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Books in the category: Fiction

Books that are made up by their authors, and may not have happened.
  • Smuggler's Island - Quarde Anarion
    S'Riizh and Harithoel are stranded on an island with 5 crates of moon sugar.
  • Unnamed Book - Anonymous
    A story and a lesson about throat-slashing for thieves
  • The Wraith's Wedding Dowry - Voltha gra-Yamwort
    Never steal from a women on her wedding day
  • Withershins - Yaqut Tawashi
    A ridiculous book about madness.
  • A Tragedy in Black - Anonymous
    A folk tale about black soulgems.
  • Purloined Shadows - Waughin Jarth
    A young girl learns a valuable skill from a master thief
  • A Dance in Fire - Waughin Jarth
    This series of books retells Decumus Scotti's adventures in Valenwood during the 5 years war between it and Elsweyr.
  • A Game at Dinner - Anonymous
    A published letter from an anonymous spy about the game Prince Helseth cleverly played at the dinner between him and his Councilors.
  • Argonian Account - Waughin Jarth
    Decumus Scotti's adventures in Argonia after his "business trip" to Valenwood (described in A Dance in Fire).
  • De Rerum Dirennis - Vorian Direnni
    A story about Asliel Direnni, an accomplished Alchemist of the Direnni clan.