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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Imperial Museum Welcome - Master Aryon
    We don't know who snatched this welcome paper from Tel Vos Museum, but since it is already here, we put this up.
  • Mission to Vivec -- from Caius - Caius Cosades
    A detail mission letter for the future Nerevarine when he had to collect information about Sixth House Cult and Nerevarine Cult in Vivec.
  • Note to Mages - Stlennius
    A note to not use fire in certain area.
  • NoteToCalderaGuard - Elynea
    The title is like that, don't blame the Librarian. It is a note to the guard to keep an eye to a certain Argonian.
  • Order From Mollismo - Mollismo
    An order to a certain armorer from Lady Therana.
  • Kagrenac's Journal - Kagrenac
    An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's daily thoughts
  • Kagrenac's Planbook - Kagrenac
    An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's plans.
  • Starlover's Log - Samar Starlover
    The log of a Dragonrider who fell defending the testing grounds.
  • Diary of a Lost Sailor - Anonymous
    A diary of land-locked sailor, found in Old Mournhold.
  • Elbert Nermarc's Private Note - Elbert Nermarc
    Nothing can be read from this notes. This is owned by Elbert Nemarc, The Enchanter of Mournhold, Godsreach.