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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Beram Journal - Beram, Foreman
    The journal of Beram, the foreman of the construction operation that was digging a dungeon underneath Tel Vos. Something suspicious happens, and Beram and his crew are trapped in the dungeon with something quite nasty. Master Aryon was either oblivious or uninterested, I suppose.
  • A Dying Man's Last Words - Indie
    The last words of a world-renowned archaeologist.
  • Elante's Notes - Elante
    Elante seems to be a Necromancer searching for great power in Mordrin Hanin's tomb, as detailed in this journal.
  • Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger - Galur Rithari
    The story of a Bouyant Armiger turned vampire and then cured.
  • Rels Tenim Journal Page - Rels Tenim
    A page of Rels Tenim journal, talking about a dread dealing with something powerful and evil.
  • A Scrawled Note - Vulpriss Denisson
    Another "last words" type of note.
  • Scroll of Tyronius - Tyronius
    Another "last words" note from a grave robber named Tyronius.
  • A Scroll Written in Blood - Malaki the Lightfooted
    Yet another "last words" note. This note does contain a cute inside joke from Redguard, though.
  • A Worn and Weathered Note - Anonymous
    Beautiful and poetic prose. A tragedy for certain; anything more is hard to decipher.
  • Cure Blight Potion Notice - Jolda
    A note from a merschant in Sadrith Mora.