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Books in the category: Research

Scientific reports and theories.
  • The Living Woods - Anonymous
    An essay about Gnarl.
  • The Predecessors - Yngvar the Wanderer
    Essay about the ruins of Shivering Isles. Theorizes about a cataclysm that occurs every a thousand years, the Greymarch.
  • Zealotry of Sheogorath - Anonymous
    A note about the Zealots, one of the aggressive factions in Shivering Isles.
  • Glories and Laments Among the Ayleid Ruins - Alexandre Hetrard
    An archaeologist's observations about Ayleid ruins.
  • Effects of the Elder Scrolls - Justinius Poluhnius, Anstius Metchim
    Describes the various grades of blindness and understanding granted by the Elder Scrolls to their readers.
  • The Fall of Saarthal - Heseph Chirirnis
    A rather ineffectual report on the state of Saarthal's ruins.
  • There be Dragons - Torhal Bjorik
    An exploration of the nature and history of dragons.
  • Amongst the Draugr - Bernadette Bantien
    Observations on Draugr behavior and ancient Nordic society.
  • Cats of Skyrim - Aldetuile
    A description of the sabrecat.
  • Watcher of Stones - Gelyph Sig
    A man's attempts unsuccessful to draw blessings from the star-sign stones of Skyrim.