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The books from TESL:Battlespire

Guides & Instruction

  • Arcana Restored - Wapna Neustra
    A guide to restoring arcane items in a mana fountain. Faux-archaic in style.
  • Instructions for After the Hunt - Anonymous
    A note with further instructions, given to the champion after completing the Hunt
  • The Vagaries Of Magicka - Anonymous
    An excerpt from what appears to be an instruction booklet of some kind. Found most often in Telvanni districts. Interesting mentions of things like "Restorals" and "Congeries".

Histories & Biographies

Information & Records

Jokes, Songs, Poems & Plays

Religion, Myths, Legends & Metaphysics

  • Spirit of the Daedra - Anonymous
    A Dremora sheds light into the nature of the Daedra. Highly interesting, and gives us a glimpse into their motivations, desires, and fears.
  • Trebuchet Ritual - Anonymous


  • Harvest's End, 3E 172 - Chimere Graegyn
    Excerpts relating to Chimere Graegyn and his dealings with Mehrunes Dagon.

Journals, Notes & Correspondence