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Books in the category: Journals, Notes & Correspondence

From someone, to someone else. Or to themselves.
  • Journal of the Lord Lovidicus - Lord Lovidicus
    Lord Lovidicus is Agronak Gro-Malog's father, Arena Grand Champion. This journal proves that Vampires are fertile. Found during the Miscellaneous quest "Origin Of The Gray Prince".
  • Log of Emma May - Anonymous
    A log from the ship called the Emma May. Found during the miscellaneous quest "The Forlorn Watchman".
  • Lord Jaren's Journal - Lord Jaren
    The journal of Lord Jaren, tells the story about the unfortunate fate of the Lainlyn rebel leader, Lord Kain.
  • The Path of Transcendence - Celedaen
    A journal of Celedaen, a member of Mages Guild who practiced Necromancer and in the process to gain lichdom.
  • Ramblings of Audens Avidius - Audens Avidius
    A note by Audens Avidius after he was arrested.
  • Scrap from Lorgren's Diary - Lorgren Benirus
    A scrap of Lorgren Benirus' journal, the ancient Necromancer of Anvil.
  • Slythe's Journal - Slythe Seringi
    Journal of Slythe Seringi, who in his on belief did a holy pilgrimage to a dangerous daedria-infested caves.
  • Small Diary - Vaske
    Some sort of diary. Contains a password. Found in Sundercliff Watch.
  • Traitor's Diary - Anonymous
    Contains interesting background information about the Dark Brotherhood traitor.
  • Dirty Scroll - Bandit Ringleader of Vilverin
    A dirty scroll found in the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin.