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Books in the category: Jokes, Songs, Poems & Plays

Anything with rhythm and rhyme, anything you can do on a stage, anything you can laugh about, including translations thereof.
  • The Seven Curses - Gilvas Barelo
    From the Apographa of the Dissident Priests. Part of the whole Nerevarine/House Dagoth oral tradition
  • The Seven Visions - Anonymous
    Prophesies of the Nerevarine.
  • The Stranger - Anonymous
    These are the words of the prophecy called "The Stranger." More Nerevarine stuff. In fact, these are the words that roll across the screen in the movie that introduces Morrowind. "Many fall, but one remains."
  • Scrolls of Daerir's Miracle - Anonymous
    A unique magical scroll which cures blight.
  • Book of Life and Service - Anonymous
    A holdover from Battlespire, describing the Wrath- and Mistmen.
  • Book of Rest and Endings - Anonymous
    An excerpt describing the ritual needed to put a Wrathman to rest. What use could it have?
  • Note to Ahnia - Anonymous
    A letter found on Ahnia, talking about the Elbert Nemarc's Notes
  • Pirate Captain's Note - Anonymous
    A note of the pirate's treasures.
  • The Song of Grandfather Frost - Anonymous
  • The Song of Uncle Sweetshare - Anonymous
    A song of person named Uncle Sweetshare, a skooma distributor/producer in Solstheim.