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The Sticky-Fingered Lute

Kinlady Lairilcilwe

Letter by Kinlady Lairilcilwe
Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Honored Sapiarch Tematilana,

Thank you for your most gracious acceptance of my son's case. As a mother, my only wish is that you may help Narlindri recover as soon as possible. I fear he has not slept in days, so he most likely will not be able to answer your questions. I hope my account will be sufficient for your needs.

Upon further inspection, we still are unsure of who gifted Narlindril the lute. He just turned twelve, and the celebration banquet had a great deal of guests and presents. I fear that we'll never found out, given my son's current state. Now I can see that it was most obviously a trap.

The lute was beautiful, and Narlindril took to it right away. That very night he began to attempt the first song which came with the accompanying music book. At first I thought him merely diligent, but as the night wore on I grew tired of the noise. When I told him to cease, he refused to meet my eye and simply kept playing. No matter what I said, I couldn't get him to stop. Finally, I grabbed the lute from his hands, demanding he go to his room for the evening.

He didn't say anything at first, but began to tremble. His entire body, shaking all at once. Then he fell to the ground in anguish, his limbs convulsing. He cried out, "Mother! Please, give me the lute!" his voice pained, as if he was being tortured.

Of course I gave him back the lute, fearful for my son's life. He hasn't stopped playing since, and we're reaching our third day. Our family's healers haven't left his side, but it pains me to see his fingers cut and bleed. He hasn't slept, he barely drinks and eats, and always he plays that cursed lute.

My husband will accompany Narlindril on his journey, and can answer any further questions you have. Please, if anything can be done, our family will owe you a great debt. No cost is too great for the life of our only son.

Reverently yours,
Kinlady Lairilcilwe

The Unraveling Staff

Judicator Umberwen

Report of Judicator Umberwen
Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Report 4587: Sun's Height, 27th

Suspect taken into custody and staff under magical quarantine. Official documents within suspect's home reveals he was commissioned to create the staff for a prominent weaver within the city. It's theorized that the staff was originally intended to unravel tangled threads.

Several eye witness accounts have been collected from the incident:

"Yes, I've been Anillyon's neighbor for several years now. He told me all about it. Called it the Unraveling Staff. Last I heard, it was working spectacularly. Why, what happened?"

"It was madness! He was running down the street, laughing maniacally. And everywhere he pointed, the poor mer's clothes would just fall right apart! So embarrassing."

"I don't know about clothes falling apart. I was too distracted by the buildings coming undone! Stones and planks, flying from their place as if they were alive. I didn't know about—how many deaths, did you say?"

"Yes, I saw it. He pointed the staff and—oh, she was just a young woman. I'll try to describe it but. Oh, that poor thing. It's as if her flesh just—I'm sorry, I don't think I can continue."

Suspect detained until court approved date. No bail will be offered.

Coldwind's Skull


When King Torug was alive, he allied with the mightiest of the snow bears of Wrothgar. The beast earned the name "Coldwind" by being fast and icily brave while serving as the king's mount in hundreds of battles.

After many years, however, Coldwind grew weary. Torug found her a den in the far north. There, the snow bear slept, ate, and mated, passing on her bloodline to many powerful cubs. Eventually, Coldwind succumbed to old age. King Torug turned part of the den into a tomb for his faithful friend and sealed it away.

One day, it is said, Coldwind will rise again. The sign of her reawakening will be the claiming of her skull. Only a hero of Wrothgar can perform this deed - or so the legend say.

Chestplate of Desiccation

Wuja-Nakal and Glenadir

Interview of Wuja-Nakal, Former Slave
Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Yes, our Telvanni jailers would often use this as a punishment. For one of my kind, there are few greater displeasures than the feeling of dryness. We are used to heat of course, but the humid heat of the Black Marsh swamps. Not this.

They had more mundane means to dry out a Saxhleel. They would lock us in cages, allow the summer's sun to do their work. But during the rainy days, or as the fog rolled across the islands, they would force us to wear this. Bind our hands so we couldn't remove it. Wait for the chestplate to take effect.

The feeling was slow, but after the first time. The dread was choking, knowing what was to come. It would begin as a slight discomfort, almost just an itch. The tips of your scales would feel it first, but slowly it would sink down to your center. Your tongue would feel shriveled in your mouth. You would close your eyes, but nothing could soothe them. Your hide would slowly tighten, inch by inch.

They always made sure you didn't die, no matter how much you craved it.

Chest of Condemnation

Portia and Glenadir

Quote from Auctioneer Portia
Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Now, before we start the bidding on this lovely chest, a word of warning. This is not a purchase for the faint of heart! There's all types of tales on the origins of such a piece, but little is known. What we are sure of? This is a heavily cursed item!

Listen close, ladies and gents, listen close. You hear that? A soft moaning, muffled. That's no parlor trick! I haven't stuffed an assistant in there, if that's what you think. No, the Chest of Condemnation always cries out, though no one knows why. What lies inside? Another mystery, I'm afraid. Though perhaps you'll be the deft hand to break its seal. Wouldn't recommend it though, if I were you.

But that's not it's true curse, oh no. A bit of groaning and moaning, well, what's the harm in that? But after awhile, well, it tends to drive folks a bit nutty. They say all the previous owners of this chest turned plum mad after awhile. We here tend to keep it under lock and key, far away from any ears. You'll most likely want to do the same.

Now, let's start the bidding at, shall we say, 50,000 gold pieces?

Fan of False-Face

Speaker Gilzaron

Letter by Speaker Gilzaron 
Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

I trust you with this job Rizikeh, so don't let this warning dissuade you. It has been many years since I've allowed a member to use this item, powerful an asset as it is. But your mark is no easy target. Mangifico Nadbushar knows that his life has been called for, and his fear runs deep.

You have your required items, and Nadbushar's advisor should be easy enough to capture. You'll want to keep her alive, as the fan's magic will only work on a living victim. Make sure it is only when you two are alone that the fan is unfurled. Place it between your faces, staring deep within its folds. By the time you next blink, you shall possess Advisor Imrasah's face.

This is where time is most crucial. The effects of the fan will be slow, but constant. You'll immediately feel a discomfort that your training should allow you to overcome. Slowly though, as the night continues, your true self shall fade away. You will begin to think as Imrasah does, begin to believe you are her. Before morning's light the transformation will be complete. You cannot let that happen.

Poison the drink, hand it to Nadbushar, and leave the banquet. Return to Imrasah and use the fan once more. Only this will allow you to keep yourself. Otherwise, you shall be lost forever within the body of a royal's advisor. A fate worse than death, in my humble opinion

Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief


A powerful riekr who refers to himself as "the King-Chief" currently terrorizes the land to the northeast of Orsinium. He wields an ancient scepter that the museum believes was crafted by Kloth, first chief of the Orgak Orc clan that once flourished in northern Wrothgar. It was a symbol of power and authority for the Orc clan and appears to be used in similar fashion by the self-styled king-chief.

No Orsimer can rest while this historic relic remains in the hands of a lowly riekr—no matter how powerful that lowly riekr may be.

Armlet of Torug


"King Torug", founder of the original city of Orsinium, possessed a powerful relic known as the Armlet of Torug. According to legend, the armlet is a magical bracelet encrusted with gems. With its power, Torug was able to tame the savage wilderness of Wrothgar and establish the first city of Orsinium.

Ancient text fragments describe the armlet, Torug's shrine, and something called "Sorrow's Kiss." Armed only with these hints", the famed explorer Lady Clarisse Laurent agreed to lead an expedition to the summit to find and retrieve the relic on behalf of the House of Orsimer Glories.

As with all items of historic significance, please remember not to touch anything in the museum.

Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy


History isn't relegated to the past. It is created every day with each significant event that takes place. Take, for example, the threat of the ogre shaman, Mad Urkazbur. This ogre elder has arisen as a powerful leader among the brutish creatures, gathering a small army in the wilds of northern Wrothgar.

Not only does the mad ogre command his powerful brethren, but he seems to posses the magic to control snow and ice. His impressive abilities include the power to create enchanted duplicates of himself made entirely of ice. These effigies start out small, about the size of a child's doll, and grow large enough to fight at his side.

Once this clear and present danger is dealt with, the museum would love to display an ice-effigy to commemorate the event. If collected before fully enchanted, the effigy remains small and frozen—a perfect relic of a recent threat.

Map of Clans


For most of its history, the Orsimer people have shunned written records and relied on oral traditions. But one early Orc scholar, Thugbo gro-Thutt, collected the oral tradition in the celebrated volume, "History of the 13 Clans." Though the original manuscript was lost and probably destroyed (not every clan agreed with Thugbo's account of origins and territory), the map depicting the locations of the first strongholds survived.

Worn by time and stained with water, ale, and blood, Thugbo's Map of Clans indicates where he believed each of the 13 clans established their homes at the end of the Dawn Era. It only survived because it somehow found its way into a Breton museum. King Kurog purchased the map, but the courier never arrived.