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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Orders for Bivale Teneran - Nileno Dorvayn
    An encrypted scroll, containing secret orders for a member of House Hlaalu.
  • Package for Caius Casodes - Glabrio Bellienus
    Encoded message from the Emperor to the Spymaster, describing the Nerevarine's mission.
  • Peke Utchoo's Last Words - Peke Utchoo
    A letter found in the Mudan Grotto. A last words of trapped and dying adventurer deep inside the grotto.
  • Shishi Report - Brerama Selas
  • Tiram Gadar's Credentials - Acatto, Imperial Battlemage
    Is this supposed to be a letter from Occato, Imperial Battle Mage for Tiram Gadar's position in Vivec Mages Guild. Is this authentic?
  • Treasury Orders - Odral Helvi
    An order letter for Tenisi to do a certain task.
  • Treasury Report - Anonymous
    An encoded report.
  • Yngling's Letter - Archcanon Saryoni
    A letter from Archcanon Saryoni with 50,000 drakes "donation" from the temple.
  • Directions to Caius Cosades - Glabrio Bellienus
    Along with the package for Caius, the Nerevarine is given directions to Caius's house in Balmora.
  • Dwemer Museum Welcome - Master Aryon
    We don't know who snatched this welcome paper from Tel Vos Museum, but since it is already here, we put this up.