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Books in the category: Religion, Myths, Legends & Metaphysics

Texts about religion, myths and metaphysics.
  • The Sky Spirits - Amun-dro
    An ancient text on a few of the oldest and most important spirits in a pre-modern Khajiiti pantheon
  • The Dark Spirits - Amun-dro
    An ancient religious text on a few of the Khajiit's testing gods
  • The Worldly Spirits - Amun-dro
    A heretical text on a few of the Daedra and et'ada as seen by the ancient Khajiit
  • The Wandering Spirits - Amun-dro
    A heretical text on et'ada and Daedra and their adversarial relationships in ancient Khajiiti theology
  • The Adversarial Spirits - Amun-dro
    The evil Daedric spirits of an ancient Khajiiti pantheon
  • Behold Khunzar-ri's Guile - Anonymous
    How the hero tricked an impoverished monastery into accepting all his wealth
  • By Gentle Winds - Anonymous
    Cryptic stanzas about the Chosen Warrior's path
  • Through Doom and Darkness - Anonymous
    The Chosen Warrior must fight on even in the face of certain death
  • Mend the Threads - Anonymous
    More about the destiny of the Chosen Warrior
  • Arkay The Enemy - King of Worms (apparently)
    King of Worms instruction to his people. Not sure that this was really written by KoW himself.