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Books in the category: Jokes, Songs, Poems & Plays

Anything with rhythm and rhyme, anything you can do on a stage, anything you can laugh about, including translations thereof.
  • Fools' Ebony - Frincheps
    An interesting, somewhat funny reading. Contains some lewd hints, but nothing explicit. Rather long.
  • Banker's Bet - Porbert Lyttumly
    An old joke about a person who made living off of bets.
  • Healer's Tale - Anonymous
    A well-known medical joke. Contains a minor gameplay hint.
  • Rude Song - Anonymous
    Not so rude, but quite naughty. A rare example of poetry.
  • The Arrowshot Woman - Anonymous
    An ancient blonde joke.
  • The Epic of the Grey Falcon - Anido Jhone, editor
    A popular joke about a shipwreck survivor.
  • The Alik'r - Enric Milnes
    Impressions of a poetic nature who seems to have fallen in love with the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell. Reminded me of Herbert's "Dune".
  • Book of Life And Service - Anonymous
    Obscure mystical pronouncements and prophecies, few of which are comprehensible or relevant. Safe for an excerpt regarding the undead in the Soul Cairn..
  • Book of Rest And Endings - Anonymous
    An excerpt describing the ritual needed to put a Wrathman to rest.
  • Soul Cairn Stained Glass Window Note - Anonymous
    A description of a window and the short poem beneath.