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Books in the category: Information & Records

Neutral information about a place, group or time. Can be tax records, census data or anything equally boring.
  • Deed to Frostcrag Spire - Anonymous
    The deed to Frostcrag Spire, received at the beginning of the Wizard's Tower official plugin.
  • Imbel Genealogy - Anonymous
    An incomplete genealogy. Found during the Thieves Guild quest "Boots Of Springheel Jak".
  • Macabre Manifest - Anonymous
    This is a manifest listing possessions from recently deceased people. Found during the Miscellaneous quest "Unfriendly Competition".
  • Imperial Charter of the Guild of Mages - Anonymous
  • Public Notice - Adamus Phillida, Imperial Legion Commander
    A paper posted on Claudius Arcadia's house.
  • Followers of the Gray Fox - Anonymous
    The rules of the Thieves Guild of Cyrodiil.
  • Steward's Registry - Vaske
    Drothmeri Steward's Registry, contains information about Drothmeri Army. Found in Sundercliff Watch.
  • Taxidermy Needs List - Melisi Daren
    A list of ingredients needed by Battlehorn Castle taxidermist.
  • Waterfront Tax Records - Anonymous
    For the first time in decades, the inhabitants of the Waterfront district of the Imperial City have been made to pay taxes.
  • Wine Ingredient List - Talan
    A list of ingredients needed by Battlehorn Castle vintner.