, we shall gift you with the Greaves of Ice Crystals. Its potent charm will protect your bones from the scorching heat of the Fire Daedra.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks. Now we are great friends forever. Right?

Frost Daedroth 2: Understand that servitors of the great Xivilai Moath must continue to attack you as long as you are within the Shade Perilous. Flee vigorously from us and attack the Fire Daedra! Bring all our enemies to heel!

Sinder Velvin: Hey, what do you know about the Dremora?

Frost Daedroth 2: They serve our Lord Mehrunes Dagon through the court of the Grand Vizier, Imago Storm.

Sinder Velvin: What's this Imago Storm up to?

Frost Daedroth 2: He controls the details of the invasion, that our Lord Mehrunes Dagon may be free to think greater thoughts.

Sinder Velvin: Is Imago loyal to Dagon?

Frost Daedroth 2: What strange thoughts you mortals may entertain. ALL are loyal to our Lord Mehrunes Dagon. Now go and root out the interloper Fire Daedra!

Sinder Velvin: Thank you for your wisdom and generosity. Goodbye.

I kicked its spotted owl anyway. After going up with an elevator, I found a Seducer.

Seducer 1: What DO you think you're doing, you -- Wait -- Are you --

Sinder Velvin: Yes! You see your doom before you. Flee while you still can.

It tried to flee and I defeated it. I soon encountered a Fire Daedroth and a Dremora. I spoke with the Fire Daedroth.


Fire Daedroth 2: Our Lord Faydra Shardai is all-powerful! We exalt her name!

Sinder Velvin: Yeah! Exalt her a lot. Faydra Shardai, that is.

Fire Daedroth 2: Faydra Shardai shall revel in the Nocturnal ichor that flows with darkling mana! Only Faydra Shardai understands the beauty of that deadly power, and only Faydra Shardai deserves to keep it!

Sinder Velvin: Yeah? Well, maybe Faydra isn't the only one angling to claim the credit for the success of this little caper.

Fire Daedroth 2: But you are wrong! Xivilai Moath is too dull-witted to understand the power that is here. Faydra Shardai, greatest child of Mehrunes Dagon, planned this attack, and only Faydra Shardai shall drink of the rewards!

Sinder Velvin: But Xivilai's Frost Daedra are drinking rewards too. What do we do about them?

Fire Daedroth 2: Yeaaah! We can do nothing! Nothing! Faydra and Xivilai have a pact that forbids us from melting them to vaporous mists!

Sinder Velvin: Tell you what. If you help me roast them, I'll do your dirty work for you.

Fire Daedroth 2: Ah! Ahhh! You are indeed wicked! We agree to this bond, and to bind our agreement, we gift to you a Helm of the Fire Opal that will warm your delicate flesh when the icy winds of Frost Daedra wrap you in their frigid embrace!

Sinder Velvin: Great. Thanks.

Fire Daedroth 2: Be not surprised that we continue to attack you while you are in the Shade Perilous. We may not evade our orders. But if you shy away from our revels, and seek the plodding Frost Daedra, we will not have to melt your mortal clay. Now we dance the dance of triumph, and drive the Frost Daedra from our glorious party!

Sinder Velvin: Hey, what do you know about the Dremora?

Fire Daedroth 2: Like the Frost Daedra, they do not understand the pleasures of the dance. They have no joy in the revel. They even stopped our wicked sport with the lesser Nocturnal.

Sinder Velvin: Who?

Fire Daedroth 2: When we did capture and bind the Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen, the lesser Nocturnal Deyanira Katrece also became our prisoner. Our master, Faydra Shardai, sought to drain the lesser Nocturnal of her darkling power. Power for our pleasure. But the passionless Dremora stopped us! The Dremora are dry husks, and the fires of desire rage not in them. Their hearts are colder than the frigid Frost Daedra!

Sinder Velvin: So where are these Nocturnal prisoners?

Fire Daedroth 2: Wicked mortal! You ask for more than you deserve!

Sinder Velvin: If you want me to crush Frost Daedra, you better tell me.

Fire Daedroth 2: Yes. I see. Well. The lesser Nocturnal is the farthest cell in the southern vault. We visit her to torment her with Fire and Frost. The portal only opens to the command "The Gerent of Dagon Rules Here".

Sinder Velvin: And what about the Number One? The Noctural Lieutenant? Where's she?

Fire Daedroth 2: The greater Nocturnal is beyond the whirling spiral grinders, but she is beyond even MY power to visit. Now run, wicked one! Run and splinter the Frost Daedra, as you swore in your pact! We will cavort while you shatter the Frost Daedra into a thousand icy shards!

Sinder Velvin: Revel on, Fire Lord. And save that last dance for me. See you later.

I defeated it and then talked to the Dremora.

Dremora 7: You wish to stop our battle? We Dremora are not appeased by submission. We have no need of mortal captives.

Sinder Velvin: I'm not surrendering! I'm trying to talk to you!

Dremora 7: That is intriguing. What does a mere mortal have to say to a Dremora?

Sinder Velvin: I've had a chat or two with some of your oathbrothers, and I get the distinct impression that, despite your threats and assaults, you plan to preserve my skin for some schemes of your own.

Dremora 7: Hmmm. You are clever, for a mortal. And you have backbone. Perhaps we can make use of you.

Sinder Velvin: Only if I can make use of you too.

Dremora 7: Hah hah! But of course! Let us both use one another, and see who gets the greater use of the other!

Sinder Velvin: Good plan. So. Tell me how to free my friend!

Dremora 7: To do that one would travel beyond the gates of this land, thru the Chimera of Desolation, thru the Havok Wellhead, and finally to Dagon's personal pleasure palace.

Sinder Velvin: How do I do that?

Dremora 7: Only Jaciel Morgen, the immortal Nocturnal Lieutenant, can send you through the great locks that separate this realm from the next. But she has somehow hidden herself within the Shade Perilous. The great Daedra Lord, Mehrunes Dagon, was persuaded that this realm would be an essential waystation toward the conquest of Battlespire, and sanctioned our passage. But he did not sanction the overthrow and occupation of this realm.

Sinder Velvin: Get to the point, please.

Dremora 7: Understand. Dagon's Oathkin and Proteges, Faydra Shardai and Xivilai Moath, crushed this realm where they should have simply obtained passage by negotiation, or with limited force. These spawn of Dagon became -- Overzealous in carrying out Dagon's orders. The dark temptations of this Nocturnal land proved far too appealing to them, and they overthrew the Shade Perilous while their Oathfather was occupied with weightier matters.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. So you think Dagon will be none too pleased by what has happened here? And you Dremora are trying to distance yourself from Faydra Shardai and Xivilai Moath and their retainers, just in case the wrath of Dagon might fall upon them.

Dremora 7: Yes. Faydra unleashed her Fire Daedra and Xivilai's unchained his Frost Daedra, granting them free rein to lay waste to this precious corner of the Nocturnal realm. They relished the chance to revenge themselves on their ancient enemies, the Nocturnals.

Sinder Velvin: Well, you can't embark on a campaign of conquest without ruffling a few feathers.

Dremora 7: Quite true, but they have gone too far, and must be chastened. Now that Battlespire is ours, we no longer need to hold this land. But many Daedra minions of Faydra and Xivilai decided that this land was now their domain, and remained here instead of continuing to the next step on the invasion route. They must be expunged and good order restored -- In order to redress the balance.

Sinder Velvin: What order and balance would that be?

Dremora 7: The order to be restored is the order of the Nocturnals. As for the balance... Well, that is more wisdom than you require.

Sinder Velvin: How do I go about expunging all these miscreant Daedra?

Dremora 7: Invoke the names of their lords, and they will grow docile and circumspect. Exploit their divisions and they will fall like barley before the scythe.

Sinder Velvin: How will that get me to my friend?

Dremora 7: One who would free your friend must gain the secret of passage from Shade Perilous to the Chimera of Desolation through the fugitive, the Nocturnal Lieutenant, Jaciel Morgen. But I have said too much. No one must know of our discussion. I will deny all knowledge of our colloquy. Now be off. Count yourself luckiest among all mortals that we have deemed you useful to our purpose. For had our goals not come into alignment, the last wisps of steam would now be rising from your lacerated lungs.

Sinder Velvin: I thank your lordship for such kindness. But tell me, who do you serve? Who is the prime mover behind your schemes? Surely not Lord Dagon himself?

Dremora 7: That is not for you to know. All you need know is that I and my fellow Dremora serve the Exalted and Most Puissant Lord, Gerent of Dagon, Mehrunes.

Sinder Velvin: Yes. Well. That's all, then. Goodbye.

He had to go bye-bye too. After looking around a bit, I pulled a chain that made the gate blocking the southern vault rise. I found Deyanira Katrece in the southernmost cell, which was actually a bit large for a cell... There was a Dremora guarding it.

Dremora 8: If you have something worthwhile to say, say it quickly.

Sinder Velvin: Nope. Nothing to say, Really. Just Teasing you. Hah-hah. Isn't this fun?

After I defeated it, I talked to Deyanira.


Deyanira Katrece: Please mortal! Spare me! Do not look upon my misery. Never before has a Daedra pleaded with a mortal, but I beg of you to turn from the sight of my wretchedness.

Sinder Velvin: I'm looking for Jaciel Morgen.

Deyanira Katrece: Jaciel. Jaciel. Her memory haunts me. She is gone to me. I cannot feel the traces of her in my mind. No fragment of her lingers.

Sinder Velvin: Actually, I think she's all right. At least, a Dremora said that if I could free her, she'd help me escape.

Deyanira Katrece: Oh Jaciel! Forgive me! It was my foolish pride that cost my mistress her realm. In my vanity I pleaded their case with her. The Seducers are Lordless warriors, and might shift allegiance at will. I thought they might remain loyal to Jaciel, once they knew her honest and honorable nature. But the Seducers were in turn seduced. Dagon rules them now. Though, to my everlasting shame, I fear some Seducers went to him -- Willingly. These Seducers Dagon has remade in the image of his own greed and treachery. All this horror is my fault, and I must atone for it.

Sinder Velvin: Excellent idea. For a start, you can atone by helping me out. Where is Jaciel?

Deyanira Katrece: My Mistress has hidden herself behind the Night Portal and driven her spirit into the Dreamsleeve. When Nocturnal mana flows, the Night Portal opens easily, as do the portals to other realms. But Dagon's troops have stoppered the flow of Nocturnal magica, sealing the Night Portal and all portals from Shade Perilous.

Sinder Velvin: How do I get the magica flowing again?

Deyanira Katrece: The Magica Tourbillions must turn again. But they will not budge until the Wheels of Heaven read the great code.

Sinder Velvin: What's the code?

Deyanira Katrece: I know not. It is in my Mistress' Book of the Wheels of Heaven. I know not how the codes work. But my Mistress knows. I have heard her speak of the book, the stools, and the tourbillions that make all magica flow.

Sinder Velvin: ... Stools?


Deyanira Katrece: I'm sorry, but my Mistress has not shared with me the mysteries of the arcane. Seek ye the Book of the Wheels of Heaven, for it contains the sacred codes. Perhaps the riddle of the stools is also recorded there. The Night Portal is locked by four secret levers. And then, when the Night Portal opens, you will find my Lady bound within the Dreamsleeve. This is an enchantment beyond my understanding, but she has told me the secret of its unraveling. Speak in the name of the Nocturnals to shake the spell's bindings.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. I'm looking for the Book of the Wheels of Heaven for the sacred codes, and for some stools, and some tour-something-or-others, and a Night Portal, which is locked by four secret levers, and then I have to wake your Mistress from this Dream-whatsis. Sweet Mara's Milk, I have got such a headache. You wouldn't happen to know where the secret levers are, would you?

Deyanira Katrece: Tour-BILLIONS, manling, and you will wake my Mistress from the Dreamsleeve enchantment by speaking in the name of the Nocturnals. Yes. And the four secret levers are known to me only by word, and not by deed. I recall my Mistress saying, however, that one is near a podium, another underwater in a hidden grotto, the third beneath a table, and the last in a storage room. I wish you good luck, and good speed.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks. Don't worry. I'll get your Mistress free. I'll be back. Sooner. Or later.

One of the levers was actually in her "cell". I pulled it and went on my way, eventually encountering a Seducer.


Seducer 2: I SPIT on Dagon's treacherous dogs! You'll get no mercy from me, maggot-eater! Come. Come closer so you can hear my EVERY CURSE UPON YOU AND ALL YOUR SPIT-LICKING KIN!

Sinder Velvin: Look. I'm siding with Jaciel and Deyanira, and I don't care WHO knows it! So if we're enemies, have at it. But if we are allies, let's stop burning each other!

Seducer 2: Oh. Yes. We've heard about you. Leave us alone, and we will return the favor. Harm or hinder us at your peril.

Sinder Velvin: Understood. Truce. Goodbye.

I continued to explore the realm, eventually finding a letter from Vatasha containing information that was now useless. After a while I encountered an unfriendly Seducer.

Seducer 3: Things are pretty much under control here, though a few of the more stubborn Sisters are still hiding -- But -- You aren't --

Sinder Velvin: Afraid a little manling will hurt you? Come on. We're on the same side. Relax. Can you tell me how to get out of here?

Seducer 3: CURSE the GODS, it IS the manling!

Sinder Velvin: Yes! Behold the BOLD MANLING, and TASTE FEAR! I -- Hey. Where are you going?


I defeated it and, after exploring the realm and finding two more levers, I went to the room with the Book of Wheels of Heaven, where I encountered a Seducer. It greeted me the same way as any other Seducer loyal to Jaciel, but she had more to say afterwards.


Seducer 4: Oh. Yes. We've heard about you, and that you favor our cause. Deyanira says you will be seeking the Book of the Wheels of Heaven for the Sacred Code. There is a copy of the book here, and in the Mortal Sciences Chamber. The code will be a series of four letters, but they will be in the Daedric alphabet.

Sinder Velvin: Great. I am not real familiar with the Daedric alphabet.

Seducer 4: No matter. Look at the Hand of Kindness. There is today's Sacred Code -- Doht. Yoodt. Seht. Koht. Or, in Tamrielic, DUSK.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. So who needs the book?

Seducer 4: Perhaps Deyanira thought you could read, and that it would be a handy reference.

Sinder Velvin: Yeah? Well, I do read, just fine, thank you. And do you know anything about the stools?

Seducer 4: Stools? What stools?

Sinder Velvin: Deyanira said something about stools and the tourbillion things.

Seducer 4: Are you sure? Stools?

Sinder Velvin: Of course I'm sure.

Seducer 4: I know nothing about stools. Nothing special, anyway.

Sinder Velvin: Fine. I'll figure it out. Thanks for the help. Goodbye.

I found the Book of the Wheels of Heaven under the Hand of Kindness and continued my exploration. After a while I found a Dremora at a dead end.


Dremora 9: We think you'll find this Quam Amulet of Passage useful. Now, if you have no further questions, I'll be leaving.

Sinder Velvin: Well, I have plenty of question for you, Mr. Mysterious. For one, what are you doing hanging around in this dead end tunnel?

Dremora 9: Waiting for you. You are quite predictable. Now, it would be better if we were not seen together, so goodbye.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks for the amulet, but would you mind telling me WHY you're being so helpful?

Dremora 9: It's just another of life's little mysteries, manling. But you're welcome. Good luck, and goodbye.

Sinder Velvin: Always a pleasure.


It disappeared. A bit later I found another copy of the Book of the Wheels of Heaven in the Mortal Sciences Chamber. Afterwards, I went to the room with the Wheels of Heaven and pressed four buttons with Daedric letters on them, spelling the word "dusk". This made four platforms rise and it became possible to get to the Wheels of Heaven and turn them, which made a door in the southern part of the room open. Behind the door was a magical barrier with a riddle, but the answer to the riddle was also "dusk". I soon found both the last lever and Jaciel Morgen. She said nothing when I initiated the conversation.


Battlespire Readme

"Wow. I am being killed somewhat now. This is... Well... Pretty hard."

Well, duh! Your character is a green, though promising, aspirant in a desperate situation, surrounded by immortal fiends, in unfamiliar territory, with no line of retreat, limited intelligence, no allies, and modest resources. But, as your mom will tell you, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Don't expect to sail through Battlespire. Efficient operations behind enemy lines involve three phases: scouting, sniping and bushwhacking, and frontal assault.

Scouting: Fill in the map. Look for scrolls. Chat and run. Find the locked doors and figure out what the keys are. Pick up loose treasure. While scouting, run like a bunny. Don't fight. Use stealth, or Invisibility, or Etherialness. Avoid engagement until you know the lay of the land, the nature of the enemy, and the shape of your mission. Scout out possible allies and resources, and plan your operations on their availability. Run around incircles until the bad guys are out of spell points.

Sniping and Bushwhacking: Pick off solitary individuals. Use missile weapons or spells at range where efficient. Lead slow-witted, gullible monsters on long treks into deep pits where you can slaughter them at leisure. Sucker over-eager monsters without spells or missiles into quiet, secluded places where you can shoot or bake them from a safe distance.

Frontal Assault: Take on the tough guys toe-to-toe. Wade into the mobs of fireball-blasting fiends.


Sinder Velvin: Jaciel. In the name of the Nocturnals, Deyanira bids me awake you from your enchantment.

Jaciel Morgen: Awake. Awake. Awake. From sleep to despair -- And who are you?

Sinder Velvin: Er, hello. Pardon me if I guard my name, my Lady.

Jaciel Morgen: I rise though sorrow. I sink with hope. The night binds me in tiny steps.

Sinder Velvin: Indeed. I see. Well. You ARE Jaciel Morgen, right?

Jaciel Morgen: I murmur cold memories like the nibbling of rats on tiny toes in sleep.

Sinder Velvin: Unpleasant dreams, eh? Sorry.

Jaciel Morgen: I fade into the smallest part of my soul, a wisp of a whisper.

Sinder Velvin: Snap out of it! You've been released from your enchantment, and we have some serious business to attend to.


Jaciel Morgen: The shackles that bind me are far stronger than any mere magics. I shall remain here, alone. Let the Nocturnals come and find me stricken here. They will punish me, but they will punish the Dagon far more. There will be war in the heavens. The sky will crack, and the earth will split in two. All mortal things must perish in this howling storm of fire and night.

Sinder Velvin: Ah, that sounds like it would be bad.

Jaciel Morgen: It will be glorious.

Sinder Velvin: I think I'd rather stop that little war before it begins.

Jaciel Morgen: Catch your tears in a sieve of gold, mortal. It's too late for weeping. I have no tears left, and no pity for the tears of mortals.

Sinder Velvin: We can still stop them! It's not over yet! Think of Deyanira!

Jaciel Morgen: Ah. Deyanira. Her longing will not cease even in the face of overwhelming loss. How like a mortal she is. I could -- But no. The thought of her tears is almost enough to shake this mantle of anguish from my shoulders. Almost. But not enough. No, The only joy left to me now is the thought that the Nocturnals will scourge the Dagon until the magica drips in rivulets from his hollow eye sockets -- Twins to the tears I cannot cry. Farewell.

Sinder Velvin: Look, you can't get rid of me that easily --

Jaciel Morgen: Farewell, selfish mortal.

Sinder Velvin: But surely this is pretty excessive. I mean, you ARE a big-time Daedra Lady. Where's your pride? You're going to let those muttonheads push you around --

Jaciel Morgen: Leave me, mortal. Your miseries are not mine.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, this misery is yours, all right. Your faithful friend Deyanira says she will die if you don't return to rule.

Jaciel Morgen: She will not die. Immortals cannot die. Now be off, mortal.

Sinder Velvin: Right, right. So she can't die. But she IS very worried about you.


Jaciel Morgen: Leave me to my sweet melancholia.

Sinder Velvin: Fine. I have better things to do. But don't think you've heard the last of me. (That was not a big success. Maybe Deyanira will have a bright idea.)

I returned to Deyanira.

Deyanira Katrece: How goes your quest?

Sinder Velvin: Mission accomplished.

Deyanira Katrece: You return, and with you hope returns.

Sinder Velvin: I have spoken with your Mistress, but she's not been very encouraging.

Deyanira Katrece: I can feel my Mistress again. But I sense she has become dispirited by her deep loss. It is very much in the nature of Nocturnals to pine and mourn, even beyond the purpose of such grief. They nurse their misery in their bosom until their sorrow takes on a life of its very own. Until weeping is all there is. Until all the seas of tears run dry.

Sinder Velvin: I'm sorry, but she MUST be awakened, or I'm doomed, and my friend is doomed, and who knows what else is doomed -- Including you and Shade Perilous. What can be done?

Deyanira Katrece: Only the greatest of shocks can do that. A loss greater than the shame of the pillage of the Shade Perilous.

Sinder Velvin: Well, what else does she care about?

Deyanira Katrece: I know her better than any, and I do not know any such thing.

Sinder Velvin: Perhaps -- She does care about you, yes?

Deyanira Katrece: I told you. I know not.

Sinder Velvin: Your Mistress MUST hold your welfare high above lesser cares.

Deyanira Katrece: Perhaps you are right. But nothing short of casting myself into Oblivion could shock her from the refuge of her bittersweet melancholia.

Sinder Velvin: Hmm. Is there anything less -- Drastic you could try?

Deyanira Katrece: No. You are keen-sighted, mortal. I MUST leap into the darkness for her. Seek my Mistress. Tell her that should she not return to rule her realm, I will have no safe return from Oblivion, and remind her of her oaths and obligations. So honorable a Mistress would never be foresworn of her vows.

Sinder Velvin: Can I help?

Deyanira Katrece: I implore you. You must do the deed. Take this Soul Dagger. If you strike true, you shall loosen my spirit, and darkness will swallow me. Into the Dagger I shall pour my hope and longings, which you must bear as a token to my Mistress, that she will know what I have done for her.

Sinder Velvin: Are you sure about this?

Deyanira Katrece: I can. I must. The realm must endure. And for the realm to endure I must make this sacrifice. I thank you for your care, but you do me a kindness. Raise this Dagger up against me and smite me with all thy arm and heart. Linger not. I do not fear, for I sense honor in your heart. And perhaps a touch of love.

Sinder Velvin: I strike, and bless you. Farewell, and fair return, most fair of the Daedra.

It disappeared. I went back to Jaciel.

Jaciel Morgen: I have nothing more to say to you.

Sinder Velvin: I don't know exactly how to break this to you, but -- Well -- Maybe you have better take a look at this dagger. She said -- Deyanira -- That is --

Jaciel Morgen: Aaaaaa! She is gone! GONE! I should tear your beating heart out and force you to eat it in tiny bites, one wriggling, beating bite each century! I should flay the skin from your body and hurl your living carcass into the sea of my salty tears.

Sinder Velvin: She did it for you.

Jaciel Morgen: You, mortal -- No doom so slow, no pain so tearing --

Sinder Velvin: Nothing you do will bring her back. She'll be back in her own sweet time, from what I understand about you Daedra. And for all that sweet time you can think about how little you cared for her, and how lonely you'll be without her, and how much she was willing to do for you, when you wouldn't do anything but pout and snivel.

Jaciel Morgen: What you say -- Perhaps is true. Too fair. But... You BASTARD! You TRICKED her into this, to serve your own SELFISH ends!

Sinder Velvin: No. It was her idea. I haven't got her kind of vision. Or character. I admit. I'd lie like a rug to save my skin. But I haven't got the imagination to think of a thing like she did. And it would NEVER occur to me that she might do it of her own free will. In fact, I'm sorry. And ashamed. That I helped her to do this thing.

Jaciel Morgen: Perhaps I can understand. You are a mortal. And mortals see things differently. A mortal must never regret, never feel shame, for what it does to save its life.

Sinder Velvin: Normally I'd agree with you wholeheartedly. But that's not how I feel right now. Look. She isn't really dead, is she?

Jaciel Morgen: Daedra do not really die. Not as you know death. But we can sacrifice ourselves to Oblivion. As she did. Oblivion is existence and self-awareness without the ability to see, hear, or affect the world. For an immortal it is hell -- Unspeakable pain and horror -- Absolute loss. Eventually we do return. But not all return as they were. There is sickness. Madness. Change.

Sinder Velvin: I'm sorry. I hope Deyanira will be all right. She certainly has a strong spirit, if that's of any consequence.

Jaciel Morgen: It is passing strange, but I feel your comfort, mortal. You have so much to lose, you things of flesh, and yet you do not despair. An intriguing mystery.

Sinder Velvin: Yes. My flesh does have a lot to lose. And another, a close friend, is also in danger. So please help me. How may I leave this place?

Jaciel Morgen: All other portals are sealed, but there is a back door. To the north you must cross the Rock Sails to a lesser portal, which will bear you to the Hex Room and the Gate. Four anchors bind the magica forces; loose these anchors, and the portal is ready. To the north is a door. Say "djemekweh" to enter. When you reach the final portal, I will have had time to open it to your use. But the Dagon have set a seal upon passage from all destinations but those of their own choosing. You must go where they wish you to go.

Sinder Velvin: Not having a lot of choice is refreshing at times like this. Keeps things simple. And I believe I must go where the Dagon think they want me. I'll just make sure I have plenty of surprises for them when I arrive.

Jaciel Morgen: Your cunning shines with a brightness that craves requiting. In the brightest light or blackest dark, we are equally blind. It may be that I owe you something. Or owe it to myself, and my pride. But if in the end you must stand before Dagon, call on me. I will use you as a link for travel, and it may be that even my modest powers can be one of your little surprises for him.

Sinder Velvin: Don't think I won't call you. I'm going to need a lot of surprises, and a lot of luck. Goodbye, then, and thanks.

Jaciel Morgen: Just one look before you go, mortal. Abide with me a moment.

Sinder Velvin: In memory of Deyanira, I abide with you a short while, fair Jaciel. Then I must go.

Jaciel Morgen: Ahhh. So faint a candle is the mortal's light. Faint, and it flickers so! But indeed this faint light of mortals might light up the sky. O, but I shall remember thee. And see thee again before the end. Farewell.

Sinder Velvin: Good. But. Well. I don't know what to say. And haven't the grace to say nothing. So it's just goodbye, then.


I went north, jumping on platforms floating in the air. After some time I found a magical barrier, but I got past it by saying the word "djemekweh". I found a Dremora on the other side.

Dremora 10: Once again, you exceed our expectations. We did not expect you to find Jaciel.

Sinder Velvin: Yeah. And I know who your boss is, and can guess at your game. Imago Storm would be willing to see his Master Dagon cast low and himself raised high. Right?

Dremora 10: Nonsense. There are none more loyal to Dagon as Imago Storm and all the Dremora clan. We simply hope to expedite the Battlespire campaign with as little disorder and unwarranted risk as possible.


Sinder Velvin: Sure. Maybe Lord Imago is content -- Even comfortable -- As the power behind the throne.

Dremora 10: Do not question my loyalty to Dagon, or the loyalty of my Lord, or you will answer for it.

Sinder Velvin: Fine. I want to talk to Lord Imago. Where is he?

Dremora 10: You overestimate your value in our eyes. If Lord Imago wishes to see you, then you will see him.

Sinder Velvin: If I'm going to be your pawn, there are things I need to know.

Dremora 10: You test my patience, mortal!

Sinder Velvin: So why are you still talking to me?

Dremora 10: Eh. Eh-hmm. A good point. Set aside the posturing. I have something to say to you. We Daedra have a standard joke about news, that there is no good news without bad news.

Sinder Velvin: We humans have a similar perception.

Dremora 10: So. The bad news is that Dagon has your companion.

Sinder Velvin: What? When? How?

Dremora 10: We don't know. All we know is that Vatasha Trenelle has been taken to Lord Dagon's hunting lodge. That is all we know.

Sinder Velvin: I see. And your good news?

Dremora 10: We can help you rescue your friend. We will not tell you how, or where, or when, but will hold it as an incentive to your continued cooperation.

Sinder Velvin: Such faithful and trusting allies you are.

Dremora 10: Seek fairer allies if you can. And now, for more bad news. There will be a hunt. And you are the prey. Escape Shade Perilous, and you will be hunted within the Chimera of Desolation by the Rites of the Innocent Quarry.

Sinder Velvin: That would be bad news. And the good news?

Dremora 10: In the Hunt, there are rules. Turn those rules to your use. And on the ground, seek hidden resources. Seek a thing that once was a man. On him is the mantle of distinction. Be patient, heed him, and learn.

Sinder Velvin: Could you possibly be more obscure?

Dremora 10: You are not to be trusted with more. You are bound by no oath or code, save your own self-interest. We risk much in our dealings with you. Do not look for more. If we deem it safe, we will leave you messages. Now I must go. You have done well so far. It would be very frightening for us to learn that you are the type, and not the exception, of humans. Farewell. And in the Hunt, good fortune.

Sinder Velvin: I am trying to appreciate what you are doing. It would help if I could trust you and your boss. If there is common interest between us, you would be smart to make it plainer. Tell that to your boss. Goodbye.

It disappeared. I went through a teleporter that took me to the gate to the Chimera of Desolation.

The Soul Cairn

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Wrathman 1> <Boneman 1> <Wrathman 2> <Mistman 1> <Wrathman 3> <Mistman 2> <Mistman 3> <Morphoid Daedroth 1> <Wraith of Kirel Aman> <Mistman 4> <Wrathman 4> <Mistman 5> <Wrathman 5> <Wrathman 6> <Mistman 6> <Mistman 7> <Morphoid Daedroth 2> <Morphoid Daedroth 3> <Mistman 8> <Boneman 2> <Wraith of Paxti Bittor> <Wrathman 7> <Ideal Master 1> <Mistman 9> <Ideal Master 2>


At the end of the second part, I went through a teleporter which took me to the Daedric Realm known as the Soul Cairn.

As soon as I left the teleporter, I was attacked by a Wrathman. I tried talking to it.


Wrathman 1: I smell your life, and rave with hunger. I can suck you to a husk, and still scream for thirst. Run, now. There is no hope... Only horror.

Sinder Velvin: I wish I could help you, but I'm in real trouble myself. For what it's worth, I feel for you, but I'm warning YOU... Get in my way, and you're going to get hurt. I think. These weapons and spells, they are hurting you, right?

Wrathman 1: What can your puny weapons, your feeble sorceries, avail against an immortal spirit? I CANNOT DIE, you fool! CANNOT DIE! I LAUGH at your pity. I mock your tiny fists.

Sinder Velvin: You are a bad thing. Soon I will make you go away. Far, far away.

I tried fighting it, but it was invulnerable, so I fled. I soon encountered two Bonemen.

Boneman 1: We die. We pray. To live. We serve.

Sinder Velvin: You're undead. How can you die?


It didn't reply. The second one wasn't too talkative, either. I had to fight both of them. After I turned them into dust, I found a note from Vatasha Trenelle. One Boneman later, I also found a note on a wall.

After walking around a bit, I was attacked by a Wrathman.

Wrathman 2: You have taken my life, and given me NOTHING! Eternal happiness? Life everlasting? No! Eternal nightmare! Death everlasting! Nothing now. Nothing forever more.

Sinder Velvin: Sounds terrible. So, who do you think you're talking to? Or are you just talking to yourself?

Wrathman 2: What does it matter? It's not MY fault! You said I'd live forever. And this is LIFE? You CHEATED me! I HATE you!

Someone must have taken a certain Oasis song seriously...

Sinder Velvin: It sounds to me, friend, like YOU are the one who got yourself into this mess. Don't blame me. Don't fool around with necromancy, and blame someone else when you don't like the results. And if you go around sucking the souls out of folks, don't be surprised if they want to blot you out like a bug. Goodbye.

I avoided it. A bit later, I was attacked by a Mistman.

Mistman 1: Death is the Mother of Beauty.

Sinder Velvin: That's very nice. Very poetic. Thank you for sharing that. I would prefer, however, that you stop trying to kill me. Please?

It didn't reply. I had to fight and defeat it. After walking around for a short while, I was attacked by another Wrathman.

Wrathman 3: Cheated! Betrayed! Deceived! You promised! But you lied! Forever!

Sinder Velvin: Have I caught you at a bad time? Never mind. We can talk later. Goodbye.

I avoided it, like usual, and was soon attacked by a Mistman.

Mistman 2: The seasons turn to winter. In the frozen whiteness, time stands still.

Sinder Velvin: Would you please tell me how to get out of here?

I once again received no reply and was forced to fight it. I found another one nearby.

Mistman 3: We came this far for beauty. We came this far for love. From this place we can see forever.

Sinder Velvin: You're wasting your breath. So to speak. I'm alive, I like it, and I'm staying that way. Goodbye.


After I made the Mistman go bye-bye, I entered a room with a small pool and a Morphoid Daedroth.

Morphoid Daedroth 1: Come here, little manling. I won't hurt you. I just want to tell you a... Secret.

Sinder Velvin: Don't be tedious. I'm here searching for Vatasha Trenelle. I've taken the form of a manling to trick her. Now go about your business as if you never saw me.

Morphoid Daedroth 1: I have to make sure you aren't the manling. So I'm going to beat on you a little. So if you really are a Daedra, you can show me while I'm pounding on you.

Sinder Velvin: Come on. I'm a DAEDRA. Anybody can see that. No manling could wade his way through an army of daedra and show up here, fresh as a daisy.

After defeating the Daedroth, I entered a hall with inscriptions on the walls. Out of those, only one was of any importance. There was a Wraith in the large room at the end of the hall.

Wraith of Kirel Aman: I've failed. I've betrayed my sacred oath and trust. I swore to defend the Battlespire for my Emperor. And now I'm dead, and all in my charge dead, too, and the Battlespire in ruins, plundered by Daedra, and ruled by the Prince of Destruction.


Sinder Velvin: What? Who are you? And what are you doing here? And why do you attack me?

Wraith of Kirel Aman: I am Kirel Aman, Praeceptor Superior of Battlespire. I was sucked dry of my power by Daedra, paralyzed, dominated, and carried to this place, where I told my captors all they wished to know. I could not prevent myself, so deeply had they my will enthralled. Even through death I could not escape them. And now I am doomed to haunt these halls for all time. The madness comes on me, and I become a Wraith, a fiend, a monster that feeds on the souls of others.

Battlespire Readme

"Riddles? I HATE riddles!"

Simmer down. Riddles make some people's heads explode. So Battlespire always thoughtfully provides an alternative method for discovering any passwords or riddles you need. Of course, we reward clever players who admire our clever riddles by making their path a little easier, while other players have to wander around for hours looking for scrolls and plaques where we coyly secreted the answers to the riddles. You're welcome.

Sinder Velvin: I am searching for a companion who came to Battlespire for testing, and managed to evade the Daedra. Her name is Vatasha Trenelle. Is she here?

Wraith of Kirel Aman: I have not encountered another mortal here, but your companion might have passed this way without my knowledge. I cannot pass beyond the Daedric sigil wards.

Sinder Velvin: If you see her, tell her thanks for the presents, and I am looking forward to seeing her. Real soon. The Daedra are careless, disorganized, divided in counsel, and they don't seem to know we threaten them. With luck, we will avenge you, and all those who died at Battlespire.

Wraith of Kirel Aman: I bless you. Listen, and mark well, for the madness comes upon me, and I cannot command my own spirit. Lord Dagon, Mehrunes Dagon, and all his hosts fell upon us without warning. How they entered the citadel, I cannot know, for it should be impossible. There must have been a traitor. You must return to Tamriel, and warn the Emperor.

Sinder Velvin: You have my word. I will get word to the Emperor as soon as I can, and I will avenge your death, and the deaths of all Battlemages and guards who fell defending Battlespire. But I would not leave you here to suffer. Can I release your spirit from its ensorcelment?

Wraith of Kirel Aman: A Wraith cannot be destroyed, save by the power that created it. Yet I know another way. You may bind my spirit to an enchanted soul gem, and pledge that soul gem to eternal vengeance. I know the ritual, but cannot perform the rites without a material form.

Sinder Velvin: Could you teach me the ritual? Can I use this ritual on anyone?

Wraith of Kirel Aman: The rite may only be performed on a willing discorporate spirit. The praxis is necromantic, and evil, and condemns my soul to everlasting torment, but gladly will I endure such to avenge myself, my friends, and my Emperor. Will you learn this rite, and swear a solemn oath to wield the spirit-doomed device in the war upon our enemies?

Sinder Velvin: If you choose this fate of your own will, I am willing.

Wraith of Kirel Aman: Now compose your spirit, and speak the words. I myself will provide the praxis and the power for the rite. My ghostly form will disappear, and you will find a magic gem. Take this gem, use it well, and when you strike against our foes, think of me.

Sinder Velvin: I understand, and I'm ready.

Wraith of Kirel Aman: Repeat after me:

Thy power spend, thy form in flames,
Curse my foes, and curse their names.
Vest thy power and consecrate
This weapon's art to damn their fate.

Sinder Velvin: Thy power spend, thy form in flames,
Curse my foes, and curse their names.
Vest thy power and consecrate
This weapon's art to damn their fate.

The Wraith disappeared. I was then attacked by a Mistman.

Mistman 4: There will be no sad farewells, no tears goodbye. No death stalks this distant shore of peace and love.

Sinder Velvin: Is there any way I can help you? Ease your pain? Release you from the curse that chains you here?

No reply, of course. I defeated it and looked around. The chamber I was in was connected to the chamber to the north through a corridor blocked by a Daedric sigil. I decided to enter the large chamber with a pool that was to the west. I was attacked by a Wrathman there.

Wrathman 4: Once I was a man filled with love and hate. Now I am a monster, empty, and hungry. I surrendered my life, and now I must feast upon yours. Flee, mortal, for I have no heart, and would feed on yours.

Sinder Velvin: Can I help you in any way? Do you want me to put an end to your miserable existence?

Wrathman 4: How could you ever understand my pain? You know NOTHING. You understand NOTHING! You are an Animal... A weed... A STONE... Compared to me. I see all, feel all, suffer all, HATE all, FOREVER! You know NOTHING!

Sinder Velvin: I see. Excuse me, but this conversation has lost its luster.

I avoided it and noticed that the corridor leading north from there was also blocked by a Daedric sigil. I went back to the chamber where I had spoken with Kirel and from there went through the corridor leading east. I encountered a Mistman in the corridor.

Mistman 5: Judge no man, mortal, born to die, happy before his death. In death, all is peace and joy, serene, eternal.

Sinder Velvin: I naturally assume, you being undead and all, that you are suffering terrible anguish and torment. Aren't you? You sure don't seem all that miserable to me.

I fought it and then went east to the other large chamber with a pool. I was attacked by a Wrathman there.

Wrathman 5: Your weapons amuse me. Against flesh, they may triumph, but they scarcely stir the gossamer threads of the Revenant Spirit.

Sinder Velvin: Help! Help! I'm really, really scared. I'm going to flee in terror. Right now. PLEASE have pity on me, o mighty, wonderful being of eternal power and glory, and let me run and hide myself from your awesome presence.

I tried to avoid it, but encountered another one on the other side of the room.

Wrathman 6: Where is this land of joy and plenty you promised? No days, no nights. Tired without rest. Weary without hope. Time without end. And this is the paradise you promised?

Sinder Velvin: No offense, but you're mad as a loon. And not enjoying it, more's the pity. Is there any hope for your salvation? Or would you like me to put you out of your misery?

Wrathman 6: Listen carefully. We take little harm from your weapons or spells. Seek the Book of Rest and Endings. Speak the Words, and dissolve the Bonds.

Sinder Velvin: Thank you. I'll do as you say, and with a blessing.

The corridor leading north from there was also blocked, so I jumped into one of the pools and went through an underwater tunnel that led to the chamber beyond the Daedric sigils, where I was attacked by two Mistmen. I tried talking to the first one.

Mistman 6: We lift the veil, and enter into night, eternal night, glorious with stars.

Sinder Velvin: This doesn't seem to be very productive. Goodbye.

I then tried talking to the second one.

Mistman 7: Love is stronger than death. He who serves death shall not die.

Sinder Velvin: Words to live by. Hah- hah. That was fun, but it looks like I have to resort to violence. Goodbye.

I defeated both of them and then spoke with the Morphoid Daedroth on the other side of the chamber.

Morphoid Daedroth 2: What are you? And what are you doing here? Come closer, so I can talk to you.

Sinder Velvin: Report, you fool. What are you doing here? And who do you serve?

Morphoid Daedroth 2: Grr. You want to talk to me, you show some respect. Or maybe I'll pound you.

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. I'm a little irritable. It may have something to do with all the dead things shambling about. Okay. Where I come from, warriors have a little chat before a fight, get to know each other. Then, if you want, we can beat the brains out of each other.

Morphoid Daedroth 2: Okay. We talk a little. Then I have to pound on you. And catch you. Alive. Can't forget the alive part. So. What you want to talk about?

Sinder Velvin: Who is your boss, and what are you doing here?

Morphoid Daedroth 2: Xivilai Moath. He's my boss and he's very important. Mehrunes Dagon likes my boss a lot, because he's so smart and tough. He sent me here to guard this place and look for the manling. He wants the manling. Alive, he said.

Sinder Velvin: I just came from the Battlespire. Nice work. How did it go? Those Battlemages are supposed to be real tough.

Morphoid Daedroth 2: Battlespire was a cinch. Traitor opens a gate, we go in, mop things up. Catch Battlemages and guards asleep. Some are pretty tough for manlings, but just a couple. Hundreds of us. Bang, bang bang. Job's done. So rest of troops head home, leave Scamps and Vermai to clean up.

Sinder Velvin: Where are you supposed to take me after you capture me? Alive. Remember.

Morphoid Daedroth 2: Oh. When I capture you, I wait here a while, and someone opens a gate. I don't know how to open gates. So then we take the gate to Shade Perilous, then we take another gate to the Chimera and then home to the Wellhead. Okay. We talk enough? Now we wrestle?

Sinder Velvin: No. Wait. I haven't had a chance to talk yet. It's my turn, isn't it?

We fought and it lost. I soon encountered another one.

Morphoid Daedroth 3: Well. It IS you, manling. I hear you are quite the little fireball. They say for us to capture you alive. I tend to get excited in a fight, so please remind me about the ALIVE part if I seem to get too excited.

Sinder Velvin: Look. Are you SURE you're supposed to capture me alive? That's not what I heard. Who told you that?

Morphoid Daedroth 3: Capture the manling. Alive. That's what Xivilai Moath said. Capture ALL the manlings alive. So they talk. Just like the three Battlemages. They talked and talked and talked about all sorts of things. Xivilai Moath MAKES them talk. They were HAPPY to talk. Tell lots of secrets. Xivilai Moath MAKE you talk, too, you bet. Tell all your secrets. So. Now it's pounding time. Ready?

Sinder Velvin: Sure. I'm ready. But don't forget. Capture. Alive. Very important. Wouldn't want to upset your boss.

I defeated it and found the sigil of entry I needed among its remains. I decided to explore the formerly blocked corridors that connected the northern room to the western and eastern pool rooms. I encountered a Mistman in the western corridor.

Mistman 8: Beyond death, there is no fear, no shame. In death, the spirit arises, pure and proud.

Sinder Velvin: Where am I? Who are you guys? Or who were you guys? What's going on here? Can't you just give me a hint?

It was the usual story, all over again. In the east, I found an interesting document.


I went back to the northern room and kept going north, soon encountering two Bonemen. I spoke with one of them.

Boneman 2: We die. We pray. To live. We serve.

Sinder Velvin: You swore. To Serve. Your Lord. Commands.

Boneman 2: I serve His Will. I walk His Way.

Sinder Velvin: Go forth and smite my enemies. You know. All the nasty... Well... You know. Undead things.

It attacked the other Boneman and I decided to make every Bonemen I found do my bidding. After walking around a bit, I found an underground river and a boat. After I found an underwater entrance to a small cave with a very useful book, I went back and used the boat to get to the shore far to the east, where I encountered a Wraith.


Wraith of Paxti Bittor: And THIS is the thanks I get. Betrayed, tortured, sucked dry, murdered. THEN, for good measure, they rip out my soul and set it adrift in THIS gods-forsaken hole.

Sinder Velvin: Sounds rough. So who's the rat who betrayed you?

Wraith of Paxti Bittor: Those dog-sired Daedra, that's who. And that damned Seducer. AND that Sirran Angada. If I get my soul-suckers into that motherless backstabber, I'll make him a hot, empty husk.

Sinder Velvin: So. The Daedra betrayed you. I see. That's really terrible. I HATE it when that happens. Go ahead. Tell me all the details.

Wraith of Paxti Bittor: Well, I realize that it's risky dealing with Daedra, but that Seducer... Well, let's just say it may not be Eight Heavens, but it's all right. And Angada promised he'd set me up like a wounded survivor, a hero...

Sinder Velvin: Excuse me. Angada? Should I know that name?

Wraith of Paxti Bittor: Sirran Angada? No, perhaps not. A leechcrafter retainer of Jagar Tharn, the Emperor's Battlemage. He set it all up. I open the gate to the Prince, he comes in, cleans out the Battlespire, and I just barely manage to escape with my life, bringing the tragic news to the Emperor and Tharn. I'm a big hero, a personal retainer of Jagar Tharn, close to the Emperor and his family. In time, I get my own province. A great deal. And I delivered! But the scum cheated me!

Sinder Velvin: That really steams me. I hate it when a guy welshes on a deal. Look. What does this Angada guy look like? If you want, I'll look him up and give him a good thrashing for you.


Wraith of Paxti Bittor: That's generous of you, but this Angada has a special Transmorph spell, so he could look like anyone. Angada was posing as Lomegan Mariel, the Emperor's Personal Liaison to the Battlespire, when the Daedra took the place, but he -- Or she -- Could look like anyone by now. I appreciate your help, but you might want to run away now, because I feel the hungry madness coming on again, and I'm not much fun to be around.

Sinder Velvin: I appreciate the warning. Goodbye. Oh. But there's just one more thing. How are you with verse incantations?

Wraith of Paxti Bittor: I'm a master. Or... I used to be, anyway. Why do you ask?

Sinder Velvin: I've got a verse incantation you might find interesting... YOU SNEAKING, LYING, CRAVEN TRAITOR!

From fifty Fathers
Frozen in slavepast!
Rip from the wraithloom!
Sunder the lifeweave!
Lock tight in earthgrip!
Hold firm in gravefast!

The Wraith was destroyed. I found a note from Vatasha nearby and took the amulet she mentioned. I then went back to the western shore and, several persuaded Bonemen later, encountered a Wrathman.


Wrathman 7: Show me your little toys, child. Play your little parlor tricks. See how little tin and tinsel avails against the Soul Which Never Dies.

Sinder Velvin: With these words, I free you, piteous, unclean spirit, from the bonds of undeath.

From fifty Fathers
Frozen in slavepast!
Rip from the wraithloom!
Sunder the lifeweave!
Lock tight in earthgrip!
Hold firm in gravefast!

It disappeared. Afterwards, every Wrathman I found was destroyed this way. I then I entered a room with coffins. Coffin in the Soul Cairn were protected by a riddle, but I had found the riddle answers on an inscription earlier. I opened one of the coffins in the chamber and spoke with the Ideal Master inside.


Ideal Master 1: Who disturbs our rest?

Sinder Velvin: A celebrated master of arts martial and arcane, intent on a quest, and worthy of your aid.

Ideal Master 1: You are not invited here. WHY DO YOU DISTURB OUR REST?!

Sinder Velvin: A traveler through the outer realms, I have come upon your world, and found it wondrous strange. I seek to learn more of its mysteries. What is this place, and what is its purpose?

Ideal Master 1: You stand within the precincts of the Soul Cairn, an otherworldly refuge dedicated to peace, love, eternal rest and harmony. You stand before one of its Makers, whose name is so exalted you may not even speak it. You walk among its servants, who have pledged themselves in service to us, and who in reward have been gifted with life eternal and the peace that passes all mortal understanding.

Sinder Velvin: All this religious mumbo jumbo is making me nervous. Are you going to help me or not?

Ideal Master 1: Would you enter our service, mortal?

Sinder Velvin: I am surprised and honored by the prospect, but am curious. How might I enter your service?

Ideal Master 1: Put off your mortal garments, and stand naked in the spirit. Your stained tablet must first be washed white by the fires of mana.

Sinder Velvin: That sounds very nice. And how would I go about getting my tablet washed?

Ideal Master 1: Seek the twin Fingers of Life in the Chapel of Love. Stand upon the pedestal and bathe yourself in the manabeams. The corruption of the flesh shall fall away, and the spirit shall be revealed in its glory. Then may you stand before us and serve for eternity in peace and joy.

Sinder Velvin: Uh. Bathe myself in MANAbeams. Yes. Flesh. Falls away. In chunks, I bet. Sorry. I'll struggle along with my comfortable old stained tablet, thank you.

Ideal Master 1: Unless you join our service, we offer you no aid. Affairs of mortals are not our concern. Each mote of mana spent diminishes our eternity. Go and trouble me no more. But you speak with our brethren, who perhaps better recall wearing flesh, and who may look more generously upon your request.

Sinder Velvin: I shall certainly be happy to speak with any of your more generous brethren. Lots of you talking crystals floating in coffins around here, I take it? Dandy. I sure hope they are much more generous than you are. But thank you for your patience. Goodbye.

The Ideal Masters in the other two coffins in the room were also uncooperative (As in, had the same dialogue.), so I continued to explore the realm.


I soon found another Mistman...

Mistman 9: Deep be roots, sturdy be limbs, tough be fibers of bark and heartwood... But, mortal, before the winds of death, you cannot stand.

Sinder Velvin: I abjure thee, spawn from beyond the grave! Abomination! Unholy specter! In the name of all that is good and just, I revile thee, and pray for thy destruction!

Yes, you already know what happened next.


A bit later, I found two more Ideal Masters. Only the second one had something new to say (And boy, was it boring...).

Ideal Master 2: Who disturbs our rest?


Sinder Velvin: Look. I don't know what's going on here, but it smacks of necromancy, and I won't stand for it.

Ideal Master 2: Clearly you have little or no comprehension of necromancy, and are therefore in no position to judge. You are clearly mortal, ignorant, and pitiable, so I will overlook your impertinence. Now. Introduce yourself, or leave.

Sinder Velvin: As you have guessed, I'm a mortal. I arrived here through no will of my own, and ask for your help.

Ideal Master 2: Would you enter our service, mortal?

Sinder Velvin: I am surprised and honored by the prospect, but am curious. How might I enter your service?

Ideal Master 2: You must die and be born again. The form your spirit may take afterwards varies. You will have seen the servants of our realm.

Sinder Velvin: You mean I die and become a walking skeleton or a howling ghost? If that's how it works, then I'm not joining your service.


Ideal Master 2: Perhaps you can explain why we would wish to lavish our favors on one so churlish as to refuse us service?

Sinder Velvin: Daedra have invaded the Battlespire, the War College and Celestial Citadel of my Emperor. They have slain its guards and mages, looted its libraries and armories, and despoiled its arts and treasures.

Ideal Master 2: And how would this possibly interest me?

Sinder Velvin: The Daedra who invaded the Battlespire are here, destroying your servants and plundering YOUR treasures. They clearly plan to hold this place as a waystation between their own realms and their newly conquered domains. I doubt you would welcome the traffic, or the quality of guests that might travel this way.

Ideal Master 2: Yes. I take your point. I would not wish to stand between you and your vengeance upon these Daedric marauders. Very well. Listen carefully.

Sinder Velvin: I hear, and mark your words.

Ideal Master 2: Look carefully at the pillars which support our halls. Around some of these pillars are four bars. If you look closely, you will see that most are square in cross-section. Three of these are exceptional, round in cross-section. One is found in a Coffin Chapel. Another is found in the room with whirling disks. Yet another is found in the antechamber to the Chapel of Love. These three rods are the control rods for the Mana Font in the Chapel of Love.

Sinder Velvin: Let me make sure I have this straight. Most of the bars around pillars are square in cross-section. Three are different, and round in cross-section. These are control rods for a Mana Font in the Chapel of Love. Is that correct?? Is this Chapel of Love nearby? How will I recognize the Mana Font?

Ideal Master 2: The Chapel of Love is close by to the southwest. Seek the twin Fingers of Life which you must first kindle.

Sinder Velvin: Right. Step One. Kindle the Fingers of Life in the Chapel of Love. Then?

Ideal Master 2: Step into the pool before the Emerald Gates, and you will be transported to the top of the vault.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. Step Two. Jump in the pool and teleport to the top of the vault.

Ideal Master 2: Then take the three rods -- The Rod of the Pilot, the Rod of the Pillar, and the Rod of the Passage -- And place each, one by one, into the socket in the pedestal.

Sinder Velvin: Yes. Step Three. Three rods go into the socket in the pedestal.

Ideal Master 2: Then the Mana Font will send you to any of the known outer realms, provided only that you know the name of that realm, and that you speak that name at the Emerald Gates of the vault that encloses the portal.

Sinder Velvin: And. Finally. Step Four. Speak the name of the destination at the Emerald Gates.

Ideal Master 2: You DO know the name of the realm you seek, don't you?

Sinder Velvin: Yes, I know where I'm going. Thank you for your help. I am in your debt. Farewell.

I went back and took the rods. After doing that, I went to the Chapel of Love with an elevator. Several Morphoid Daedra later, I followed the Ideal Master's instructions.


Once I was done, I told the portal I was going to Shade Perilous. I then went through it.



Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to: <Perthan 1> <Vermai 3> <Vermai 4> <Scamp 7> <Perthan 2> <Dremora 1> <Dremora 2> <Perthan 3> <Rishaal Tamir> <Perthan 4> <Perthan 5> <Zenaida Nacarra> <Vorn> <Zenaida Nacarra, Again> <Gatanas> <Rishaal Tamir, Again> <Scamp 8> <Scamp 9> <Scamp 10> <Scamp 11> <Scamp 12> <Scamp 13> <Scamp 14> <Scamp 15> <Scamp 16> <Dremora 3> <Scamp 17> <Scamp 18> <Scamp 19> <Vermai 5> <Dremora 4> <Dremora 5> <Dremora 6> <Tanchelm> <Wonshala Keriayn> <Wonshala Keriayn, Again> <Sumeer Jabran>


Having explored the training grounds of the Battlespire in the first part, I went to the High Halls and Librarium of the College through the Star Crib.

Once I got there, I immediately found a note from Vatasha Trenelle. After reading the note, I spoke with a nearby Perthan.

Battlespire Readme

"I'm glad we had this little chat."

You will find gobs and gobs of dialog in Battlespire. Sure, they're monsters, but they have a lot of really interesting things to say. So we recommend chatting with monsters before you murder them. Some monsters will give you nice presents. Some will give you keys. Some will give you helpful hints. Some will even join you in your quest. On the other hand, some will tell you big fat lies, and summon minions to rend you limb from limb.

Some epic heroes have a nasty habit of slaughtering their potential informants. They just can't help themselves. Fortunately, we usually provide an Alternative Exhaustive Search Solution to permit such well-intentioned homicidal maniacs to collect all the clues and keys they need, even if they have depopulated the environment. On the other hand, the Alternative Exhaustive Search Solution is generally far more tedious and horrible than the Enlightened Meaningful Dialog Solution. Nuff said.

Perthan 1: Yes! I LOVE to talk while I fight. What shall we talk about? Wounds? Hot, dirty, monkey love? Splinters? Burns?

Sinder Velvin: I was just wondering. All I've heard about the sex life of spiders is pretty dire. So. Are you...? Do you...? Is it like...?

Perthan 1: Sex? Sex? You mean eggs and reproduction? That's boring mortal stuff. We get off on hurting things. Like you.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks for clearing that up for me.

After fighting the Perthan, I spoke with a Vermai.

Vermai 3: HNNNRRGH?

Sinder Velvin: See? Prit-ty wea-pon? Me not smack you. Me GIVE you! Drop prit-ty wea-pon right here. Prit-ty. Look. Emp-ty hands. You like?

I dropped my weapon.


Sinder Velvin: Oh, very well. If you insist.

I had to fight it after all. After that, I quickly spoke with another Vermai. It asked the same question as the one before it, but I gave a much more intelligent reply this time.

Vermai 4: HNNNRRGH?


After I was done with the Vermai, I spoke with a Scamp.

Scamp 7: Akgh! More MAN-thing. All SAME-same. Which? Serve who?

Sinder Velvin: Simmer down. Can't tell you critters apart either. I'm a man-thing, all right, but I'm working for your boss, so go about your business and leave me alone.

Scamp 7: Ahhh. Think me STUPID? You big fat liar, betcha. TAST-TEE liar.

Sinder Velvin: Right. Come get some sugar, bladder bag.


After I was done with the Scamp, I walked around a bit until I found and spoke with a Perthan.

Perthan 2: This is going to be fun, I hope. You aren't going to be boring, are you? I HATE boring. 


Sinder Velvin: You look like a fun kinda guy. What say we go put some lumps on those long-eared termites and the long-armed, dot-skulled clowns?

Perthan 2: Nah. Got to leave the shrimp and potatoes alone. Only one thing on the menu tonight, and that's MAN.

Sinder Velvin: Bon apetit.

After I banished it, I walked around and found a Dremora.

Dremora 1: What are you? And what are you doing here? Come closer, so I can talk to you.

Sinder Velvin: I'm a Battlemage. Let me show you my credentials.

Dremora 1: You do not belong here. Drop your weapons and submit, or be destroyed.

Sinder Velvin: I hope you've had a good diet and plenty of rest, because I'm going to take a whole lot of destroying, friend.

After I defeated the Dremora, I found a riddle door that led to a small chamber with another Dremora.

Dremora 2: You're still here? What in Creation ARE those Scamps and Vermai doing? Can't ANYONE do ANYTHING around here?

Sinder Velvin: I guess I'm just too tough for a bunch of wimpy Daedric lackeys.

After mopping the floor with the Dremora, I found a Perthan.

Perthan 3: Hey. I got to tell you. My venom? It's gonna make you flop like a noodle poodle. And when you're flopping? Hooowee! Then comes my special sharp-claw dance. La-la-la!

Sinder Velvin: OH-KAY. Glad we got that straightened out.

After a bit more exploration, I found a small Daedroth that looked like a little girl and was the leader of the Scamps. I spoke with it.


Rishaal Tamir: Hello, little manling. My name is Rishaal. A Bad manling took the voidguide without permission. That's bad. That's stealing. But you're a NICE manling. Because you will bring me the voidguide. That would be SO nice. And I'll give you a NICE present.

Sinder Velvin: Hey. Is that a door behind you? I bet you don't know where it goes.

Rishaal Tamir: You lose! Ha-ha! That door goes to the special SECRET parts of Battlespire. Where Sumeer is. He's very important. I'm supposed to bring HIM the voidguide, and he'll give me a nice present. But you can't go to the SECRET parts yet. Because I can't go to the secret parts yet... Not until i get the voidguide. And you can't go if I can't go. That's fair, isn't it?

Sinder Velvin: I see. I can't go to the SECRET places until you go, and you won't go until you've got the voidguide.

Rishaal Tamir: You're a SMART manling. You bring me the voidguide, or you can't see the SECRET parts. Nyah-nyah.

Sinder Velvin: Sure... But first you have to tell me what a voidguide is, and what my NICE present is.


Rishaal Tamir: Okay. The voidguide is a kind of key thing and a kind of map thing that guides a traveler through the big empty places to the place he wants to go. See? And your present is a SECRET... A surprise... And if I tell you, it will spoil it, won't it?

Sinder Velvin: Fair enough. When I get the voidguide, I'll bring it to you. Goodbye for now.

A short while later, I encountered a Perthan.


Perthan 4: This is not the time for chit-chat. We can talk later, when you can't do anything but lie there and spit out teeth.

Sinder Velvin: Why are you so stern? You must have eaten a bushel of prunes.

The Perthan had the same fate as the ones before it. I went through a riddle door and spoke with another Perthan.

Perthan 5: What do you want? I HATE talk.

Sinder Velvin: Hey. What's going on? What's happening here? Who's who and what's what?

Perthan 5: Here's the news. We WIN! Battlespire is ours. Mages LOSE. Doornail dead. Just tying up loose ends. And you're the last loose end.

Sinder Velvin: All done, eh? What about this missing voidguide thing I hear about?

Perthan 5: I hear the Scamps snapped the voidguide and hid the pieces, and now we can't head back until it is restored. Some scamp skins coming off, for sure, and roasted bosses, too.

Sinder Velvin: Har-har. Those scamps! Gotta love 'em.

A few banished Daedra later, I found a corpse next to a note. After reading the note, I went to a room where I found a Daedroth that looked like a woman who was the leader of the Vermai.


Zenaida Nacarra: Goodness. Where did you come from? I thought we’d done ALL the guards and the battlemages on the list.

Sinder Velvin: The voidguide is missing, in case you hadn't heard. I have to get that voidguide back, or the Boss will pop my spirit like a bubble. Can you help me?

Zenaida Nacarra: I think Gatanas has it, and plans to blame it on my Vermai. You'll need a Meht amulet, though, to pass a Meht sigil. Vorn might have it, but getting it out of him won't be easy.

Sinder Velvin: Thanks.


After looking around a bit, I soon found a suspicious-looking storage room with a suspicious-looking coffin and a suspicious-looking wall. Moving the suspicious-looking coffin revealed a suspicious-looking button which made a suspicious-looking passage open in the suspicious-looking wall. Going through the suspicious-looking passage led to a room with the Perthan named Vorn.


Vorn: Defeat me, and I taste bitter Oblivion... But I WILL return. For you, there is no return from death. Is this affair worth such risks?

Sinder Velvin: That's a difficult question. But I can't abandon a friend. Please... Tell me where Vatasha Trenelle is, and I swear you'll have no further trouble from me.

Vorn: Vatasha Trenelle... We both want Vatasha Trenelle. Excuse me, but... Finders keepers...

Sinder Velvin: Just give me the voidguide, and I'll withdraw immediately.


Vorn: I have no idea where the voidguide is... but I do know where I put one piece of it. And I also know you won't be getting your hands on it.

Sinder Velvin: I guess I'll just have to settle for a piece of the voidguide... And maybe a piece of you, while I'm at it.

It attacked me, but I tried talking to it again.

Vorn: Don't waste your breath, fleshchild... You'll miss it when it's gone.

Sinder Velvin: Sound advice. Do your worst, hellspawn.

Vorn received the same treatment other Perthans had received from me. While looking through itsremains, I found a sigil of entry. I went back to Zenaida to thank it.

Zenaida Nacarra: Oh. It's you again. Well, you've been quite clever, Lady Trenelle, But now we're on to your game. I have orders to take you alive... But I've never been much good at taking orders. Still... If you'd just drop your weapon and peel off all armor, I'll be spared the tiresome task of summoning minions to rend your flesh.

Sinder Velvin: If somehow I were to escape, who knows what kinds of misfortune might befall your enemies?


Zenaida Nacarra: An amusing idea. Very well. Poor Rishaal has "lost" one of her sigil amulets. I wonder how you got hold of it? This is a mystery, isn't it? Now... Go far away and don't annoy me again.

It gave me a sigil of entry.

Sinder Velvin: High One, your enemies are my enemies.

It then disappeared. I used the sigil of entry given by it to gain access to a storage room with some useful equipment, after which I used the sigil from Vorn to enter the room with Gatanas (Who's supposed to be a Dremora, but who, due to a mistake, appears as a Perthan in the game.).


Gatanas: Still alive? I'm impressed. You have grit, child. Have you wit? For I have need of such in my service.

Sinder Velvin: Make me an offer.

Gatanas: Take this enchanted Sigil Amulet and swear a solemn oath to the Great Powers upon it to serve me, and I in turn shall so swear and make you my chief lieutenant.

Sinder Velvin: That sounds like a good offer. Done.

Of course, it was nothing more than Daedric sarcasm. I had to fight Gatanas after all. After it went bye-bye, I found the voidguide behind a door. I went back to Rishaal.

Rishaal Tamir: So. We meet again. You've brought the voidguide, I hope.

Sinder Velvin: Yes, yes, yes. Of course I have the voidguide.

Rishaal Tamir: Goodie, goodie! Give me the voidguide RIGHT NOW!

Sinder Velvin: Here it is. So. Now. What's my present?

Rishaal Tamir: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sumeer will be SO pleased. I'll take this piece and put it next to the voidgate console, just like Sumeer said. And here’s your little surprise. It's a little Zyr sigil amulet. NOW you can go to the SECRET parts. Right through this door behind me. And here's another little surprise, because you're so NICE. This will get you into another someplace with NICE things. Maybe somebody will get in a teensy trouble if the NICE things disappear. Ha-ha. See you around.

Sinder Velvin: Thank you very, very much. You're a NICE little Daedra. Bye-bye.

Using the Daedric sigil of entry it gave me, I was able to enter another storage room with useful equipment. After I took the equipment, I went through the teleporter to the "SECRET parts".

As soon as I came out of the teleporter, I was attacked by several Daedra in a narrow corridor. After I spilled their ketchup, I went into the rooms connected to the corridor and spoke with the Scamps there.

Scamp 8: TIRED! Hate stupid MAN-things. Boss? Who? Tell! Now! Or bites and scratches!

Sinder Velvin: None of your business. And you can go ahead and bite me. Immediately.

Scamp 8: Want BITES? Bites SOFT parts! HARD!

Sinder Velvin: Right here, pal.

I quickly banished that Scamp and spoke with the next one.

Scamp 9: Whehn! MAN-thing, all LOOK same. You wizard? Chopper? Blood? Slave?

Sinder Velvin: Perhaps you’d like to tremble and fall to your knees before the Master Battlemage Clarentavious Valisious, who'd rather burst you than chat with you.

Scamp 9: Blah-blah-blah-blah-BLAH! Lie-lie-LIE! Now you get BIG bites and scratches!

Sinder Velvin: No runty, flap-earred daedra calls me a liar and gets away with it.

Same as before.

Scamp 10: HATES man-thing! Bites and scratches!

Sinder Velvin: The feeling is mutual, big ears.

And again...

Scamp 11: BAD man-thing! RIP stinking FACE! Bite and scratch and chew the TIPS and BITS!

Sinder Velvin: You know, sometimes I really enjoy this work.

And again...

Scamp 12: Scamp very sad. Rishaal tell Scamp "Bite nasty man-thing." But man-thing pop Scamp like grape.

Sinder Velvin: You are pretty smart for a Scamp. So I'll give you a count of five running head start. One... Two... Three...

And once more...

Scamp 13: Hey? What you do? You nice man-thing, yes? Act nice, and go away.

Sinder Velvin: Nice man-thing does as he pleases, and don't you forget it.

And... Uh... Well... Again.

Scamp 14: Help! Help! MAN-thing! KILL-KILL!

Sinder Velvin: No need to panic, little friends. Go FREE! Go FREE! I release you from your cruel servitude! Go forth henceforth, and love LIGHT and MERCY.

Scamp 14: Uhh... What? You... Be... Nice?

Sinder Velvin: I love all things, and only want every living creature to be happy and free.

After it fled, I looked around in the two rooms where I had found Scamps. In one room, I found a secret passage leading to a Scamp, a Lion statue and the legendary Scourge (Which I didn't take.), while in the other room I found a secret passage leading to a Scamp, a Lion statue and a voidguide piece (Which I took.). I spoke with the first Scamp.


Sinder Velvin: Ha-HA! I want to pop legs RIGHT OFF! And PEEL SCALPS with RUSTY METAL SCRAPS! Ha-HA!

Scamp 15: WAAH! SCARED!

Sinder Velvin: Ha-Ha-HA-HA-HA! Blood! Guts! HUGE CHUNKS OF SCAMPS MEAT!

It fled. I spoke with the next one.

Scamp 16: HELP! HELP! HELP!

Sinder Velvin: Look out! Behind you! Aggh! AGHH!

Scamp 16: Huh? Where?

Sinder Velvin: BEHIND you, nitwit!

It also fled. I walked around a bit until I encountered a Dremora, which I spoke with.

Dremora 3: No more tricks, Master Trenelle. Cute, but tiresome.

Sinder Velvin: This is not about Vatasha Trenelle. This is about you, my friend. You can go away, or I can send you away. Far away, into silent darkness, enduring pain, and withering despair.

Dremora 3: Nice speech, kid. But let me give you a hint. If Clan Dremora has a fault, it is the fault of pride. Perhaps threats may daunt other Daedric clans, but they only inspire Dremora to greater risks and dares.

Sinder Velvin: Thank you. Then perhaps we should prefer the more proper challenge? Your health, or mine, my lord?

After I defeated it, I entered a large room full of Daedra, where I spoke with a Scamp.

Scamp 17: MAN-thing! KILL friends! Rip flesh! Bite bits!

Sinder Velvin: Me? You must be kidding. I wouldn't hurt a fly.

After fighting the little Scamp, I spoke with another one.


Sinder Velvin: Oh, dear. I suppose now I must pound you to a pulp for a bit.

I had finished pounding that Scamp when I spoke with another one.

Scamp 19: Sneaky, lying, man-thing. Sneaks and cheats us, hurts us. Now we catch it, pull its arms HARD... POP!

Sinder Velvin: I'll take you on, and your squeaky friends, too.

Several pounded Daedra later, I spoke with a Vermai.


Sinder Velvin: Well, in fairness, I admit I aim to hurt-hurt-hurt you, too, you stoneheaded brute.

After hurt-hurt-hurting it a bit, I spoke with a Dremora.

Dremora 4: You are being difficult. You've only yourself to blame if we are forced to discorporate you permanently.

Sinder Velvin: Don't trouble yourself on my account. And accept my apologies in advance if I should inadvertently cast your spirit into Everlasting Darkness through the intemperate violence of my mighty blows.

After that Dremora went on a long vacation, I spoke with another one.

Dremora 5: You are bold to present yourself thus, Trenelle. I presume you have something you'd like to say?

Sinder Velvin: I'm not Trenelle. If you insist on that line, we're not going to get anywhere.

Dremora 5: To me it is no matter if you are the Emperor of Illimitable Splendor. Your presence is requested in the library. That said, I have followed my orders, and may return to the sport of chastising you.

Sinder Velvin: Well. I hope I am proving a diverting challenge for you.

I then spoke with another Dremora.

Dremora 6: Trenelle. We know who you are, so spare us the cunning conceits.

Sinder Velvin: Don't get huffy. It's not my fault if you've been played for fools. Now. Do you want to listen? If you'd rather have extreme violence, that's fine, too.

Dremora 6: I'm afraid we're not interested in anything you have to say, Trenelle. But if you have not yet spoken with Dremora Tanchelm, do so, please. That is all I have to say.

Sinder Velvin: I have heard you.


After I sent the two Dremora to a very dark place, I went into the Library and spoke with Tanchelm.

Tanchelm: Master Trenelle. This won't take long. I have something for you, and a few words.


Sinder Velvin: I'm not Trenelle. I don't know where Trenelle is.

Tanchelm: Very well. Your name does not interest me. Can I continue?

Sinder Velvin: Go on.

Tanchelm: You amuse us. It may suit us to preserve you from time to time. Do not presume upon this favor. The moment you are foolish enough to rely on our aid, we shall withhold it, and seek our amusement elsewhere. Understood?

Sinder Velvin: I think I understand. Go on.

Tanchelm: From time to time you may do us a favor. We put little stock by such, but small things may please us where large things would offend.

Sinder Velvin: I understand, and I agree.

Tanchelm: Your agreement is of little account in this. We do as we will. Finally, I have prepared a few notes for your review that may make things a bit clearer. Will you take them from my own hand?


Sinder Velvin: Yes. Thank you.

It gave me this.

Tanchelm: I doubt we shall meet again, and even if we do, I shall not recognize you. Goodbye.

Sinder Velvin: Goodbye. And thank you.

It disappeared. I then walked around until I found a secret passage leading to a cave with a voidguide piece. After I took the voidguide piece, I walked around some more and found a Perthan who had a sigil of entry for a sigil in a corridor leading to a female-looking Daedroth. I took the sigil of entry from it, went to the female-looking Daedroth and spoke with it. It was the leader of the Perthans.


Wonshala Keriayn: You are not stupid, human. So you will listen, and not annoy me with your lies.

Sinder Velvin: I would never DREAM of trying to mislead you, your Highness. I hope only to please you.

Wonshala Keriayn: YOU LIE! Listen, maggot, or I'll school your flesh to respect.

Sinder Velvin: So say something worth hearing, Highness.


Wonshala Keriayn: I have a piece of the voidguide. I will trade it for a weapon called SCOURGE. It's here on Battlespire, and its functions are protected by a magical warding keyword, but that's all I know. Deliver me SCOURGE, and provide me with the keyword, and you shall have your voidpiece.

Sinder Velvin: I agree. So keep your troops out of my hair, and I'll be back that much faster.

I went back and took Scourge. I then went to the Library and found a document about Scourge. Because I had both the weapon and the keyword, I returned to the Daedroth.

Wonshala Keriayn: So. You have FINALLY brought me SCOURGE and its keyword?

Sinder Velvin: I have the Scourge, and will give it to you only after I have the piece of the voidguide you promised in my possession.

Wonshala Keriayn: I will now hand you the piece of the voidguide with one hand while I accept SCOURGE with my other hand. As we each grasp these valued objects, you will tell me the keyword, and I will activate SCOURGE to prove that you have not tried to give me a false keyword.

Sinder Velvin: I agree. Here is SCOURGE. And the keyword is... Equality!

Wonshala Keriayn: SCOURGE, I invoke thee in the name of Equality.... YES!

Sinder Velvin: Satisfied, Highness?

Wonshala Keriayn: And with this power, I may now rid myself of your irksome stink... But... What... Oh... OHHHH, GODS!

Sinder Velvin: Farewell, Highness. I hear that a lengthy vacation in the Outer Darkness is a splendid tonic for the nerves.

After I tricked Wonshala, I once again started looking around. After I found a room with a letter written by Jagar Tharn, I entered a room with another voidguide piece. I took it and, while looking around, I encountered Sumeer Jabran, Dremora Lord of the Churl clan.


Sumeer Jabran: So. You're Trenelle. You've made quite a nuisance of yourself. I hope you don't mind if I summon my minions to rend you limb from limb?

Sinder Velvin: Do you suppose that being limbless might interfere with my ability to discuss delivery of a working voidguide?

Sumeer Jabran: Not necessarily. I've kept heads running long after the other bits have been put to other uses. But I take your point. What do you propose?

Sinder Velvin: I think a fellow with my talents might go far in Tamriel with a little backing from the outerworlds. Just a word here and there, a little help with the arcane and mystical. Nothing formal. No binding contracts, no oaths of fealty -- Just good neighbors with common interests.

Sumeer Jabran: Only someone very foolish, or very sure of himself, would propose so casual an understanding with a High Lord of the Clans. Very well. Let us be friends. And in expectation of your generous gift of the voidguide, be so good as to accept a token of my esteem? Say, a sigil amulet of my clan?

Sinder Velvin: I am sensible of the honor you do me. And by its sign shall others know where my loyalties lie.

Sumeer Jabran: It is completely as I wish. Now I shall eagerly anticipate your delivery of the voidguide.


Sinder Velvin: I go in haste, milord.

Sumeer Jabran: Please place the assembled voidguide in the gate panel before us. When you have tested the voidguide and are confident that it functions properly, I anticipate receiving a personal report from your lips.

Sinder Velvin: As you wish, milord, so be it.

I put the assembled voidguide in the gate panel and went through the teleporter, which took me to the Daedric realm called the Soul Cairn. Also known as the Third Level.

Weir Gate

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to:

<Scamp 1> <Scamp 2> <Scamp 3> <Scamp 4> <Vermai 1> <Vermai 2> <Clarentavious Valisious> <Rathine> <Methats> <Scamp 5> <Scamp 6> <Clarentavious Valisious, Again>

After I generated my character, I found myself near the Weir Gate. I looked around and saw three Scamps standing near a corpse. I spoke with all three of them.

Scamp 1: What? Manflesh? It talks? What WANTS it?

Sinder Velvin: Tell me how to get out of this place, and I swear by all the gods that you shall go unharmed.

Scamp 1: REALLY? Okay-sure. One way back to manworld, BIG boss sigil, touch, go BOOM! One way out, go with bosses. Ha-ha! Real safe. One way, ride busted magic boat, say bosses. Ha-ha. Real safe. Now, you promised! No hurt! Gods ROT you if you sneaky-sneak-sneak.

Sinder Velvin: An oath is an oath, and sacred before the gods.

I left the Scamp alone and spoke with the next one.

Scamp 2: Eyuh? You what? How here? You Trenelle-thing? Rishaal WANT Trenelle-thing!

Sinder Velvin: Fool! Touch me and die! But JOIN my Glorious War Band, smite my enemies, and and feast forever in the Halls of the Mighty. In fact, join me, and as a token of my favor, I won't kill you... Not even a little bit.

This made the second Scamp become my ally for a short time. I spoke with the third one.

Scamp 3: Oooo! MEAN mankin. Scamp aFRAID. Drop Weapon, so Scamp feel safe?

Sinder Velvin: Certainly. Pleased to oblige. There --

I dropped my weapon and spoke with it again.

Scamp 3: Why me? HATES mankin jabber-jabber.

Sinder Velvin: Tell me where Vatasha Trenelle is, and I'll spare your miserable life.

Scamp 3: Girly? Girly gone, fleshbits.

Sinder Velvin: Wrong answer.

After fighting the Scamp, I spoke with another Scamp.

Scamp 4: WHAT!! What want?

Sinder Velvin: Give me the keys out of this place, or you'll be one sorry little monkey.


Scamp 4: Keys? Keys in dark, NASTY place. Near my tail. Want look? See?

Sinder Velvin: No, thank you.

After fighting the Scamp, I spoke with a Vermai. I was hoping for an intelligent conversation. I didn't get it.

Vermai 1: HNNNRRGH!

Sinder Velvin: HNNNRRGH yourself and see how you like it.

After fighting the Vermai, I went back to the corpse the Scamps were standing next to and I examined it. I found two notes. One of them was a note from Vatasha, while the other one was a letter to someone named Mactana Greenway.

I started walking around the Battlespire's training grounds and found another note from Vatasha. Soon after I found it, I had another intelligent conversation with a Vermai.

Vermai 2: Hrrn-hrrn-hrrn.


Vermai 2: HHUUUrt! HRRRRRngh!

Sinder Velvin: Not ME, you moron!

Eventually, I found a large Dragon skeleton. Under it were a human corpse and a logbook. I also found a strange cog there. But I didn't take it.

Walking around the training grounds some more (And fighting a lot of Scamps and Vermai on the way, but I didn't have to tell you that.), I found a Dremora. But it didn't want to talk to me. Nearby, I found another one of Vatasha's notes.


Walking around a bit more, I found one of those anchors. I also found a warning about the anchors. Further up, I found some sort of mechanism with a note and a large door with a note. So the Star Galley was right behind the door. I looked around the room and, because some of the drawers looked strange, I clicked on them. The drawers moved out of the way and revealed a secret room. Inside I found the Battlemage Vatasha mentioned: Clarentavious. I, of course, spoke with him.


Clarentavious Valisious: At last! O, joy! Saved! Saved! Oh, I knew you'd come, I've waited SO LONG in all this desperate, terrible nightmare.

Sinder Velvin: Hang on. Who in Mara's hat are YOU?

Clarentavious Valisious: What? Do you know who you're talking to, you whelp? I am Clarentavious, the Emperor's Chief Artificer, and the only Battlemage left alive in this Powers-forsaken wasteland.

Sinder Velvin: Hah. So what kind of a deal did you have to cut with the Daedra to keep your skin?

Clarentavious Valisious: I persuaded them I was Taken and BOUND to them, ensorceled, ONE of them. But I'm not, I'm not... And now you're HERE! And safety, sweet escape, and an END to the nightmare, and the darkness -- Erm, but -- Where are the legions, to cleanse this realm of its infestation?

Sinder Velvin: Legions? Well. Well. Uh. I ehr um. Well. No legions. Just. Well. You see? I'm all there is. Here. At the present.

Clarentavious Valisious: No legions? Just you? And what use are you? USEless! USEless! All is lost! The Weir Gate is barred, and the Star Galley; that can only bear us deeper into the darkness and the madness. Well. That's the end, then. Here. The password to my chambers is "boustrophedon." It's on a piece of parchment somewhere around here. Take the password, and go to my chambers. Sever the last anchor, and we shall be done. You will reach them through a Mystic Conveyor, if you can get past Methats, that is.


Sinder Velvin: EEE-Easy, friend. What's all this about a star galley? A stove for cooking stars?

Clarentavious Valisious: You come strolling through here, you don't have a legion, and you know jack-all! Nothing! Go to my chambers. All your questions will be answered there. Then you'll taste of utter despair. Now begone, and let me make my peace with my ancestors.

Sinder Velvin: Right. I'm off to your chambers straight away, where all will be made clear. I'm sure. Perhaps I'll check back later to share your utter despair.


After I took the parchment from the table next to Clarentavious, I tried to find the chambers the Battlemage mentioned. But instead, I found the place mentioned in Vatasha's third letter.

Luckily, I had the sigil of entry necessary to get past. After fighting Vermai, I found and spoke with a higher ranking Dremora called Rathine.


Rathine: Gods and garters! Another mortal, here, wandering around unsupervised on my watch? And why do you suppose my nimble-witted minions have neglected to batter, humble, and restrain you?

Sinder Velvin: If the warty clowns I've seen so far are any indication, I doubt your minions capable of handling so grand a hero as myself.

Rathine: Indeed. Even as a mere animal, you tower above them in intellect. In much the same regard as we exceed your wits, I expect. I am Dremora Rathine. Ahem. At this stage humble grovelling is customary, accompanied by a handsome gift. Or alternatively a lingering death may be your object?

Sinder Velvin: A thousand apologies, Lord Rathine, but I am a stranger to your customs. What sort of gift is customary?

Rathine: I doubt that you can give me what I would really like, fleshling. However... I'll settle for the head of one Vatasha Trenelle. Bring it, and we might find a position for you here. There are many new vacancies here on Battlespire as a result of the recent unpleasantnesses, and I'll put a word in for you with Methats. Now go. As you can see... I'm inordinately busy.

Sinder Velvin: Certainly, My Lord. Goodbye.


I decided to banish it anyway. It left behind another cog.

I then walked around until I found a teleporter leading to Clarentavious' chambers. It was guarded by Methats, an even higher ranking Dremora, which I spoke with.


Methats: What are you doing here, mortal? Explain yourself! Are you the Vatasha Trenelle?

Sinder Velvin: No, I'm not - Do you know if she's nearby?

Methats: So what are you? I don't see your badge of service. Are you one of the Battlemages?

Sinder Velvin: Actually, no. I'm a student and I'm here for a test, but it seems that's not going to happen now, so if you could just show me how to get out of here, I'll be on my way. Thanks.

Methats: How amusing. The way out? Yes, certainly.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, thank you, sir.

It attacked me. After I defeated it, I took its pauldron and went through the teleporter. After looting the chambers of the other Battlemages, I entered Clarentavious' chambers using the password "boustrophedon". Inside, I spoke with two more Scamps.

Scamp 5: NASTY mankin! Die! Now!

Sinder Velvin: No, thank you.

After fighting the first one, I spoke with the second one.

Scamp 6: Ooh -- MANkin! Drops its weapons? SURE we'll be NICE!

Sinder Velvin: Fool! Do I LOOK like a mankin? Methats calls, and when called, dogs crawl to their masters.

Scamp 6: Oh! Oh! Oh! No!! We didn't! It was the VerMAI! It was all the VERMAI! We didn't touch the Anchors, or the Cogs!

Sinder Velvin: And a good thing too. We are gratified by the zeal with which you inform upon your co-workers. Now. Go away. Be busy about your tasks. Goodbye.

After taking the cog from Clarentavious' chambers, I found a document which explained much.

I went back to Clarentavious and spoke with him.

Clarentavious Valisious: You again! Why is the anchor still intact? Have - You - Learned - NOTHING?

Sinder Velvin: I've been to your rooms and I've read your note. Where are the rest of the cogs?

Clarentavious Valisious: So now you see. They are too strong, and the Star Galley just delivers us among more powerful foes. As for the cogs? Gone. Lost. Scattered into the hands of the Enemy. It matters not. Make your peace with the Great Powers, and sever the final anchor. Hope is lost. All that remains is an honorable death.

Sinder Velvin: Ahah! You little conceive with whom you speak. For I have just recently been awarded SECOND PLACE in the Imperial Martial Arts competition.

Clarentavious Valisious: Second place? Oh, good. Good. That's very encouraging. Now. Please. Set free the last anchor, and we can end this tragedy with stoic dignity.

Sinder Velvin: Consider, Aged Father. I might have a chance against these fiends if you were to lend me the TYPOS SOPHIA!

Clarentavious Valisious: You must be MAD! That Methats! HE'll be in my MIND! Drawing my soul through TORMENT! Sucking me DRY! He'll PEEL MY SKIN FROM MY BONES!

Sinder Velvin: Look. What if I did Methats for you? Knocked him into Oblivion, or the Thirteen Hells, or wherever Daedra go when you smack their spirits right out of time and space?

Clarentavious Valisious: You're priceless! So naive! Yes. Cast Methats from the world, and I'll give you the Typos Sophia! Absolutely. Why not? While you're about it, bring me his right pauldron, where he wears his seal, as proof of your deed. Might as well grab the seals of the Thirteen Patrons and the Eight Powers while you're at it. Hah-hah-ha! Hah-hah-hah!

Sinder Velvin: What, you mean, like THIS pauldron HERE?

Clarentavious Valisious: By the Powers! You amaze me! Very well. Take the Typos Sophia. Much good may it do you in the Colleges. But you shall see. Yes, you'll see soon enough. These creatures you see here are but pups compared with their masters. As you dangle for eternity in some daedric pit of horrors, you'll wish you'd taken my advice and died gloriously with me in the ruins of Battlespire.

Sinder Velvin: Look, old man. Hide here in closet if you must, but don't kill yourself and don't set Battlespire drifting off to ends of time. SOMEone has to stick around here and report to the legions. So tighten up. I'll see you later.


After taking the Typos Sophia staff, I went through the training grounds again, taking all the cogs and activating all the anchors. I then went back to the Star Galley Mechanism, put the gears there (Thus opening the door.) and went into the Star Crib teleporter, which transported me to the High Halls and Librarium of the College. Also known as the Second Level.

Starlover's Log

Samar Starlover

[[Scrawled hastily on a page from a log journal]]

6th moon ....... "Alas, the Battlespire appears to be falling into the hands of evil. Their many attempts in the past have failed, until now. Dagon seems to have new minions at his side this time. These new horrors are not at all too powerful beyond our magicks and weaponry, but their numbers are feverishly great. We grow low on supplies and soldiers for this holdout. I fear the worst."

8th moon ....... "I have presented to the few remaining Battlemages my last hope plan. I will fight my way to the bowells of the Battlespire, where I will mount Dragonne Papré, my Dragon companion. From his lair, we will take flight. Since the Weir Gate has been taken, teleportation is not possible. Only Papré can make such a journey to the Imperial Palace. There, we will report the evil infection and return with a regimental force of rescue. May the Powers be with me."

9th moon........ "It is as I feared. A carcass is all I have come to find. They have sealed the main gate so Papré could not escape. I am not sorrowful though, for I will be eternally reunited with Dragonne Papré. Hope for the living is lost. My name is Samar Starlover. Tell my sister I am dead, and if all the seas were ink, I could not write enough how I shall miss her."

The Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire Storyline

Sinder Velvin

So, you want to find out what the storyline of Battlespire is. Or, in case you've played Battlespire, you want to refresh your memory about the storyline. I have absolutely nothing against you refreshing your memory, and I have absolutely nothing against you finding out what the storyline of Battlespire is, either, but in case of the latter I must warn you that here you will stumble upon many spoilers. It's always nicer to discover the story all by yourself, but if you absolutely certainly positively must read on, be my guest.


Battlespire Readme

"I don't think we're in Tamriel anymore, Toto."

Veterans of Arena and Daggerfall! Warning! Battlespire is Extra Not Like Arena and Daggerfall, for one thing, and Battlespire takes place in a place Not At All Like Tamriel.

Arena and Daggerfall are Huge, Sprawling Persistent Worlds. There are towns with guilds for training and quests, and places to sell loot and buy equipment. When you run low on health and spell points, you sleep, and voila! Back to 100%.

In Battlespire, the only ways to increase skills are to use them, or spend build points between levels. There is only one quest -- Find your companion, and get out alive. There's no place to sell any loot you can't use, and there's a limit to what you can carry from level to level. Use it, or lose it. And you can't sleep to heal. You CAN often find nice blue gems which restore health and spell points when you click on them or run into them. [These blue gems kinda disappear for a while as they recharge, but they return. Honest.] And you will be Very Glad to find Cure Health and Restoration potions, or magic items with Healing or Magica Resartus powers.

Furthermore, your poor character is stranded in the Daedric Realms. This is not very much like the comparatively benign and picturesque lands of Tamriel.

The Daedric Realms are populated by immortal Daedra, not mortal beings. When you destroy their forms, they are cast into Oblivion for a while. This is No Fun, but it isn't like dying, and it makes Daedra kinda casual about wading into a dustup. And the Daedric Realms are weird. There's plenty of magical energy around, and this makes for a rather strange geography. Also, Daedric architecture and workmanship are fairly eccentric, mostly because Daedra are, by and large, crazy as rats in a drainpipe.

So. This is the World of the Elder Scrolls, and much of what you see will be familiar, but much will be not at all familiar, and sometimes bewildering. We're sorry. But it's just those darned Daedra. Really.

The game takes place in the Third Era, during Jagar Tharn's imposture. The player's character is an aspiring Imperial Battlemage who enters the Imperial Battlemage war college, the Battlespire, (Which is in a pocket dimension in Oblivion.) through the Weir Gate, supposedly for his/her final admittance test. Instead, he/she quickly finds out that the Battlespire's staff are dead and that the war college has been overrun by Daedra. There is no way back to Tamriel, because the Weir Gate is blocked by a Daedric sigil. His/her only friend is an agent (Who is female and is called "Vatasha Trenelle" if the player decides to use a male character and who is male and is called "Josian Kaid" if the player decides to use a female character.) who keeps leaving notes and equipment around for the player.

The plot is rather ambiguous at times, but I'll do my best to present it to you in a way that makes sense. I will not, however, describe every single chamber like I did in the Redguard Storyline, nor will I describe the layout and geography of the places in the game, first of all because I don't even know the purpose of some places, second of all because it's not really worth it. As for the dialogue, while in conversations the player can usually choose between several things to say, I've decided to only include the funniest options (When all options lead to the same result.) or the option that leads to the most information being revealed. Know that there is only a limited number of possible conversations on each level for each monster. Meaning that if you talk to a Spider Daedroth and get a certain conversation, you will probably get the same conversation later on. Therefore, if I claim that a Spider Daedroth says something, he's not the only Spider Daedroth who says that unless I say that it has unique dialogue.

Because I played a male character throughout the game, the name of the main character's friend will appear as "Vatasha Trenelle".