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Books in the category: Research

Scientific reports and theories.
  • Notes from Huleeya - Huleeya
    The following are Huleeya's notes for Caius Cosades.
  • Zainsubani's Notes - Hassour Zainsubani
    Notes on the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult prepared for the Nerevarine by Hassour Zainsubani.
  • Lithnilian's Research Notes - Lithnilian
    These are Lithnilian's notes of his expedition into Bramblepoint Cave and his discovery of a Welkynd Stone.
  • Lost Histories of Tamriel - Anonymous
    This is a fascinating (and short) excerpt about the Aedric prophecies, more commonly known as the Elder Scrolls. Finding it is the objective of the Thieves Guild quest "Lost Histories".
  • The Book of Daedra - Anonymous
    Contains descriptions of Daedric Princes and mentions of powerful artifacts.
  • Relmina's Logs - Relmina
  • An Elytra's Life - Karmelle
    An essay about Elytra.
  • From Frog to Man - Meekus Ralbrek
    An essay about Grummites.
  • Sentinels of the Isles - Andoche Marier
    A treatise of Golden Saint and Dark Seducer, covering their custom, society and belief.
  • The Standing Stones - Anonymous
    An essay about the Obelisks that randomly dotted the Shivering Isles grounds.