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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Sealed Note - Lucien Lachance
    A note by Lucien Lachance for a certain member of the Dark Brotherhood to meet him in the Castle Farragut.
  • S'krivva's Note - S'krivva
    A note from S'krivva to J'baana about a theft.
  • Steward's Note - Frathen Drothan
    An instruction to the Drothmeri Steward by Frathen Drothan. Found in Sundercliff Watch.
  • Suicide Note - Anonymous
    The suicide note by the personal guard of Adamus Phillida, who failed to protect Phillida.
  • Suspicious Letter - Ulrich Leland
    The letter that brought down Ulrich Leland's career as Cheydinhal' Captain of the Guard.
  • Telaendril's Ocheeva Note - Telaendril
    A note from Telaendril to Ocheeva regarding her schedule.
  • Transfer Orders - Anonymous
    This is what happens to overzealous members of the Imperial Watch.
  • An Undelivered Letter - Anonymous
    A sad farewell letter from one of Drothmeri recruits. Found in Sundercliff Watch.
  • Undelivered Letter (Orrery) - Anonymous
    A bandit note concerning the dwemeri artifacts that they stole. These artifacts are needed to repair the Arcane University Orrery.
  • Undelivered Letter (Jalbert) - Anonymous
    A lovely letter from Jalbert the Necromancer. Whose new haven is Vilverin. Just in case the letter would have made you curious.