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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Sir Amiel's Journal - Sir Amiel
    The journal of Sir Amiel, late leader of the Knights of the Nine. Found in the Knights of the Nine official plugin.
  • Andre's Letter - Fiona
    A letter to Andre from his daughter with a warning and a request to cancel his expedition.
  • Apprentice's Note - Anonymous
    A note to the Drothmeri Forgemaster. Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin.
  • Arkved's Notes - Arkved
    Proof that stealing the Orb of Vaernima can have unpleasant consequences. Each note is a separate book ingame, but I have kept them together since they are so short.
  • Bloodstained Note - Greywyn
    A letter from Greywyn, giving away his lair upon realization that his time was almost over. Found in the The Vile Lair official plugin.
  • Brother Piner's Notes - Brother Piner
    Piner's drafts of a letter to his mother and the letter itself. Originally multiple books, but I have kept them together since they are so short.
  • Brugo's Take Note - Anonymous Black Bow Bandit
    Brugo is the leader of the Black Bow Bandits. This note is about his take of the profits.
  • Daravyn the Gray's Long Forgotten Note - Daravyn the Gray
    This is a note from Daravyn to his beloved. This letter holds the key (a riddle) to a treasure hidden within the walls of Rosethorn Hall.
  • Dead Drop Orders - Lucien Lachance and Mathieu Bellamont
    A series of orders that trigger Dark Brotherhood quests. The first two documents are written by Lachance, while the rest are written by Bellamont.
  • Earana's Notes - Earana
    These notes are given to the player during the Mages Guild quest "Chorrol Recommendation".