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Books in the category: Religion, Myths, Legends & Metaphysics

Texts about religion, myths and metaphysics.
  • Ark'ay the God - Mymophonus the Scribe
    How a shopkeeper called Ark'ay became a god. Looks like a folk tale.
  • Mara's Tear - Zhen
    Child's fairy tale.
  • Oelander's Hammer: An Instructive Tale For Children - Krowle
    Child's tale directly referencing "The Ebon Arm".
  • The Legend of Lovers Lament - Croll Baumoval
    A romantic legend.
  • The Sage - Aegrothius Goth
    A story about a great mage who spent numerous years learning and researching, finally settled in the Kurallian mountains in High Rock and started teaching younger Mages. Looks like this story was initially meant as a gameplay hint, but I don't know about anything of the like in the game.
  • The Story of Lysirius - Bresne Smythe
    A story about a hero who had a gift from Boethiah, a shield called Fearstruck.
  • Ghraewaj and the Harpies - Tidasus
    The legend about the origin of harpies, which connects them to the worshippers of Daedric Prince Nocturnal.
  • Invocation of Azura - Sigillah Parate
    Written by a Daedra worshipper. Contains critical gameplay info!
  • Trebuchet Ritual - Anonymous
  • The Arcturian Heresy - Anonymous