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Books in the category: Histories & Biographies

The lives of people and places.
  • Atlas of Dragons - Brother Mathnan
    A list of dragons, living and dead.
  • The Night Mother's Truth - Gaston Bellefort
    A history of the Night Mother
  • Flight from the Thalmor - Hadrik Oaken-Heart; Ashad Ibn Khaled, ed.
    A Nord's account of his capture by Thalmor Justiciars.
  • Lady Benoch's Words and Philosophy - Anonymous
    An interview with the Wood Elf Imperial Guard Lady Benoch about her life.
  • Annals of the Dragonguard - Brother Annulus, ed.
    Yearly entries of the Dragonguard at Sky Haven Temple, outlining several important events.
  • Olaf and the Dragon - Adonato Leonetti
    Explores the various legends of the story of King Olaf and his capture of the dragon Numinex.
  • Ghosts in the Storm - Adonato Leotelli
    The author's caravan is attacked by unidentified creatures in the middle of a snow storm.
  • Great Harbingers of the Companions - Swyk the Long-Sighted
    Lists historically important leaders of the Companions.
  • A Minor Maze - Anonymous
    The history of Labyrinthian and its creator, Shalidor.
  • The Battle of Sancre Tor - Anonymous
    A history book about the Battle of Sancre Tor, during which General Talos (Tiber Septim) defeated the army of the allied Nords and Bretons through cunning.