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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Glarthir's Notes - Glarthir
  • Hastily Scrawled Note - Falcar
    A note accidentally dropped by Falcar that contains locations of altars that can be used to create black soul gems. Found during the Mages Guild quest "Necromancer's Moon".
  • Horse Armor Note - Snak gra-Bura
    A horse armor advertisement. Received at the beginning of the Horse Armor Pack official plugin.
  • Jailor's Letter - Commander Adrethi
    Instruction for the Drothmeri Jailor. Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin.
  • Jearl's Orders - Ruma Camoran
    Order from Ruma Camoran to Jearl, a Mythic Dawn spy in Bruma.
  • Letter from Branwen - Branwen
    This is a letter from Branwen to her father, Owyn.
  • Lost Boy Cavern Notes - Vangaril and Erandur
  • Love Letter from Relfina - Relfina
    This is a love letter from Relfina to her dearest Roland.
  • Lynch's Instructions - Anonymous
    These instructions for Lynch were to be destroyed after being read. Found during the Miscellaneous quest "An Unexpected Voyage".
  • Mysterious Note - The Gray Fox
    A mysterious note from the Gray Fox.