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Books in the category: Religion, Myths, Legends & Metaphysics

Texts about religion, myths and metaphysics.
  • Necromancer's Moon - Anonymous
    This is a message to the necromancers of Nirn.
  • The Prophet Arden-Sul - Anonymous
    Story about the prophet Arden-Sul, in mania and dementia points of view.
  • Spirit of Nirn - Anonymous
    A short text describing differing cultural views of Lorkhan.
  • Alduin is Real - Thromgar Iron-Head
    One Nord's view of the Alduin/Akatosh dichotomy.
  • Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts - Anonymous
    An account of the death of Yngol. Somewhat different than the version in the Songs of Return.
  • The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy - Alexandre Simon
    Another view on the relationship between Alduin and Akatosh, this time from an Imperial perspective.
  • 16 Accords of Madness - Anonymous
    Stories of Sheogorath's interactions with mortals.
  • A Dream of Sovngarde - Skardan Free-Winter
    A Nord's premature visit to Sovngarde.
  • Aevar Stone-Singer - Anonymous
    A Skaal legend of a boy who returns the gifts of the All-Maker from the Greedy Man
  • Daynas Valen's Notes - Daynas Valen
    Valen's notes on the history of the Gauldur Amulet.