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Books in the category: Histories & Biographies

The lives of people and places.
  • Galerion The Mystic - Asgrim Kolsgreg
    A short story about the first Archmagister of the Mages Guild
  • The Madness of Pelagius - Tsathenes
    A story about Emperor Pelagius III Septim. Read in conjunction with other historical accounts.
  • A History of Daggerfall - Odiva Gallwood
    A surprisingly unbiased overview of Daggerfalll, and the Iliac Bay area in general.
  • A Brief History of the Empire - Stronach
    A nice account, covers the whole 3rd Era, from the conquests of Tiber Septim to the reign of Uriel VII. Retells the storyline of TES: Arena. The composition and the tone of this work reminded me of "Annals of Kings and Rulers".
  • Divad the Singer - Destri Melarg
    Tells about Divad, son of Frandar Hunding. Read alongside other stories about Redguards and Sword-singers.
  • Notes For Redguard History - Destri Melarg
    Summary of Destri Melarg's magnum opus about Redguard Sword-Singers.
  • The Origin of The Mages Guild - Salarth
    How Vanus Galerion made Magic available to everyone. Describes the structure of the Guild, which is not relevant to gameplay.
  • The Brothers of Darkness - Pellarne Assi
    Tells how the religious organization called Morag Tong evolved into a business called Dark Brotherhood.
  • Biography of Queen Barenziah - Stem Gamboge
    An "official" version of Queen Barenziah's early years. Approach this book only after reading "The Real Barenziah".
  • Kagrenac's Tools - Gilvas Barelo
    On the Dwemer, the Heart, the Tools for the Heart (Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder), and the Battle at Red Mountain. Summarized by the Dissident Priests.