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Lirendel's Family Shrine


Auri-El's honor and praise to the line of Nivulirel. Let this august name ring out among the stars. Behold! Behold the name of the glorious forebears.

Rumilion 'len Inecil Culanarin Salolinwe 'ata Piryaden-Itelnoril Hilnore Firlamil 'cal Ternerben-Nivulirel

The Pretension of High Elf Jewelry


By Elredith, Elden Root Jewelry Crafter

It's not like jewelry isn't important to us Wood Elves, truly. There are few things more appreciated than carving the bones of a fallen enemy for your sweetheart back home. That, alongside a well cooked hunk of haunch, and you have yourself a romantic little setup right there.

But, like most things, the High Elves take jewelry crafting to an entirely new level. They don't see it as a simple career choice. By Y'ffre, they don't even consider it a mere passion. No, it is fate, a calling handed down to them. Feel free to ask one if you want to hear all about it. They would be happy to talk your ear off. Trust me.

From what I can understand, the High Elf art of jewelry crafting is generally passed down through generations. And that really does mean something to the High Elves. Taking on the legacy of their family name is not only expected, it's revered. In that way though, all of them respect each other. Even a kinlord will speak highly of a family of fishers, so long as they do their job right. You can't really say that about the rest of Tamriel.

And I have to admit, their jewelry is beautiful. You ain't never seen such well-crafted rings as those on even a common High Elf's fingers. They're downright dainty, intricate, even. Swirls and patterns that seem to intertwine, even on the tiniest scale. There's a kind of complex simplicity there. Wait, does that even make sense?

I mean to say, jewelry made by the High Elves just seems natural. Like the branches of a tree, or the swirls within a running stream. I don't know how they do it. I suppose that's the trade off of having your skills passed down through such long family lines. These High Elves aren't simply honing their skill throughout a lifetime, no. They're honing a skill throughout generations.

I'd love to learn a thing or two while I'm visiting Summerset, but I doubt that will ever happen. Not because I haven't been able to find someone who is willing to talk with me about their craft, oh no. I just haven't found one who won't drone on and on for hours on some technique their great-great-grand uncle came up with hundreds of years ago.

That being said, I have yet to have a single mer here ask me about my own techniques. Of course, that's not too surprising. After all, I'm just a muddy little Wood Elf carving up some bone.

Corruption of the Blood


By A True Son of Aldmeris

For millennia we Altmer have safeguarded a divine legacy. We are all that remains of Old Ehlnofey. We were entrusted by the et'Ada to preserve what they sacrificed so much to create. Those who have remained true to our traditions have kept their heritage pure and our civilization unspoiled. Those who have strayed from the path the Aldmer laid out for us, on the other hand, have been debased. They have become degenerates, unrecognizable from the Divines that created them.

Those who would call themselves Mer beyond these sacred Isles are nothing but the twisted remains of the Aldmer. When you look into the ruddy eyes of a Dark Elf, do you see anything of yourself there? Of course not. All you see are the ashes of something greater, utterly destroyed by the False Prophet Veloth and shaped into repugnant shadows by the Daedra he served. When you see the hideous, malformed Orcs, do you see a creation of the Aedra? No! What you see is only the feculence of Boethiah. Leavings so loathsome that they had to sculpt their own dung-god from filth to give their existence any meaning.

But it is not just these pitiable wretches we must learn from, for it is not only those who are foolish enough to be seduced by the Daedra who threaten to warp our way of life. Look upon the Wood Elf and see how even the misguided worship of the Divines can pervert our lineage. There is a difference between appreciating the forest and becoming a beast. Now these wayward cousins are barely more than savage barbarians who devour their own kin. I am grateful none of the First Folk remain to see how corrupted their perfection has become.

The lesson is clear. To stray, even slightly, from the ways of our ancestors will have dire consequences. Knowing that, can you acquiesce to throwing open the gates and welcoming corruption into these holy lands with a smile? The Unforeseen Queen is the harbinger of our destruction. We must resist her heresy!

Praise Be (Ancestor Song)


(Music: deliberate and stately)

Praise we now Mara
O Goddess of Love
Bless us with children
Our mother above

Clap hands in praise
Exalt the Divines!
Clap hands and praise
Our ancestral lines!

Praise we now Xarxes
Who transcribes our story
Honor the scrivener
Archivist of glory


Praise we now Y'ffre
O first Ehlnofey
God of the forest
Earth Bones showed the way


Last praise Auri-El
Forefather of all
Formed us to be like him
Wise, noble, and tall


The Price of Praxis

Ceruval Rolumaril

I remember the day I received my calian with perfect clarity. This often surprises people—particularly Men. While they drift through a fog of half-remembered dreams, we Altmer remember everything. Every embrace, every slight, every triumph and defeat lurks at the edge of our sight, frozen in time—waiting to be recalled with unnerving accuracy. So now, when I say perfect clarity, you take my meaning.

I was a wiry youth of eighteen. The chapel smelled of incense and cherry-blossoms, and my entire calan—mother, father, grandseers, and rumes—shuffled in their pews, filled with nervous pride. The Ascendant Curate approached slowly. A stole of swan feathers and dragontongue cascaded over her shoulders, and upon her brow rested a grand welkyn wreath, bedecked in driftwood and precious stones. She stopped just a finger's length away from me and bade me to kneel. I did so, and she held my calian aloft. I saw it glistening in the starlight above and suddenly realized I was crying. At that time, the sphere was pristine—fashioned from milky aethequartz and sun-blown glass. I remember thinking, "How fragile a thing it is." Even then, I knew its great value. After reciting the Athel Vialen, she placed the sphere in my hands and smiled. I cradled it like a songbird just emerged from its egg. In that moment, I swore an oath to protect it. But what does an eighteen year-old know of oaths? Youth often makes a meal of the sacred. Too often.

I grew into an angry young Mer—disillusioned by the idle pride of my peers and the sneering detachment of my elders. At fifty-two, I joined a crew of privateers. We wreaked havoc on Redguard smugglers for thirteen years. As time sailed on, our coffers swelled with foreign treasures. When we parted company, each crewman enjoyed wealth beyond measure.

In all my years on the sea, I never lost sight of my calian. It rested beneath my bunk, safely tucked away in a willow-wood box. All the treasures of Hammerfell fell short of its brilliance. All the pride of my noble race found voice in its creamy luster.

Determined to settle down, I sought out a parcel of land east of Alinor—a vineyard of modest reputation. I offered a fortune in gold to the aging vintner, but he refused to sell. With each passing day, my offers grew (as did my impatience). Who was this decrepit Mer to stand in the way of my happiness? What right did he have to deprive me of what I desired? At length, I resolved to make this toothless Elf see reason. I rode out to his residence on a rain-soaked evening, sabre in hand and wine on my breath. I roused him from his sleep and barged into his cottage, shouting obscenities and thrusting the bill of sale in his face. He shouted for me to leave, and shoved his frail shoulder into my side—trying in vain to push me out the door. A great drunken rage swelled in my chest, and without a second thought I drove my sabre deep into his chest. It took only a moment to realize my folly. I tumbled back against the wall and gazed in horror at his feeble death throes. So deep and dark was my shame that I nearly took my own life on the spot. But in the end, I resolved to present myself to the Ascendants—to face my justice.

The very curate who presented my calian as a youth sat in judgment. She fixed her icy gaze upon me as I recounted the tale. When I finally fell silent, she whispered something to her attending contemplative and rose to meet me. The contemplative took my ornate willow-wood box and opened it to reveal my calian—my great and perfect treasure. With the steady hands of a jeweler, he plucked the sphere from its resting place and handed it to the curate. She gazed at me with a combination of sorrow and wrath. In silence, she held the calian aloft. My shoulders tightened as I dug my nails into my palms. Finally, she whispered the damning phrase, "Apraxis" and let the sphere slip through her fingers. I watched in horror as the precious heirloom tumbled through space and time, then shattered upon the cold marble floor. The curate and her contemplative turned their back, and lesser contemplatives ushered me, and the broken shards of my calian, out into the night.

So began my life as an apraxic—a shamed outcast, left to contemplate the enormity of my sins in silent reflection.

For thirty years, I labored over the shattered remains of my blessed calian. I spent the last of my gold gathering stone-cutting tools, pearl-powder fixatives, and sacred oils. I ate little and slept not at all. My beard grew long and my muscles withered. With each success came three new failures. And all the while, my fellow Altmer spurned and cursed me.

Finally, one bright morning in Second Seed, I set the last delicate shard of glass in its place—returning the calian to its pristine origins. I felt such a swell of relief in that moment that I wept like a babe. At length, I washed myself in rosewater, sheared off my matted beard, and set out to the Hall of High Ascendency.

I approached the curate on unsteady legs, my eyes fixed on the floor in deference. I opened my willow-wood box and held my calian up for inspection. The eerie silence seemed to last forever as the curate and her contemplative examined the sphere. Finally, I felt her hand upon my shoulder and heard her soft whisper. "Rise."

I reluctantly stood up and raised my eyes to meet hers.

I could scarcely breathe when she spoke those long sought words: "Welcome back, lost son of Aldmeris."

Five-Fold Felicitations!


Dearest Niece,

What a profound delight to hear from you! And five-fold felicitations on your glorious Aednavorith attestation! Your mother could barely contain her excitement on her last visit. How wonderful that your results surpassed even her wildest imaginings. As for me, I never had any doubt. We come from a prestigious line, and despite your father's ancestral deficiencies, I knew you would take on the finest aspects of our noble kin. I hear that your skin color and ear-shape reports were particularly favorable. What a relief! As we all know, ear-related flaws run deep in your father's line. How fortunate that you danced around that snare!

Now, to business! In reference to your question, yes, our estate sponsors several fine young Mer of impeccable breeding. I will describe them here in detail, and attach their various attestations for you to peruse. I'm confident you'll find a worthy mate among them.

The first is Talanor—a truly handsome Mer with ties to the prestigious Enruneldinion line. He enjoys the benefits of exceptional height, and the amber eyes characteristic of his father's descent. He suffers only minor flaws in skin color and jaw width, but these are easily overlooked, and likely recessive in nature. He knows his letters very well and excels in all schools of arcane practice. You won't find a more skillful mage at this age. A fine and dignified match, I assure you.

Next is Hiruyon, son of Helebrim. You no doubt recognize the name. Helebrim is one of Summerset's foremost composers—the kind of musical genius that arrives only once in a generation. Hiruyon, to his great credit, possesses many of his father's finer qualities. His singing voice is the envy of Mara herself, and he plays no less than twelve instruments. Alas, his physical qualities fall short of stellar. His facial symmetry leaves something to be desired, due in large part to his smallish eyes. He also suffers from a slight enlargement at the bridge of the nose—a trait indicative of cross-breeding with Men. I leave it to you to decide if such physical deficiencies overwhelm his ample talents and charming disposition. At the very least, his paternal accolades will serve you well at court.

We come at last to my favorite of the bunch: Pelanrel. Call me shallow if you wish! This fiery youth rivals Trinimac himself in terms of appearance and temperament. His countenance bears an uncanny resemblance to our Aldmeri forebears. Truly, he could have walked off a kinlord's tapestry. Wide almond eyes, ears as sharp as daggers, and the narrow, hawk-like aspect of our ancient kin. Marvelous! He displays great strength and speed on the sparring ground and the gaming field, and took to smithing like a lark to the wind. His only shortcomings lie in his magical and scholarly aptitude. But I have confidence that our shared ancestry would easily overcome such a weakness.

Write me back without delay, dearest niece! I'm anxious to find out which of these fine stallions you find most intriguing. If we move quickly, we may have a new child to spoil within the year!

Your Loving Aunt,

Sages of the Crystal Tower


By Nularan, Mages Guild Scribe

Some call them wise and learned. Others consider them to be the finest magical minds in the Summerset Isles (though many of my brethren would contest that statement). They are the Sapiarchs, the sages of the Crystal Tower and the instructors of the heirs to the royal throne of Summerset. A few of the greatest mages of the age can be counted among their numbers, but in general they are scholars of magical and esoteric knowledge, each devoted to a specific and singular topic of study.

The Sapiarchs serve as the keepers of the Crystal Tower, also called the Lawful Crystal and the Crystal-Like-Law. The tower is so named not because it is constructed of crystal, but because it houses Transparent Law, a magical crystal that rests at the top of the tower.

A handful of sages live within the tower, tending to its needs and guarding its secrets, while others come and go as their studies dictate. Of course, getting into the tower isn't as simple as walking up and opening the door. The way is hidden and guarded by powerful wards, and the only method for gaining entrance requires the assistance of the Tower Sentinels. This pair of specially attuned Sapiarchs each bear an object needed to access the tower—one of two Resolute Diamonds. When properly attuned and used simultaneously by the Tower Sentinels, the azure diamonds open the path into the Crystal Tower. Only two such Sentinels are ever activated, for each must undergo a long and extensive ritual to link them to the diamonds they bear. Sentinels keep their charge for eleven years before a new pair take up guardianship of the diamonds.

The rest of the sagely order is organized into the College of Sapiarchs, with each member dedicated to and responsible for a specific field of magical or esoteric scholarship. Larnatille of Lillandril, Sapiarch of Arcanology, leads the college, which consists of two-hundred-and-twenty-three distinct disciplines assigned to a Sapiarch and his or her assistant. Spread throughout Summerset, the Sapiarchs work individually or in small groups on independent studies or to research specific topics for the college as a whole. Some research can be conducted at the Crystal Tower or at the College of Sapiarchs in Lillandril, but otherwise the sages travel the lands as necessary or lock themselves in their own libraries to ponder the complexities of the world's greatest mysteries.

As the interpreters of the Scrolls of Praxis, the precedents by which the rulers of the Summerset Isles govern their domain, the Sapiarchs play a vital role in the maintenance of the Ceremoniarchy. Indeed, the Scrolls of Praxis are said to have foretold that Princess Ayrenn would reflect the restless and turbulent times she was born into and would eventually rule over. When the time is right, heirs to the throne come to the Sapiarchs to study Altmeri Regal Praxis and Ceremoniarchy for a requisite 3,555 days prior to receiving the crown. Afterward, the College of Sapiarchs serves as a powerful resource for the new ruler, offering advice and counsel when called upon.

For all their professed learning and scholarly pursuits, the Sapiarchs seem overly interested in signs and portents. They attribute deep and significant meaning to the movements of the constellations, the positions of the moons, the disposition of animals, and even the swirls of foam atop a bowl of century soup. This tug of war between intellectualism and superstition may seem like a contradiction to you and me, but the Sapiarchs see them as two sides of the same coin. And, as with a coin, you need both sides to pay the cost of admission, or so the Sapiarchs say.

Some of the leading Sapiarch fields of study include Oblivion Studies, Indoctrination, Altmeri Heritage, Enchantment, Mythohistory, Daedric Fallacies, Selenology, and Divine Orthodoxy. To indicate their office and field of study, each carries a title such as Sapiarch of Altmeri Arts or Assistant Sapiarch of Naval Excogitation. A Sapiarch holds the title for life or until he or she petitions to change their area of scholarship. The Tower Sentinels, however, carry out their responsibilities regarding the Resolute Diamonds for a period of eleven years before passing the tower keys to the next Sapiarchs in line and returning to concentrate on their particular fields of study.

A Khajiit in Summerset V. 2


By Bezumi, Khajiiti Ambassador to Summerset

This one need not tell you of High Elf pride and vanity. We have all seen it, no? The disdain in their eyes, shining as bright as a counterfeit coin. You have heard the condescension that drips from their tongue like honeyed venom. Our tall allies think so little of us Khajiit. Time to prove them wrong, walker. Let us beat them at their own game.

If you have read my first volume of this series, you'll already have a good idea of the importance that High Elves place on their history. We know this, yes, but even this pride tends to pale next to the vanity the mer hold for their familial past. Most know the name, occupation, and supposed greatness of their ancestors dating back centuries. And they will be most keen to tell you of them, this one assures you of that.

Family is everything to the High Elves, but do not take that to be sentiment. It is chains that they bind themselves with, a title that is set in stone. Only great feats can elevate them, and so they crave each day for that moment of their apotheosis. Many choose to prove themselves through arcane feats, as magic runs strong and often within their veins. Others throw themselves within their art, hoping to paint a masterpiece of produce a melody glorious enough to rise their status.

Yes, the High Elves create great walls before themselves. Climb, they say! But the way is often hard. Never have I seen such malice as that between fellow artists here in Summerset. I've met thieves and assassins with more curtesy towards their rivals! The mages look down upon all, but quickly grow envious of their peers' power. Even among each other, the High Elves seek to look from above.

They care not for you, walker, nor your family. To them, we have but one title. Khajiit. And thus we are lower, and thus we are useful only to be used. This we know. To elevate yourself in the eyes of a High Elf, well, it is not an easy feat. You must prove your worth, again and again. Exhausting work for even the most diligent, but still, we must try.

Bezumi has found many High Elves to be irresistible to challenges of skill. Dangle a chance to prove themselves better, and always they will bite. We know though, the honor that a cunning win still brings. Always make sure to stock the odds within your favor, yes?

Winning a challenge against a High Elf has always proven to have ... mixed results. Some will demand a rematch, so wounded is their pride. Others will throw a most vivid tantrum and storm off, declaring you a cheat. But there will be an honorable few who shall bow their head and concede defeat. Within them will alight a small flame of respect. Let us fan those flames.

Despite this one's advice and encouragement, she knows that not every High Elf can be won over. Many have become blind and deaf to all but their own opinion. Do not let them dishearten you, walker. Do not let them win. Let them come at us with their venom, with their ignorance. We must be the ones to change, yes, but into something better. Into something greater.

Cases of the Divine Prosecution

High Magistrate Rinwaray

By High Magistrate Rinwaray, Bureaureeve of the Divine Prosecution

The Divine Prosecution stands as the highest authority of law and order on Summerset Isle, second only to the Queen and her Royal Court. And while we acquiesce to the will of the Kinlords and Kinladies, we have both the duty and power to investigate possible malfeasance even among the nobles should the need arise.

Take, for example, the Case of the Disloyal Canonreeve. This was a number of years ago, before Queen Ayrenn took the throne. The Canonreeve of Cloudrest at the time was a well-respected Altmer of noble birth from a family with an unparalleled lineage. Which, of course, just goes to demonstrate that blood alone doesn't make the Altmer. Rumors began to reach one of our judiciars, and she began to look into the Canonreeve and his business practices. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the Canonreeve was keeping choice antiquities from a nearby historical research project taking place in one of the many ruins within the Eton Nir mountain. He altered manifests and records so that he could sell the antiquities to foreign collectors, leaving no trace that any items had gone missing. The judiciar gathered the evidence and eventually the Canonreeve learned that not even rank and noble blood were above the law of the land.

The Divine Prosecution also deals in matters of religious and cultural law. It is our job to police the social ordinances of Altmer society. The Case of the Imperfect Perfection provides an example for us to review. This incident concerned a jewelry crafter who had a run of bad luck that resulted in multiple necklaces, rings, and amulets that had noticeable flaws in their construction. It fell to Chief Justiciar Naldulmo to investigate the accusations of consistent failure to craft perfect jewelry on the part of the artisan. When the Chief Justiciar ascertained that the crafter was indeed guilty of falling far from her past level of perfection, he carried out the warranted punishment and ordered the crafter to smash her alaxon sphere while he watched. The crafter would have to work to regain a state of perfection and petition to receive a new sphere.

These are just some of the cases handled by the Divine Prosecution.

ESO - Alinor and Ayarene


The Maormer, stationed on Sunhold Isle, are catapulting corpses onto Altmeri garrisons.

"Day and night the Maormer bombard our Blessed Isle with their mundane machinery. For munitions, they use diseased corpses - a tactic most foul! I ask you to infiltrate Sunhold, destroy the Siege Engines, and slay the Engineers who maintain them."

"Despite the efforts to contain them, the  plagues of the Maormer continue to afflict the Nereids along the Liriel River to the east. If more of the Noxious Nereids were slain, our problems would decrease."

"In a stroke, you have severely weakened the Maormer bombardments. High Kinlord Maldarawo has noted your deeds, and bids you to the Isquer Kinhouse. Travel safely, Numinous. You have stung the Maormer deeply, and they will want revenge."

"You've taken the head of Rahoeri, the commander of the Maormer siege camp on Sunhold Island. Battlereeve Tariella at the Harmonium Fortress along the south shore of Isque would be glad news of his demise."

"The Maormer recently unloaded supplies onto the docks of Sunhold. Infiltrate the island, burn those crates and destroy their weapon racks. We'll see how eager they are to attack once their supplies run low!"

"Isque could use your support. The Maormer have taken Sunhold, an island to the south, and are spreading north. Take this road east, beyond the Stonewake, to the Tersicor Collegium, and speak to Melodian Fiannalor."

"Maormer siege engines are tossing diseased undead into the Orchestrated Gardens to the south. This pestilence must be purified by flames. Slay the Contagious Cadavers,  then use this Scorching Scepter to burn their remains."

"The Nereids of the Liriel River were infected by the Catagious Cadavers Maomer siege engines hurled into Isque. I slew some of the Nereids infected by the Maormer corpses. Hopefully this will prevent further spread of the disease."

"The Maormer siege engines on Sunhold Island are devastating our lands. I could use the aid of a Numinous: even if killed, you can return to report."

"The Nereid matriarch Thoe was driven mad by the Maormer plagues affecting her people. After a fierce battle,I've taken her head. Melodian Liriondion at the Isque Kinhouse, who orchestrates the Nereid cullings, would wish to know of this."

"This is a temple to beauty. You can imagine my distress that the Maormer send zombies up the Liriel River to defile the Fane. I should like three barricades erected in the southwest river, that the dead may not lay their claws upon my priestesses."


Varlines are magica conduits that stretch through the region. The Altmer use Varla Lenses to siphon magica from them for defense and other purposes.

"The Maormer attack disrupted the Varlines, damaging our Varla Lens. Vartisan Ameralee is learned in these matters. It would be helpful if you could make an inquiry with her. She has taken the damaged Lens up to the Imagerie, to the east."

"The Varlines to Alinor and Isque have both been restored! I have no doubt the Maormer will soon be ejected from our shores."

"As you must know, the Altmer are a race of studious and isolated people - Vartisans doubly so.The disruption the Maormer have wrought on the Varlines has pushed some of the less stable Altmer over the edge. Hainen is among these unfortunates."

"It is a tumultuous hour for the Altmer. Contact with the Ascendants is severed and the Varlines are wavering. We must hold fast to our traditions, and weather the storm."

"The Varlines aren't flickering here - they're down! Maormer spies have stolen the Isque Varla Stone and taken it to their strongpoint on Sunhold Island.  Feeling ambitious? Then help the Isquers recover that stone before their defenses give way."

"To be a Vartisan without a Varline is a very lonely existence. Normally its essence fills me and now I feel... nothing."

"It is a magical focus, chiseled from the glass of a fallen star. The Lenses channel the magicka of the stars into our Varlines. Through the Varlines, magicka flows to Kinhouses and monuments throughout Summerset."

"Our Mistress came for the book "Vartisans and Varlines." It was written by Hainen over the course of 200 years. Chapter XLVII covers the repair of Varla Lenses. It is critical that we recover the book from the library in Hainen's Sanctum!"

"Velanya told me that one of the items needed to repair the Var Lens was a chapter from the tome "Varlines and Vartisans." The book sprang to life when I touched it! After subduing it, I was able to rip the relevant pages out."

"Vartisan Ameralee can be found at the southern entrance of the Imagerie. I've recovered Chapter XLVII of the book "Varlines and Vartisans." The information within should allow Ameralee to repair the Var Lens."

"A crystal, made of meteoric glass. Varla Lenses direct and focus the energy of the Varlines. The Varlines are streams of magicka drawn from the stars.They flow across the land, powering various works of magic."

"Our Varla Lens was stolen by a Maormer spy, but with Meteoric Glass we can craft a magic weapon to recover it.  Search north of here for sky-fallen meteorites and collect Meteoric Glass. The blasted Discarnates may also have some."

"The magicka of the Varlines sustains the Aquiferi Elementals. The Varlines' malfunction has enraged them. Dispatch them, collect their Piths, and bury these in the Fissures from whence they came."

"Our Varla Lens is currently in use at the Tessellated Shores, bolstering the defenses there. However the Lens is now needed here to restore the Varlines.Vartisan Taarifil is charged with its care; deliver him this requisition and bring me the Lens."

“It is well that the Varlines have been restored. Perhaps now they will send more healers to aid me.”

"With the Varla Lens missing, the lines of power connecting this Kinship to the Orrery have gone down. Were the Varlines to be restored, I could transport you to the Orrery swiftly and safely."

"Some of us are more sensitive to disturbances in the Varlines. My mother is among those."

"Without the Varlines the simplest of tasks, such as binding spirits of Discarnates into servitude, becomes nearly impossible."

"Vartisans are skilled practitioners of the art of maintaining the Varlines passing through Tamvir, Varlines which keep the Altmer magic flowing strong."

"Hainen was undoubtedly the most talented Vartisan in all of Summerset. He was among those... unbalanced by the disruption of the Varlines.\n\nHis genius persists. Now puts it to the more dubious purposes."

"Though I have studied the Varlines, those rivers of Magicka that flow across our land, I have much yet to learn. For instance, can a damaged Varla Lens truly be repaired?"

"It will be a mere trifle for me to speed you along your way, now that the power of the Varlines has been restored. When you are ready, I will instantly transport you to Verdant Grove Tower, which lies but a short stroll away from Teriskor Kinhouse."

"Naturally, since they employ Varla Lenses of my own design. The Sea Elves know that if they disrupt the magicka-flow of our Varlines, Altmer magicka-based society will come apart at the seams."

"Our ancestors built these defenses several centuries ago. The lines of stone channel the power of the Varlines to enhance our protective magics."

"With the Varline to Alinor restored, we may catch up on the latest court gossip."


The Oyinaam is a magical bell that uses tones to drive off the Maormer.

"The Oyinaam near the Liriel River to the east create a harsh music that repels the Maormer. Alas, the line is under assault by Incendiary Zombies! Make haste to the east and report to an Oyinaam Conductor."

"Well done. We cannot stop the Maormer from sending zombies the  up the Liriel. But upon Old Ehlnofey, I shall be damned if I allow them to make a hole in the Oyinaam line."

"I shall despatch enchanters to replace the downed Oyinaam, but the Maormer are sure to try again. Are you willing to do likewise?"

"The Oyinaam are works of Isquer sound-magic. They turn in the currents of the Varlines, and as they move, emit a noise noxious and terrible to the ears of Maormer. Others could explain better than I: my strengths lie in the School of Destruction."

"The Varlines power the Oyinaam, which play a music the vile Maormer cannot abide. The melodious sounds weaken their bodies as well as their minds. 'Tis astonishing such beasts respond to music at all...."

"The Bell has been blessed according to the Kinlord's desires. The Isquer Kinship has a new weapon with which to fight the Maormer."

"Isque is not unfamiliar with your exploits, Optimate - and we are a Kinship in distress.  In ages past my people created weapons of sound to fend off the Maormer. Obtaining a Blessed Bell would allow us to reclaim Sunhold and our Varla Lens."


The Orrery takes up a part of the sky of Alinor. By syncing the model planets with their divine counterparts, the Altmer draw magica from the heavens. Each constellation has an Exemplar who represents it, and each planet is attuned to a Skyharker. When the Maormer attacked, they threw the planet Auri-el from the sky and replaced it with Orgnavar, a necromantic totem planet created with the assistance of the Sload.

"The Orrery draws magicka from the sky and delivers it across the Varlines to Summerset. To do this the model planets must sync up with the celestial spheres."

"In addition to model planets, the Orrery is also home to living embodiments of the constellations called Exemplars. The Thief, The Mage,and The Warrior Exemplars protect the other constellations - they are the Guardians."

"The Maormer added an intruder planet to our Orrery. We must discover it purpose."

"Nirn is restored, yet the Orrery is incomplete. The planet Auri-El was knocked from the sky by the hateful Maormer. I would ask more of you, fine <<1>>."

"I require assistance divining the purpose of Orgnavar. The Exemplars are avatars of the Orrery constellations. Visit them and infuse this Welkynd Stone with their power. Speak first with the Lover; her shrine is southwest of here."

"A Fragment of Orgnavar landed on the hillside to the northeast after the planet collided with Auri-El. It is enraging the Discarnates.  Destroy it and bring me the debris. I want to examine this Maormer-made planet."

""Orgnavar." A vile name. Only the egomaniacal leader of the Maormer would dare name a planet after himself."

"All of Summerset draws magicka from the Orrery. The Orrery harnesses the celestial magic from the sky by mimicking the positions and motions of the planets with model planets. The Skyharkers are the guardians of the Orrery."

"Skyharkers maintain the Orrery. To keep the Orrery's model planets in sync with the actual celestial spheres each of us forms a mental bond with one of the models. The Prime Skyharker forms a bond with all of the model planets at once."

"After completing our apprenticeship each Skyharker is assigned a model planet with which we commune, forming a mental bond. The Prime Skyharker is bound to the Orrery as a whole - mentally connected to every model planet."

"Each Exemplar you speak to can tell you where to go next. You need only ask. After The Lady,you will choose one of several Exemplars to visit. Pick whichever most appeals to you; all can aid our cause."

"You need to ask a total of four to bind their essence into the Welkyn Stone."

"The Ritual or The Lord could assist. Go to whichever you most desire. The Lord is a stong yet stern master. The Ritual is wise, but distant."

"The Tower, The Shadow, or The Steed could aid your cause. The Tower can see that which is hidden,while the Shadow is itself hidden. The Steed is swift and sure."

"The Lady. The Apprentice. Lady endures. Boring. Nice person. But dull. Apprentice has great magic. Good! Falls quick to magic. Bad!"

"Your last stop could be either The Lady or The Apprentice. The Lady is charming and stoic, while The Apprentice has great affinity for magicka."

"Vartisan Urselor said something destroyed The Atronach - one of the Orrery's Exemplars. Atronach Rubble is scattered to the south of the Kinhouse."

"I must speak to Skyharker Nureva,who waits within the Syldarim Kinhouse, about the vision I witnessed of the Sload inside of Orgnavar."

"Are the Sload in league with the Maormer, or was this a coincidental raid? Kinlord Langdruun must be told of this development. Would you report to him at the Felballin Kinhouse? I will continue my investigations here."

"Interesting. This is not Maormer work at all - Orgnavar is an infernal device of Sload design. After further study, I could create an infernal device of my own. Not that I would..."

"A Numinous in my Kinhouse. How delectable. Would you lend your hand to my cause? I am now in possession of the damaged Auri-El Welkynd stone, which was knocked from our skies by the Maormer invaders."

"Using the Welkyn Stone, I was able to summon a vision of the orchestrator of the Orrery's problems - a Sload! I must question this creature's apparition to try and figure out its intentions."

"So! Confirmation at last that the Maormer have  enlisted the Sload as allies. The orbiting Orgnavar must be some sort of vile Necromantic focus! This only makes its removal all the more urgent."

"Orgnavar is a planet created by the traitorous Maormer.  They have named it after their seemingly immortal and self proclaimed king, Orgnum. It is said that he was a Aldmeri noble that rebelled and was exiled along with his followers to Pyandonea."

"Orgnavar was placed in the sky by the Maormer. Nureva wants me to divine its purpose, and asked me to seek out the Exemplars of constellations around the Orrery, in order to power my divination."

"The Maormer will overwhelm the Orrery any day now. Soldiers are bred to throw their lives away on the battlefield, not Skyharkers."

"The Syldarim of The Orrery have sent an Emissary bearing a message of unity. I am grateful for your deeds, Numinous."

"I am unable to focus.... Orgnavar blocks my attempt to harmonize with the planet Xarxes."

"I was able to see Orgnavar for a moment. It appears to be composed of similar material to our own planets. In the moments I was able to see it... I felt a presence. As if something, someone, was inside the planet."

"In the sky directly above the Orrery whirl planet models which replicate their celestial counterparts. The Moarmer smote the Auri-El model from the sky and replaced it with their own foul Orgnavar!"

"You hold a gnarled metal pole engraved with Maormer symbols. Since it came from inside the Serpent, Vartisan Urselor may be interested in this strange artifact."

"A Maormer Snake-Wizard's staff! You found this within the Serpent? I think we can assume this staff is all that remains of the Sea Elf sorcerer who corrupted our Serpent Exemplar. Apparently his control of the Serpent was short-lived - as was he!"

"When the Maormer launched their initial attack, The Serpent, one of our Constellation Exemplars, slithered from its cave, coiled around the kinhouse, and swallowed the model planet Nirn.  Nirn is our Varla Lens!"
"The Orrery's central planet Nirn is powered by this Varla Lens. Use the lens on the miniature orrery in the Kinhouse and Nirn will rise again. Once you have relaunched Nirn, speak with Kinlady Genivra."

"With Auri-El fallen, the Varlines remain inconstant and the impostor planet stays a threat. Auri-El must be restored! To do so, we shall first recover the Welkynd Stone of Auri-El. I have sent Vartisan Treyfellin to the crash site. Meet him there."

"With the Greater Welkynd Stone which powered Auri-El, our Vartisans may be able to restore the fallen planet back to its rightful place."

"Could I break my bond with my model planet, I would have left the Orrery already."

"I defended Vartisan Treyfellin as he recovered the Greater Welkynd Stone from the core of Auri-El. This will enable the Syldarim to replace the downed planet."

"The Maormer set up Spellfire Pillars to the southwest of the Thief's shrine. These Pillars fired magic upon the Orrery and are recharging before a second attack."

"The Maormer Incendiaries use Fire Salt to torment the Orrery. The Thief informs me they hold these in boxes inside large tents to the southwest."

"We have done it! Auri-El has been returned to the sky of the Orrery, and the Maormer planet Orgnavar has been destroyed, along with its Sload artificer."

"The Syldarim of The Orrery have sent an Emissary bearing a message of unity. I am grateful for your deeds, Numinous."

"The Kinlord of Isque sent you here? I am... unsurprised. Lord Maldarawo has little respect for the Skyharkers. Doubtless he assumes we are napping when we lie back to observe the Empyrean Lights."

"This coast was a serene retreat where scholars contemplated the stars and planets as they wheeled above the horizon. Now the sands teem with shambling corpses!"

"Despite the failing of the Varlines and the rise of Orgnavar, trade yet flows through Orrery."


In order to place Auri-El back in the sky, a new protective ring had to be forged.

"In order to forge a new protective ring for Auri-El's Welkynd Stone, Master Metalwright Sinderon will have to recreate the Ancestral Labor of Phynaster. The process is dangerous, requiring the assistance of someone more durable than an apprentice."

"Ah. Indeed. Obviously the Ancestral Labor of Phynaster must be recreated. In three catacombs there sits three pieces of an ancient and powerful relic, the Shattered Crown. Recover these and return them here."

"Steady yourself, Numinous. The Crown Pieces must be placed at exact intervals. At my signal, use a Channeling Pedestal to secure one of the Crown Pieces. I would normally have my apprentice assist me,but the process can be... hazardous."

"Such a wondrous artifact, to be fractured so imperfectly... The Shattered Crown contains great power - a power we will now harness and channel into my forge. When you are ready, the Ancestral Labor of Phynaster may begin."

"The pieces of the Shattered Crown are kept in three Aldmeri crypts spread throughout Dusk. One lies half sunken along the bay.One sits deep beneath the Maze of Obliquity.One stands high above the Tesselated Shores."

"Once you have recovered the pieces of the crown I ask that you take them to Talrien the Archivist, who toils within the bowels of the Umbral Tower. The building sits on a lone island along the southern edge of the bay. You may go now."

"Deep within the Umbral Tower,Talrien studies the histories of Summerset. He should be able to provide guidance in forging Auri-El's new protective magics. The Umbral Tower can be found on an island immediately south of the Scintilla Kinhouse."

"Now Auri-El shall have all the protection of Phynaster's Ring! It would take the power of a god himself to strike it from the sky again. You do well for our people, and have my sincerest thanks."

"Aha! There can be no doubt, you are Phynaster reborn! A job well done, Numinous."

The fall of Auri-el drove the chief Skyharker mad, and blinded many others, turning them into Starblind.

"Suuniqwe was the Prime Skyharker of the Orrery - she oversaw the Skyharkers and kept the model planets aligned with their celestial counterparts.  During the Maormer attack, after Auri-El was thrown down from the sky, she disappeared."

"No. She was leading the Skyharkers in defending the Orrery when suddenly she began screaming... and was gone. The sky went black,then was full of fire, and Auri-El came crashing down."

"The former Prime Skyharker, Suuniqwe, has become deranged and is now leading the Starblind Altmer. Her former student, Skyharker Vilmo, cannot reason with her, as she continues to view him as a subordinate."

"It was horrible. When Orgnavar replaced Auri-El, the Skyharkers bound to Auri-El wailed hideously and tore at their eyes... they became the Starblind. Then Prime Skyharker Suuniqwe disappeared! Skyharker Vilmo is the new Prime Skyharker."

"Maslir, a rival of mine, became a Starblind. He was clearly weak willed. The Orrery is better without such frail Skyharkers."

"Listen carefully. Deliver this book to Skyharker Vilmo. It contains my notes of my… discoveries beyond this plane. Simply handling it will be dangerous. You must be quick, for your own safety. Tell me when you are ready."

"This book... it burns. Suuniqwe wants me to deliver it to Skyharker Vilmo,back at the Apprentice's shrine."

"The journal Suuniqwe gave me burns at my touch, and seems to be whispering strange things to me... Suuniqwe wants me to deliver it to Skyharker Vilmo, back at the Apprentice's Shrine."

"I am glad you destroyed her journal. No doubt it was this that turned the Skyharkers into the Starblind. I escaped a similar fate thanks to you. Perhaps only the destruction of Orgnavar will cure her madness."

The Maormer built a ship, named the Landbreaker, capable of sailing through the earth. The rift it created in its journey to ram the Crystal Tower is called the Stonewake.

"The Maormer are gaining ground. Travel east to the Verdant Grove Tower, on the edge of the Stonewake, and speak to Battlereeve Heldarmo. I am confident you will add to your burgeoning legend!"

"The Landbreaker was a massive ship the Maormer sent to destroy the Crystal Tower.  Our mages destroyed it short of its goal, but it left a scar in the earth we call The Stonewake."

"A rend in the very earth, carved by a Maormer ship called the Landbreaker. Foul leeches brought up from the depths of the sea prowl the Stonewake, and Maomer Scouts lurk in ambush."

"Sorceress Andria must continue to levitate the Verdant Grove Tower, undermined by the passage of Landbreaker. Her energy wanes and she seeks to recharge it with Dawnshards from the Stonewake."

"They wished to destroy our blessed Crystal Tower. However the arrogant Maormer underestimated the power of the mages there, who were able to destroy the ship just short of its intended target."

The Crystal Tower
"The Wise of the Crystal Tower overcame the Landbreaker's advance, but what of the undead that flood our shores?"

"The system of inter-evocative hermetic harmonic resonance we still use today was developed during the construction of the Crystal Tower!"

"They sought to destroy our blessed Crystal Tower. Arrogance clouded their judgement. Thee Tower's mages prevented the ship from reaching its target."

"The Sapiarch of Astronomy at the Crystal Tower has nearly always been a Syldarim. Genivra, now High Kinlady of the Syldarim, held that position herself before the Ascendance of the previous High Kinlady."

"A Sapiarch is one of the Wise, the recognized authority in a given area of knowledge. For example, Lilia is Sapiarch of Alchemy."

"Waystones are actually crafted crystal vials that are completely sealed. Inside is a swirling of magic that always points to the Crystal Tower in Summerset. The Altmer create them so that they can navigate regardless of the weather or time of day."


There is a Sload in the Pearl Islands, in the south-western corner of the region.

"I have fashioned a device capable of luring a Sload. I require Fulgurite - sand fused by lightning - to power it. Dig them out of the Scorched Sands along the beach. And beware: Mudcrabs seem to prefer Scorched Sands for their nests."

"I fear a Sload lurks offshore, raising drowned sailors as Zombies - most abominable! Investigate the shallows around the Pearls; if you find Larva Sacs, it will confirm the presence of Sload. Destroy the Larva Sacs around The Pearls."

"Telenger informed me there are Imago Plinths on each of the Pearl Islands. I need to use the Sload Inveigler on one to summon the Sload."

"I must place the Sload Lure on the Sun Column in the ruins on the furthest island of the Pearls. The Lure will draw out the Sload that I must slay."

"I have slain the Sload menacing Varyllis. Telenger waits for news of my success on the bluff above the Deadsands."

"You found Larva Sacs? It is as I feared.  If a Sload is nigh, it is allied with the Maormer - and must be dealt with."

The Varyllis Magico-Library

"The Varyllis Magico-Library lost its books when they came alive during the Varline disruption. Optimate Iandil has asked me to capture the books and return them to their bookshelves on the ground floor of the Library tower."

"An archival tower in the southeast of Varyllis. Many of our oldest tomes are stored within. The written word has power in Summerset. When the Varlines were disrupted, many books took on a semblance of life,and attacked the librarians."

"What is a library without books? Just a dull building. When the Varlines flickered our books became animated and fled their shelves! Defeat the Animated Books in and around this tower, collect them, and return them to their shelves. They're overdue!"

"With the Varlines awry, our own magic books are a danger to us. I fear my mother was attacked."

"Words have power, Optimate. With Altmer books, that is literal truth, not mere poetic license. The disruption of the Varlines has corrupted magical objects. Animated books were once common manuscripts on which powerful incantations were scribed."

The Scintillants, in Dusk, are expert smiths

"It is fortunate that the Scintillants of Dusk are skilled in vulgar art of forging. They have need of weapons with Maormer landings on two shores."

"From time immemorial Scintillants have been revered as masters of metalcraft. This forge is the instrument of our greatness. Through it, we channel the celestial energies of the Firmament into items both magical and mundane."

"We Scintillants hold precision to be the greatest virtue,and prefer clean geometries: lines, angles, planes."

"The Scintillants' Varla Lens was stolen by the Maormer. A Vartisan at the Tessellated Shores believes we can track the thief and recover the Lens."

Altmeri society and politics

"And honor it is, according to the Queen. By her decree, all Numinous are awarded the status of Optimate, with access to the Mulberry and Turquoise districts of Alinor."

"Title and social status are of supreme importance to the Altmer! The Queen has granted all Numinous the noble title of "Optimate" - an honor indeed! You need defer to no one of lower status than a Kinlord."

"Beneath the Queen are the Kinlords and Kinladies. Next come Optimates, then Exultants, then commoners such as guards and artisans. The Ousters are pariahs, Altmer who have left or been banished from their Kinships. I pretend not to see them."

"Aren't Ousters forbidden from the Kinholds?"

"I'm an Ouster - you really should pretend not to see me, Optimate. But you're not quite like the others, are you?"

"Each great Kinhouse is home to an extended family of Altmer, a Kinship. For example, to the east of here is the Isquer Kinhouse, home of the Isquer Kinship. Kinlord Maldarawo, head of the Isquers, is the leading Altmer of his region."

"I have convicned Optimate Illira not to end her life. She has rejoined her daughter, Exultant Elleste at the Felballin Kinhouse."

"The Numinous are to report to Queen Ayrenn for a Royal Fete. Proceed to the Immaculate Tabernacle in the Turquoise district."

"Isque is holding its own against the Maormer, but its Varla Lens is missing. Kinlord Maldarawo will want it restored. Maldarawo is Ayarynne's sharpest critic, if not the most influencial. The only things stiffer than his neck are his compositions!"

"The Crystal Tower, on a mountain east of Alinor, is home to the Wise, the leading Altmer in all areas of arcane knowledge. They are called the Sapiarchs, and they wield great influence with the Queen and with the Kinlords."

"Family is everything to the Altmer. Each is a member of an extended clan group called a Kinship, and owes allegiance to a Kinlady or Kinlord. All the members of a Kinship live together in a great home called a Kinhouse."

"A Battlereeve is a commander in the Altmer military. Only warriors who have served Summerset for at least four centuries may be appointed Battlereeves. Many a Maormer has met his end on the edge of my blade."

"This is the Felballin Kinhouse - the seat of High kinlord Langdruun's power. You may find shops, places of manufacture, and rooms to stay the night. These days most visit to learn the progress of our war against the Maormer, and assist as they may."

"Astraela is a steel fist in a velvet glove in a block of ice, but her affection for her people is sincere. There are Maormer invading from the south and the east. At the very least, I expect you shall have to throw them back into the sea."

"Our young Queen may amuse herself by moving pieces on her chessboard, but my Kinship will not be her willing pawn. Aid my people. Rid our shores of Maormer, and recover our Varla Lens. Only then shall I consider Ayarynne's petition."

"I have met with Queen Ayrenn after gaining my Alinor medallion. She wishes the Numinous to aid the High Elves against the Maormer."

"It is a symbol. A token that a Kinlord offers during votes in council. Giving it to Ayarynne would indicate that Langdruun will support her policy on the Heartlands."

"Queen Ayarynne wants me to unite the land under her banner and has commanded me to report to High Kinlord Langdruum in Varyllis, south of Alinor."
"After my successes against the Maormer at Sunhold, High Kinlord Maldarawo summoned me to his Kinhouse. As I have reduced the threat to his people, he has agreed to support High Queen Ayarynne's policies."

"News of our success here will soon reach Alinor. You should return there and seek audience with Queen Ayarynne."

"Our sky is restored. Your service to the Syldarim cannot go unrewarded, <<1>>. Though it galls me to admit, I must also reward Ayarynne for sending you. Her faith in the Numinous was... not incorrect. You may have the Syldarim Baton of Fidelity."

"High Kinlord Maldarawo of Isque sent me on to Orrery. The Maormer have devastated the magickal construct that gives the region its name. There is much work to be done."

"An impressive treasure, my stalwart <<1>>, and proof that the Maormer are driven forth. I will grant my Baton of Fidelity. I would not have you carry this artifact overland. Speak to Vartisan Guyeron oustide about an alternate travel arrangement."

"Since I must, I welcome you to Alinor, and to the opportunity to serve your Blood-Kin. My sister the Queen believes you Numinous may be of use in repelling the Maormer. Perhaps. She awaits you within."

"Just so. Once again, the accursed Maormer invade our southern shores. And yet the Queen thinks we can intervene on the continent when the Home Isles are under attack! Folly."

"The Maormer ravage our shores, yet I must keep our legions committed in Tamriel. Will you aid the southern Kinships, and bring the Kinlords under Our banner? Canonreeve Lefalto will assist you. Meet him at Felballin Kinhouse, south of Alinor."

"I believe you know why we are here; Queen Ayrenn requires High Kinlady Astraela's Baton of Fidelity. Astraela will be the most difficult to persuade. There are Maormer invasions on two coasts of Dusk. Her people are hard-pressed."

"I feel my hearth-brother Rolperil's spirit has passed to the stars - but I shall rest at ease knowing that the foul Maormer's numbers have been reduced.  Fivefold greatness and esteem be upon thee, <<1>>."

"Well met, noble Numinous! May Xarxes, God of Ancestry and Secrets, commemorate you! In this hour the Altmer need your aid."

"Cannonreeve Lefalto can be found within the Felballin Kinhouse in Varyllis, I should make contact with him for more information on how to advance the Queen's goals."

"It is solely by the grace of Auri-El that we have survived this long. The Varlines flicker and sap our power. We look to the Queen for guidance, but she seeks the counsel of lesser mer. I fear for our future."

"Queen Ayrenn wants the Kinlords of Summerset united under her banner. She ordered me to the Felballin Kinhouse in Varyllis, where I aided High Kinlord Langdruum by restoring the Varlines."

"Queen Ayrenn wants the Kinlords of Summerset united under her banner. At the Kinhouse in Isque, I aided High Kinlord Maldarawo by recovering a Varla Lens."

"Queen Ayrenn wants the Kinlords of Summerset united under her banner. At the Kinhouse in Orrery, I aided High Kinlady Genivra by raising the downed model planet representing Nirn."

"Queen Ayrenn wants the Kinlords of Summerset united under her banner. At the Kinhouse in Dusk, I gained High Kinlady Astraela's support by assisting her Kinship with the reforging of Auri-El."

"You doubtless will continue your journey east to convince the Kin of Orrery to support Ayrenn's policy. I will not wish you fortune. You must prove the rightness of the course through deeds. Speak to Vartisan Urselor at the Syldarim Kinhouse."

The Ascendants are the honored ancestors of the Altmer. They were trapped in the Umbral Tower.

"Here we can commune with Ascendants, our ancestor spirits. We do so with the Pyxides of Ashes but the spirits have been trapped within them! I believe a Numinous' touch will free them. Use the Pyxides in this tower - but beware the spirits' anger!"

"It is a blessing to know the Ascendants are once more at peace.  I can only speculate that their imprisonment was somehow related to whatever strange magic has brought the Numinous among us."

"I have been asked to free the trapped souls from their reliquaries in the Umbral Tower by using the Pyxides of Ashes. The Umbral Tower is located south of the Scintilla Kinhouse."

"I have freed the Ascendants in the Umbral Tower for Talrien by using the Pyxides of Ashes."

The Orchestrated Gardens

"I should talk to High Kinlord Maldarawo in the Isquer Kinhouse northeast of the Orchestrated Gardens. He will want to know about the Maormer that I discovered."

"The Orchestrated Gardens are carefully arranged to play melodies as one walks through. Alas, its beauty has been marred by the Maormer assault."

"Without the constant supply of magic from the Varlines we will have to tend to the gardens... by hand."

"The growth has been trimmed away, just in time for the Imago inspector. The Varlines grace us with the power to maintain our marvels."


The Imago Series are statues representing the perfection of the Altmer

"The Imagerie is for all mer to learn and admire the perfection of the Altmer forms."

"You will find them all over Varyllis. The largest is the Imagerie, to the east of the Felballin Kinhouse.  Alas, many of our Imago Serries lie in disarray due to the depredations of the Maormer."

"This Imagerie is the pride of the Kinlord. Ponder its patterns, appreciate its artifice, and feel solace."

"The serries are but a shadow of the majesty of the Imagerie, yet they are all a part of the celebration of the perfect form of the Altmer."

"Very astute. As a rule, Intricants maintain Imago Serries spread across Varyllis, but the Imagerie is Langdruun's crown jewel. He would not trust it to any but me, and I am still close enough to the Kinhouse to respond quickly if the need arises."

"The Imagerie is the largest of the Felballin Imago Serries. An Imago Serry consists of statues of Altmer arranged in patterns that symbolize the perfection of the Altmer form."

"I feel no anger towards him. Long ago he was my mentor. All I know of tending the Varlines comes of his wisdom.\n\nI do not know why he sought to create an Imago Serry by turning living people to stone. I only know that I... regret his passing."


“Numinous” is/was a term used to refer to the Soulshriven. In this draft of the questline, people were very aware of your ability to return from the dead, as well as there being hundreds of people like you.

"Oh joy. Another Numinous, sent by the great Queen Ayarynne to save us all from the terrible Maormer invaders. You should go, before I faint from excitement."

"I suspect you are a Numinous, and should therefore report to the Queen at the Immaculate Tabernacle. State your name and condition."

"I see you, Numinous. Your soul is of Mundus and of Coldharbour. I can rejoin your soul to your body in Mundus, but there is a cost..."

"You could ask other Numinous, I suppose. But... perhaps there is another way. Talrien the Archivist possesses a singular item which may aid you. Seek him in the depths of the Umbral Tower, which lies in the bay to the east."

"Be stationary a moment as the Surveilling Aura ascertains your composition. The process is rarely fatal.  ...Ah! You are, in fact, one of the Numinous."

"We could play a riddle game, you could silence Mara's Singing Cats, or you could demonstrate your Numinous ability to cheat death."

"Die.  I will place you in a perilous location and watch you end your life. If you are a Numinous and the stories are true, return to me after you have cheated death."

"I have agreed to demonstrate my Numinous ability to return from death. Hosoth teleported me to the tallest bridge above the Fane of Breath. If the fall does not end my life, I must die another way to appease Hosoth."

Maormer, their battle tactics, and the forces against them

"The Maormer have the annoying ability to make themselves invisible. They use an Irradiant Jewel to see each another. I need you to travel north, to the Landbreaker, and retrieve one of these jewels from the spyglass on its bow."

"The time has come to test this Jewel - I expect you will discover a horde of Maormer Scouts lurking south, down Stonewake. Go there and use the Irradiant Jewel. Slay any Maormer Scouts you find."

"Maormer Stormwitches defile these shores, ravaging our defenses and accursing our Blessed Isle. They destroy the very Imbued Stones in their Quo-Plinths!  It is no injustice to slay such villains; their effrontery merits only death."

"Maormer Stormwitches mar and maim our Tesselated Magicka Grid! Take these Imbued Stones and place them on the Quo-Plinths. That will singe their undergarments!"

"The Maormer set up Spellfire Pillars in their camps to the southwest. These were used to fire magic upon the Orrery and are recharging for a second attack. I need you to deactivate them."

"Ere the Maormer arrived, these seas flowed with harmonious balance. Now the waters are polluted by a vile, writhing presence, wretched Serpents that bend to the will of Maormer magic. A Serpent's Heart would make a fine trophy, don't you think?"

"Did you notice the Maormer flagship offshore? From its decks, their Commanders plot our downfall. Rolantae tells me she can spirit you aboard to strike at their leadership. Speak to her at the defensive battery just to the southeast."

"I noticed this Medallion around the neck of a Maormer Marine slain on the southern beach of Dusk. It commemorates a raid against the Altmer. Collecting several for display as trophies may improve the morale of Battlereeve Artulion's soldiers."

"Heed me now, <<1>>. Though my blade was swift, these foul Maormer have defeated me. My breath draws short; soon it shall join the breeze. I have a final wish - slay one Maormer for each of the centuries of my life, now cut short!"

"I was able to find out the plans of the Maormer and defeated both Admirial Khamisin and Orgnum's protege, Nedir. I should return to Captain Vial'en and let him know what happened."

"I know this Maormer! Many a time I have seen him across the field of battle. This is the head of Rahoeri, the commander of the enemy forces on Sunhold. Truly you have granted us an unforseen boon. It is only fitting that I should reward you."

"The Maormer that occupy Sunhold are on the end of a long supply line from Pyandonea. They will have to send a ship far across the ocean to replace what you have destroyed."

"Already, I sense a wavering in the Maormer's momentum. The long stalemate will finally end - we will drive them from our shores! You have my sincere gratitude, Numinous. Few could steal Nocturnal's cloak in such bold fashion."

"Declaen sent you with the Opalescence? You do a greater deed than you think. We apply this toxin to our soldiers' blades. Maormer have little resistance to Opalescence. Nothing like the Gem Spiders exists on their home islands of Pyandonea."

"The Maormer were trying to scale the cliffs south of the Orchestrated Gardens?  And you managed to get a copy of their Battle Plans? Extraordinary! The Queen was right to send you."

"I put five Earth Atronachs out of their Maormer-induced misery, burying their souls in Mundus Fissures, thus giving them the peace they desired."

"By slaying the Maormer that invaded Sunhold Island I have granted the final request of Harmonium Guard Rolperil, hearth-brother of Battlereeve Tariella."

"Battlereeve Artulion asked me to help train one of his young soldiers. With the boy at my side, we slew many Maormer on their sourthern beachead in Dusk. Afterwards, Artulion had another task that required my attention."

"Battlereeve Artulion asked me to board the Maormer Flagship and slay one of their commanders. With the help of the Sorcercess Rolantae, I was able to complete his mission, throwing the Maormer in southern Dusk into confusion."

"This one is no air-huffing Sea Elf! Tender your question to King Orgnum of the Maormer - if you can find him."

"Contemptible mer, they seek only to destroy the beauty and grace that we have created on this Blessed Isle. Stories say that the Maormer seek revenge for wrongs done them in aeons past, but why should the Altmer be held responsible for that?"

"The Maormer brought Giant Sea Serpents from their homeland of Pyandonea. The beasts pollute the sea to the east."

"Maormer from the vessels offshore seek a beachhead in southern Dusk. The Altmer contest this, but the fighting is vicious. Battlereeve Artulion is worried about his new recruits. Few have stood in battle before."

"I was returning from the Lady's shrine, where I defended her soul gem from Maormer, to find another group of them attacking mine. I was able to keep them away, but they wounded me. Would you check on my soul gem while I rest? It is inside my shrine."

Discarnates and Aquifi are Daedric servants magically bound and used to do manual labor

"The Discarnates? They probably went rogue - there was another flicker in the Varlines, so I imagine their binding spells came undone. Watch out for them: they may want revenge for having been pressed into our service."

"The Forge's Discarnates went Rogue when the Varlines flickered. They stole Scintillated Ores from the Forge, then fled into the Maze of Obliquity to the north."

"The Rogue Discarnates stole the smithing tools from Apprentice Braefurn when they escaped during the disturbance in the Varlines. He has tasked me with recovering them because he is "too busy.""

"The Aquiferi Elementals ravage the land they should cultivate. What a revolting waste!"

"Exultant Ecclea thanked me for burying the Aquiferi Piths. The foundation of Summerset was strengthened as a result."

"Just as the Discarnates concern themselves with the upkeep of Altmer designs aboveground, Aquiferi Elementals maintain Summerset from below - routing waterflow and pushing up nutrients.  Perfection demands diligence!"

"The Varlines drive and control the Aquiferi Elementals. When they malfunctioned some of these Elementals to the southeast of the Felballin Kinhouse surfaced and now ravage the land."

"Rogue Discarnates are a nuisance in life, but yield a bounty in death - Daedric Soul Gems. Slay Rogue Discarnates then use this wand on their bodies and each corpse will render up a Daedric Soul Gem. Bring them to me."

"To steal Ores from our hallowed forge when they have no use for them - have the Rogue Discarnates no shame? The treacherous creatures fled north into the Maze. Take Scintillated Ore from the Discarnates- and do not be lenient with them."

"Those Rogue Discarnates stole my tools when they fled to the Maze of Obliquity. I'd go after them,

"The Discarnates that harvest the pomegranates from our orchards have become Rogues. Battlereeve Heldarmo dearly loves his pomegrantes! It would be convenient if you could occupy the Discarnates while I pick some before they spoil."

"With the great Varline network down we are unable to sustain the magical defenses. There is so little magic that even the Servitor Discarnates have gotten loose of their magical binds."

"The Mage is eager to examine the debris I brought him, though now the Rogue Discarnates may be re-bound so that he can no longer harvest their Daedric Soul Gems."

"The Priestess Vendialara asked Melodian Liriondion of the Isque Kinhouse for Isque Roses. Liriondion sent Discarnates, but a tremor in the Varline caused them to become rogues; they attacked the roses instead. I cut and delivered the blossoms."

"I have heard that the waves of undead are even reaching some of the southern Serries. I worry for our Intricants. Especially Liralen, since he has naught but Discarnates to protect him. They have become less reliable as of late."

"I am one of the fishers of Sunhold. Every dawn, my discarnates would cast nets into the sea. When the Maormer invaded, I managed to escape and take shelter here. Others were not so fortunate. Now the Pallid Devils sleep in my very bed."

"Melodian Liriondion sent Discarnates to deliver Isque Roses to the priestesses at the Fane of Breath. They never arrived. Those flowers are needed for an important ritual."


"An auspicious meeting, and no mistake! I seek to elicit aid from the populace, and here I find a Numinous geared for battle.  What say you - would you slay Maormer this day? Speak with Battlereeve Artulion, at the beach west of Dusk."

"The Grid hums once again with eldritch power! This alone will not clear the Maormer dregs from our shore, but it slows the Maormer advance . Thank you, Numinous."

"The Aetherius is simply the first layer. I have seen outside the Aetherius."
"The Maormer are not without some skills of note. Their master shipwrights designed a vessel with the ability to pass through land as if it were ocean."

"The Harmonium Fortress is our bulwark against the foul Maormer that invaded Sunhold Island to the south. It is only the Oyinaam along our coast that keep the Pallid Devils at bay. They find the music of the towers most unpleasant."

"Our most skilled warriors and mages have transferred to the Harmonium Fortress, our southern stronghold against the Maormer. If I were able to return from Coldharbour after death like a Numinous, I would be more valuable to Battlereeve Tariella."

"We followed lights. Shore lights, we thought, marking a safe route through a horrible black fog. It blotted out the very stars above! All we could see were the lights. Turns out the Maormer lit them, drawing us closer in till we ran aground."

"The Mundus is a plane apart and yet surrounded by Oblivion. It was architected by Magnus from the vision of Lorkhan. It is where you were born and where you live this incarnation of your life,  Numinous."

"Priestess Ahlotica at the Fane of Breath asked me to find the missing book "Psalms of Old Ehnolfey." Unfortunately, another young priestess found it first, and was driven mad by it. I was forced to defend myself from her crazed assaults."

"Keeping the Verdant Grove Tower aloft is weary work. I would be most appreciative if you collected Dawnshards from the Nodules in and around the Stonewake. Bring them to me, and their energy will recharge my magicka."

"Have you seen those horrid statues in Varyllis? As if cold stone could match the peerless majesty of Isquer music!"

"While walking through the orchards of Varyllis, I met Dehiria. I protected her from Rogue Discarnates as she wandered through the trees, selecting the choicest pomegranates for Battlereeve Heldarmo."

"Kinlord Langdruun of Varyllis is a patron of Imagoform -  the art of sculpting and arranging statuary in pleasing patterns. It is not unlike the creation of flower gardens in other lands. We call our sculpture gardens Imago Serries."

"Apparently swarms of undead have been swarming up from the water's edge at the Deadsands, in the southwest region of Varyllis. Langdruun has asked me to speak with his emissary there, a man named Telenger."

"Battlereeve Heldarmo praised me as a friend of Varyllis. He said Isque could use my support against the Maormer, who have claimed an island called Sunhold to the south and are spreading north."

"I have a task I cannot complete. The Stars advise against it!  Crab Carapaces from the Prodigious Mudcrabs found to the northeast make fine armor. Would you collect and deliver them to Vartisan Urselor at the Syldarim Kinhouse to the east?"

"<Forged in the ancient Crystal Tower in Summerset, this magical blade was a gift from Auriel to one of his most powerful battlemages.>"

"The Kirin are often praised by the Altmer as embodying all that we hold dear. To kill one of these majestic creatures would be a crime but if it is the only way then I cannot fault you. They are seen north of the Maze of Obliquity."

"Never will you experience a more harmonious sense of space than within the Maze of Obliquity. It was designed nearly twelve centuries ago by the Optimate Corbusano, one of the Scintilla Kinship's greatest progenitors."

"Exultant Elleste fears that due to the death of her brother, her mother, Optimate Illira, is considering suicide. Illira was last seen heading south to the Pearls."

"The lines of your face present a most symmetrical aspect, Optimate. Truly you are one blessed by Mara!"

"The Altmer Choir vanished just before they were supposed to perform for the Kinlord. There is however, an odd ...warbling... coming from the bridge to the northwest of the Isquer Kinhouse, a location the choir normally chose for their recitals."

"Not all of them. Only Mara's blessed cats. They are tended to at the Fane of Breath, the temple complex that lies north of the Isque Kinhouse. Ask me not how they sing. The priestesses do not speak of the matter. Perhaps it is a sacred mystery."

"We are renowned across Tamriel for our arts of music. The finest instruments and the most majestic symphonies issue from this very Kinhouse. We have moved stones to tears, and struck birds to silence with shame."

"The Starglass must be instilled with magicka from the Sky-Well, then delivered to Vartisan Lalathal in the Isquer Kinhouse to the east."