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Books in the category: Information & Records

Neutral information about a place, group or time. Can be tax records, census data or anything equally boring.
  • Dossier: Zadaza - Anonymous
    Observations about a stealthy khajiit adventurer
  • Dossier: The Newcomer - Anonymous
    Background on the player in Murkmire
  • The Seasons of Argonia - Jekka-Wass Paxalt
    The Argonian months and their astrological meanings
  • Restoring the Welwas - Ambolisse
    Chronicles the reintroduction of an extinct species into Summerset
  • The Gorge - Anonymous
    Describes a liminal realm of Oblivion, and the terrifying daedra that occupy it
  • Elven Artifacts - Anonymous
    Another excerpt of a big lore book. This part talks about the Flask of Lillandril.
  • Ffoulkes' Firmament - Ffoulke
    An excerpt of a book about stars and constellations.
  • Flora of Hammerfell - Anonymous
    A book about common Hammerfell flora. Again, this is just an excerpt.
  • Book of Dwarven Lore - Favoril
    This is an excerpt of a supposedly lengthy book of Dwemer lore. Unfortunately, the text is too small to read.
  • Elder's Account - Anonymous
    An Argonian elder explains the calendar