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Books in the category: Pamphlets

For books that extol the virtues of one group or another.
  • Confessions of a Thief - Anonymous
    I guess this book was initially meant as a gameplay guide for thieves.
  • The Pig Children - Tyston Bane
    A vigorous anti-Orcish pamphlete.
  • The War of Betony - Vulper Newgate
    A ridiculously pro-Daggerfall account of the war.
  • The War of Betony - Fav'te
    A ridiculously pro-Sentinel account of the war.
  • Progress Of Truth - Dissident Priests
    A book that questioning the doctrine of the Tribunal temple and even the Tribunal godhood.
  • A Leaflet - Anonymous
    Propaganda against the alchemist Aurane Frernis.
  • Public Notice - Berel Sala
    A wanted letter for the Nerevarine - before he was truly accepted by Vivec.
  • The Common Tongue - Anonymous
    This letter is highly illegal in Mournhold. We risk our neck here to publish it.
  • Myth or Menace? - Anonymous
    Does a Thieves Guild really exist in Cyrodiil?
  • The Eastern Provinces Impartially Considered - Anonymous
    A case against Imperial presence in the eastern provinces, Morrowind and Black Marsh.